Dogs that Make Great Guard Animals: A List of Breeders Who Raise Them

Guard Dogs

Do you want to raise guard dogs to protect your home? If you answered yes, you should start looking into breeders who specialize in raising these animals.
There are several breeds of guard dogs known for their aggressive nature. These include Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, and Chow Chows.

Here is a list of breeders who specialize in breeding guard dogs.

1. Airedale terrier

King of terriers,” the Airedale is friendly and exuberant, sometimes seeming to have no “off” switch, according to But Airedales are great with kids and quick learners to boot, making them wonderful guard dogs. During World War I, the breed earned a reputation for bravery and focus, thanks to their role as sentries and couriers, notes the BBC. If they sense a threat, Airedales will bark relentlessly and will put their powerful jaws to use if necessary but are ready to love on anyone the
family accepts. Airedales don’t like being alone, though, and can resort to chewing and digging if bored. They also can be aggressive toward other animals and even play a little too rough with their family unless trained otherwise. Airedales won the Westminster Dog Show four times with their bearded chin and folded-down ears four times, but the last was in 1933.

2. Akita

The Akita is another strong, independent, and intelligent breed that excels at guarding its owner’s home, says PetMD. It has a quiet demeanor, making it perfect for a home where the children want to sleep late, and it doesn’t get upset about strangers wandering into the house. Its dense coat helps protect it from cold weather. The Akita is known for its strength, but it’s not aggressive by nature and isn’t likely to attack unless provoked. Although they’re excellent watchdogs, they need plenty of
exercises and mental stimulation.

3. Ekaterina Gorokhova

Dogs have been protecting their humans at least since the days of Plato and Aristotle. Since then, our needs for security, companionship, and loyalty haven’t changed much, making dogs a popular choice to protect our loved ones and our property. Watchdogs will bark or alert their people to perceived intruders but usually won’t attack. Guard dogs have a protective instinct for their families, honed over hundreds of years, says Gina DiNardo, the American Kennel Club executive secretary. They
will bite or otherwise defend against threats. DiNardo says that the best guard dog breeds have an intimidating size and appearance and display intelligence, fearlessness, and loyalty. In contrast, the best owners will begin training when they are still a puppy. Here are some great examples of protective pooches.

4. Giant schnauzer

The giant schnauzer, a big, heavy dog that stands about 30 inches tall, can weigh up to 50 pounds, and has a thick coat of soft fur, says This breed originated in Germany, where it was used to hunt rabbits in the forests. Today, the giant schnauzer is most often found guarding homes and businesses. Because this breed can be territorial and somewhat stubborn, it’s essential to train your pet from a young age. Giant Schnauzers do well with children and older adults but should not be left
unsupervised around small children.

5. American bulldog

The American bulldog, weighing 15 to 20 pounds, stands about 21 inches high, and has a long snout and broad head, says PetMD. “Bullies” are bred for aggressiveness and size, says the AKC. While this breed does well with children and older people, it may be too boisterous for toddlers and younger kids. The American Bulldog is known for his courage and determination. He’ll look you straight in the eye if he thinks there’s something wrong and will growl or snap if he senses danger.

Guard Dogs
Black Cane Corso Dog Sitting In Grass. Dog Wears In Warm Clothes. Big Dog Breeds.

6. German shepherd

The German shepherd is known for its loyalty and courage, and the AKC says this breed is ideal for guarding homes or livestock against thieves. Like many large-breed dogs, the GSD requires plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. Some experts say it would do well in a household where children are present because it loves playing with kids. Others warn not to get carried away with the whole “guard” thing, noting that it could become a problem if the dog becomes overly aggressive.

7. Irish wolfhound

This breed is known for its intelligence, athleticism, and devotion to duty. This breed is very loyal to its family and friends and will become protective and violent if someone threatens them. But this breed shouldn’t be kept as a watchdog alone — it’s happiest being part of a pack. This breed is friendly toward other animals, including cats, but is wary of strangers.

8. Bullmastiff

The Bull Mastiff is another breed whose origins lie in guarding duty. These large dogs can weigh anything up to 200kg and are usually used for protecting livestock. They are very loyal, territorial, and protective — making them excellent guard dogs. Their size means they can deal with almost any threat and are often trained to attack intruders.

9. Cane Corso

The Cane Corso, which looks like a mix between a mastiff and a sheepdog, weighs anywhere from 40 to 80 pounds and stands 24 to 28 inches tall. This breed is generally gentle and easygoing, but it’s hard to stop once it gets going. It’s also strong enough to take down prey such as deer.

10. Rhodesian ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a medium-sized dog weighing anywhere from 45 to 75 pounds. Its long legs make it agile and fast on land. This breed is intelligent and courageous and is an excellent watchdog.

What is the most powerful guard dog suitable for families?

The most potent guard dog is a German Shepherd Dog. This breed has been used for centuries in guarding livestock and other animals from thieves. They also work well in police departments, trained to protect officers and civilians.

What is the most loyal dog?

The most loyal dog is a cocker spaniel. Cockers are amiable dogs who love to play and be around other dogs, and they also like to go for walks and play fetch. Cockers are very smart and learn quickly, making them perfect pets for families with children.

What is the smallest guard dog?

The smallest guard dog is the Chihuahua, which weighs around 2 pounds. They are small dogs that are very friendly and love to be petted, and they are also brilliant and trainable.


These dogs are bred to protect people and be gentle with children. They are excellent watchdogs because they are very loyal and don’t bark much unless someone breaks into your home. They are also friendly towards visitors, so they’re good to have around when you’re getting ready for bed.


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