First Ladies in Al Capone’s House: The Secrets Behind Al Capone’s Chicago

Al Capone's House

When visiting Al Capone’s former home, one thing is sure: there is no shortage of history. On the outside, The Lexington Hotel has been preserved and looks like it did years ago. However, digging just a little deeper, some fascinating facts emerge about this great piece of land. Before turning into a hotel in 1922, it was a speakeasy during prohibition and naturally hosted Al Capone (and several gangsters) in its day. Listen to this episode for the stories.

The Secrets of Al Capone’s house in Miami

Al Capone’s house in Miami is a historic landmark built by the famous gangster in 1928. Built in 1928, the mansion’s history dates back to prohibition times and is one of the most famous places in Miami.

Capone and his gangsters have enjoyed numerous parties at this home, but Al Capone himself built the house. Because

of this, Al Capone has been tagged as the real founder of Miami.

The home was for sale for a long time but never got the right owners. However, a wealthy businessman changed everything. He is the owner of a huge number of properties in Miami and decided to buy this house. The house has been renovated, and today it is considered one of the most beautiful homes in Miami. The house has been restored with attention to every detail left from the original structure.

The living room and the dining area are located in the main house. The second floor is the apartment, which consists of 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a balcony. There is also a guesthouse, which consists of 2 bedrooms, 1 bedroom and a bathroom. The basement has a workroom and a garage. The ground floor has a games room and the laundry room. There is a living room, 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a guest room on the first floor. The second floor has two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a balcony. The garage is at the back of the house. Pets are not allowed.

Who are the first ladies of Al Capone’s house?

Al Capone’s house was filled with the sounds of laughter, music, and chatter. This house entertained many people because of its large size and design. The first wife of Al Capone was Julia C. Capone. Although she was his wife for a short time, her presence at home remains legendary primarily. She was very short and had no hair on her head. For this reason, she was known as “Ladies Little Al Capone.”

Al Capone's House

What are “first ladies” in Al Capone’s house?

A first lady is a woman who holds a position as the head of the state’s wife. The term “first lady” originates from the United States, where the wife of the president of the United States has been termed “First Lady of the United States.” In other countries, the title is often translated as “First Gentleman” or “First Woman,” depending on the gender of the head of state.

How many First Ladies did Al Capone have?

Many people may think that Al Capone only had one wife, but five wives. His first wife was Julia Capone, who bore him five children. His second wife was Lillian Capone, who bore him three children. His third wife was Mae Capone, who bore him two children. His fourth wife was Mae Merlano, who took him, one child. His fifth wife was Barbara Capone, who bore him three children.

What was the secret Behind these First ladies of Al Capone?

The secret behind these first ladies of Al Capone is that they were a part of his life from the beginning. Even though many people would have been scared of being a part of such a life, they willingly were there. This shows how they stuck by him no matter what, even when things were terrible. This also indicates that they genuinely cared about him and what he did, as well as what he was doing. Many people may think that all women were a part of this because they wanted his money, but it is quite the opposite. All the women loved him and supported him through everything, even through the wrong things.

Who owns the AL Capone’s House now?

Al Capone’s House is a house in Miami, Florida, that Al Capone used to own. The house is privately owned by a family who lives there. Many people want to get into the house. The family members live in the house, and they do not allow anybody else to come inside their property without permission. They know that the famous person who lived there, Al Capone, is buried in a tomb on the property. They do not want people to mess with the burial or make it dirty. The family members are sure that Al Capone would be upset if he knew what other people were doing to his tomb. The house does not belong to the family of Al Capone anymore. They bought it after he died. His daughter, Nellie Capone, and his son, Frank Capone, lived in the house.

Who bought the Al Capone Miami house in 2021?

The 6,077-square-foot home — with four bedrooms and a pool — has been through several changes in ownership over the years. It is currently owned by Todd Michael Glaser, the South Florida developer who recently purchased and then demolished Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion. Glazer purchased the house in 2004 for $1.25 million and built a 15,000-square-foot mansion on the site in 2008, adding a pool and several other rooms. A year later, he sold the home for $12.8 million to a pair of companies controlled by developer Richard Cohen — the Central Park Development Co. and Miami Investment Corp. According to the Federal Housing Finance Agency, the deal involved more than $8 million in HUD loans, of which $6.4 million was forgiven by 2009. In 2010, Cohen and his companies sold the house to a company that closed its doors just a few months later — leaving a vacant mansion in a neighborhood where property values are soaring. The current owner, Glaser, bought the house from Cohen in January.


The former home of the notorious gangster, al Capone. It was a speakeasy during prohibition and naturally hosted many gangsters in its day. On the outside, the Lexington Hotel has been preserved and looks like it did years ago. However, digging just a little deeper, some fascinating facts emerge about this great piece of land.

Meta description: Discover why this house in Miami was once the most dangerous place in America.


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