Death, Pain, Destruction: Asian Hornets’ Invasive Tactics!

Asian Hornets

Killer, Murder Hornets!

Invasive species are by nature dangerous, but there is only one that causes the opposite to happen instead. For decades now, Asian Hornets have been sprouting up around all kinds of locations near nature parks and areas where plenty of people tend to be, unnerving the surroundings even more than usual. They often land on passersby, biting or stinging them badly. One sting can lead to death, while their jaws are so powerful that even if it doesn’t kill you, you would have a lot of pain while being stung again. Dengue Fever, which Asian Hornets carry, is known to kill 50% of its victims. Also, there are other species carried by these hornets too. While there is no remedy for these dangerous hornets, the best solution would be to get rid of them entirely. Let’s Look at how it has invaded America.

What is a murder hornet?

The Asian hornet is native to Asia but has spread to Europe through human importations. They are about the size of a yellow jacket and are brown with white stripes. It is also known as the common yellow hornet or the European hornet. They are big enough to have their stinger torn off by a passerby, which results in an extremely painful wound. The Asian Hornet also attacks humans, unlike most other stingers which will only attack if they are provoked or threatened. Another good thing about the Asian Hornet is that you can immediately identify them by their appearance since they resemble bees in shape and color.

What are the Signs of Ancient Giant Hornets?

Hornets, like most other insects, have four wings and a hard exoskeleton. However, unlike most other types of insects, hornets have a rather large body size. Depending on the type of hornet, they can have a wingspan of 5 inches or more. Some of the largest of the hornets are the 6-inch-long giant Asian hornet. These gigantic insects can survive on average for 7 years. This lifespan is much longer than that of other insects, which only live around 2 years.

How did murder hornets get to the U.S.?

Hornets are a common insect that lives in many countries throughout the world. In order to explain how murder hornets came to the U.S., it is first necessary to understand where they came from. Killer hornets can be found in parts of Asia, Africa, and Europe, as well as areas in Central America and the Caribbean. They also live in Australia and New Zealand. The first discovered murder hornet nests were in China. The first specimen was captured in 1984. However, the first nests were only discovered in 1986. Since then, this species has been established in five provinces in China, including Hubei, Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou, and Fujian. They are currently established in the U.S.There are no native Asian Giant Hornets in the US.

Murder hornets also exist in Central America, South America, and other parts of the world. As with many insects, these particular hornets can be quite tricky to recognize. Because they look nearly identical to all other hornets, it is hard to tell a murder hornet from a normal hornet. The easiest way to distinguish them is by examining the nest. Normal hornets are found in tall trees, while murder hornets are found in dark places on the ground or on thick branches of tall trees.

Asian Hornets

Why are Asian Hornets a Great success in any Place?

When Asian hornets are introduced to new environments, they quickly build up large populations. They are uniquely adapted to compete in new environments, with a varied diet that includes pollinating insects, honeybees, and even bats. Like other species of ants, they nest in organized colonies. These common traits often allow the Asian hornet to rapidly increase its population. In places where they have been introduced, Asian hornets can often reach extraordinarily high population numbers.

Are murder hornets dangerous to humans?

Murder hornets are a type of hornet that lives in the East and West Coast of the United States. The re murder is aggressive and they can sting more than once. This type of hornet is found mostly on the eastern and western coast of the United States. There is one report of a death in the US due to the bite of are murder hornet.

Is there a cure for Asian giant hornet stings?

Most Asian giant hornet stings require no specific treatment, but a few individuals may experience a serious allergic reaction. There is no cure for Asian giant hornet stings.

How to Control Asian Giant Hornets?

  • Use pesticide.
  • Use honey-based trap.
  • Plant flowering plants and trees around your house and property.
  • Have a water hose connected to a water gun and fire this at the nest.
  • Use natural means to remove them from your house.


Asian Hornet is native to Asia but has spread to Europe through human importations. Asian Hornets are about the size of a yellow jacket and are brown with white stripes. They are big enough to have their stinger torn off by a passerby, which results in an extremely painful wound. Although Asian Hornets are not aggressive, they can cause a serious allergic reaction in some people. This is why it is important to take precautionary measures while dealing with these insects.

Meta description: Here are some invasive Asian Hornet tactics.


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