Best outdoor heaters to Buy to enjoy your Fall and Winter

Best outdoor heaters

Patio heaters are a great way to keep your patio or deck warm on those cold winter nights. They can also be used as an alternative to using the fireplace, especially if you have a small space that doesn’t allow for a fire pit.

The best outdoor heater is one that will provide you with comfort and warmth when it’s needed most.

The right heater can make all the difference in keeping you comfortable while enjoying your outside time.

What are the Types Of Outdoor Heaters available in the Market?

There are several different types of outdoor heaters available today. Some are designed specifically for heating patios, and others are more suited for indoor use. Here are some of the main types:

1) Portable Patio Heater

Portable patio heaters come in many shapes and sizes. Some are designed to fit into specific areas, such as under tables, over counters, etc., while others are designed to sit on top of a table or countertop.

The best portable patio heater available in the Market:

It is the Coleman® Portable Propane Heater. This outdoor heating system provides up to 12 hours of heat for $99.95. This unit has a durable design and can easily be moved from one place to another. It also comes with a remote control which allows you to adjust the temperature.

2) Table Top Heater

Tabletop heaters are usually made from cast iron and are designed to sit on a tabletop. These units are typically built-in, so they don’t require any assembly.

The best tabletop heater available in the Market:

This tabletop heater is perfect for heating food while camping or traveling. It is used for home and is called the “Sanyo,” and it costs $30. It has a built-in thermostat and works great for cooking. It also comes with a remote control which allows you to turn it off at night.

3) Outdoor Heat Pumps

Indoor/outdoor heat pumps work just like regular air conditioners, but instead of cooling the air inside your home, they cool the air outside. An example would be a unit that has a fan blowing out cold air through a vent and then circulating it back into the room. This type of unit works well for both indoors and outdoors.

The best outdoor heater available in the Market:

The one for heating any space is the Coleman CXE8200A. This heater has a maximum output of 300 watts, which is sufficient to heat a small room. They come with a 2-year warranty.

4) Electric Space Heaters

Electric space heaters are similar to portable patio heaters, except they are much more significant. They are often mounted to walls or ceilings and are meant to heat large spaces.

The best electric heater available in the Market:

It is the Sanyo EK5100W. It offers 1500 watts of power and can heat up to 10 ft x 10 ft area. With this heater, you can save money by not having to purchase fuel for your grill.

5) Propane Gas Patio Heaters

Propane gas patio heaters are very popular because they offer excellent performance at a reasonable price. You fill up a tank and enjoy.

The best Propane Gas Patio Heaters Available in the Market:

The Coleman® Propane Patio Heater for its ease of use, efficiency, and durability. It has built-in safety features such as an automatic shut-off valve, adjustable thermostat, and auto flame sensor. It is used to warm up a larger area.

6) Wood Burning Fire

Wood burning fireplaces are another option for warming your patio. They burn wood logs and produce a lot of smoke which may not be ideal for everyone. However, there are plenty of models available that do not have excessive amounts of smoke.

7) Other Options

Other options include solar-powered heaters, infrared heaters, ceramic heaters, electric radiant heaters, and propane heated benches. Each offers its unique benefits. It is essential to consider what features you want before making a purchase.

Some best outdoor heaters to keep your patio warm in Fall and winter

1. The Coleman Camp Stove – $99.95

Add water and light, then wait for the water to boil. This portable camp stove heats the water quickly and evenly. It’s also lightweight enough to pack in a backpack and take anywhere.

2. Kichler Outdoor Patio Heater – $149.98

This patio heater provides even heating throughout your entire backyard. Choose between 12, 24, 36, or 48 watts. The included remote control allows you to adjust the temperature manually.

3. Pelican Portable Propane Grill – $119.00

This pelican grill works great outdoors. It has two burners and a side burner to cook burgers and hot dogs. A charcoal chimney lets the smoke escape while preventing sparks.

4. Uline EZ-Lift Telescoping Aluminum Ladder – $49.99

This telescoping aluminum ladder offers four steps. It folds flat to save storage space and easily attaches to most garden chairs.

5. Coleman Fuel Cell Gourmet Gas Grill – $139.99

If you’re looking for something more sturdy, consider this Coleman fuel cell gas grill. It can withstand extreme temperatures, and it comes with a removable grate to fit almost any size table.

6. Coleman PowerPlus 5KW Wood Fireplace Kit – $109.99

This wood fireplace kit includes everything you need to create a cozy fire pit. It features a power cord that plugs into any standard outlet, making it perfect for camping trips.

7. Coleman PowerPlus 7KW Wood Fireplace – $169.99

For those who love to sit around a roaring fire, look no further than this Coleman fireplace. It has two built-in fans to circulate air and four adjustable vents to change the direction of the breeze.

8. Coleman PowerPlus 14KW Gas Log Set – $179.99

This log set will provide warmth all year long, including three logs and a stand, making it easier to move them around. They can also be used as a backrest when sitting on the ground.

9. Coleman PowerPlus 16KW Gas Log Set w/Stand – $199.99

This log set takes up less room in your yard since it only requires one piece of landscaping instead of two. It includes three logs, a stand, and remote control.

10. Coleman PowerPlus 18KW Gas Log Set with Stand – $249.99

It’s hard to beat the convenience of an attached propane tank. This Coleman gas log set includes six logs, a stand, a remote control, and a 4-foot propane tank.

Best outdoor heaters

How Do you Choose the Right Outdoor Heater?

Choosing the right outdoor heater depends on how much space you have available and what kind of usage you expect. You’ll probably need something smaller than a full-sized heater if you live in a condo or apartment building. If you live in an area where winters get cold, you might want to invest in a heater that provides extra insulation.

If you’re looking for something to heat a small area, check out our selection of portable patio heaters.

These compact units are perfect for warming a single room. We also carry tabletop heaters, electric space heaters, and other options if you want something more significant.

When choosing an outdoor heater, keep in mind that you should always buy a model that meets current safety standards. Make sure the unit is UL listed. Also, look for a warranty that covers parts and labor.

How Much Does an Outdoor Heater Cost?

The cost of an outdoor heater can vary greatly depending on size, brand, and features. The average price of a tabletop heater ranges between $150-$250. A typical electric space heater will run around $300-$500. A good quality propane gas heater can go anywhere from $400-$800.

Where Can you Buy an Outdoor Heater?

Most outdoor heaters are sold directly by manufacturers. However, some retailers sell them in their stores. Check with local heating shops to see if they sell any brands.

What Are Some Things to Consider When Buying an Outdoor Heater?

1) Size

It’s essential to choose a heater based on the amount of space you need to warm. Smaller heaters are more portable, while larger ones provide better coverage.

2) Features

Heaters come in various styles, including tabletop, electric, propane, and others. Look for one that matches your needs.

3) Warranty

Look for a warranty that includes replacement parts and labor.

4) Safety Standards

Make sure the heater complies with all applicable safety regulations.

5) Energy Efficiency

Some heaters use electricity or propane gas to power themselves. Others rely on natural gas. Depending on the type of fuel used, energy efficiency varies.

6) Price

Depending on the brand and features, prices can vary significantly. Always shop around to find the best deal.

7) Maintenance

Outdoor heaters require regular cleaning and maintenance. To ensure proper operation, make sure to clean the filters regularly.

8) Location

Consider where you plan to place the heater. Is it near trees or plants? Will it be exposed to windy conditions?

9) Installation

Before purchasing, ask about installation requirements. You may need to hire a professional installer to help you set up the heater.

10) Use

Once installed, make sure to use the heater correctly. Please don’t leave it unattended when not in use. Keep children away from the heater as well.

11) Cleaning

Clean the exterior of the heater after each use. This helps prevent dirt build-up, which could cause problems down the road.

12) Storage

Store the heater in a safe location during periods of nonuse. Do not store it outside or in direct sun.

Are patio heaters safe on decks?

Yes, patio heaters are perfectly safe on deck surfaces. They don’t emit any harmful fumes, so there is no concern for indoor air quality. Be sure to follow manufacturer instructions for use.

How far should the patio heater be from the house?

You want it to be at least 10 feet away to protect against drafts. If possible, put it closer than 20 feet.

Can we install an outdoor patio heater ourselves?

Absolutely. All patio heaters are easy to install. No special tools are required. Follow the product manual to get started.

Can you have a patio heater under a covered patio?

Patio heaters work great under many types of coverings. Just make sure the body doesn’t block airflow.

Is it true that patio heaters are dangerous because they produce carbon monoxide?

No, this is not true. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and harmless. It does not pose any health risks.

Do patio heaters contain asbestos?

No, patio heaters do not contain asbestos. They are manufactured with high-quality materials designed to last.


As winter and Fall approach, our mind always focuses on making the best out of these times. These heaters can make your home a party hall and make you go wild. Enjoy your Christmas leisure with these best Heaters available


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