Games for Kids: Fun games for kids.

Games for Kids

Play with your kids, teach them something new, have fun!

Outdoor Games

1. Hide and Seek

This is one of the most popular games among kids, especially when they have been playing it since childhood. The game involves hiding something or someone from another person who has to nd them by following clues given out by the first player. It’s also known as “I Spy Game,” where players hide objects like toys, books, etc., while their opponents try to guess what thing was hidden.

2. Pitching Pennies

Pitch pennies into a bucket filled with water. The player who gets all their pennies wet loses the game.

This is a simple yet challenging game for older kids.

3. Tic Tac Toe Game

Tic tac toe is played between two players. Each player takes turns placing three Xs or Os on a 3×3 grid.

Players take turns marking spaces until there are no more moves left. Whoever marks the most squares first wins.

4. Maze + Obstacle Course

Balloons On A String: Tie several balloons together and suspend them from a ceiling fan or light fixture. Your children can walk under them and grab them to retrieve the balloon. Be careful, though, because there could be a big surprise waiting for them underneath!

Balloon Bowling: Create a bowling lane by placing two chairs close enough together that your child can easily pass between them. Put a balloon down in front of them and have them knock it back and forth until it hits the pins.

Hunts Balloon Bowling: Get out those old bowling balls and set up a course where your kid has to knockdown pins with their balloon. Try making different-sized holes in the wall to create different distances to travel. Or, place a large bucket under the ball to help guide it towards the target.

Balloon Soccer: Play soccer with a balloon instead of a ball. Your child needs only two things – a balloon and a pair of socks.

Indoor Games

Indoor Bowling

Indoor bowling is another simple yet exciting game where you need to roll small objects such as marbles or dice towards targets. This game requires concentration and skill. It also improves eye-hand coordination.


Jenga is a classic board game played all over the world. The objective of Jenga is to remove blocks from a tower using wooden pegs until there is just one block left standing.

Oddbods Monster Truck

Monster Trucks is a game where you can play with your friends and family. You will be able to race against each other or even compete in the world championship tournament. The goal of this game is simple: get as many points as possible by driving through obstacles on the track. There are three different types of tracks available: dirt roads, grassy elds, and asphalt streets. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Games for Kids
Boy playing pinata game at Birthday party outdoors and holding bat.

Indoor Activities That Are Fun For Kids

We all know that playing outside can be fun and exciting. But sometimes you need a break from the sun or rain. There are many ways to keep your child entertained indoors without having them go outdoors. Here are some ideas:

1) Play board games like Candyland, Chutes & Ladders, Clue, Scrabble, etc.

2) Makeup stories with pictures on paper plates.

Building Games for Kids

Build A House Game – Build a house with blocks using only two colors. It can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. You will need lots of different colored building blocks, though, so don’t forget those!

Bubble Ball – Bubble ball is another great way to keep children entertained while waiting for their parents to finish work. The bubble balls come in many shapes and sizes, which makes them perfect for any age group. They also make excellent gifts too!

Math Games that are Fun

Number Line Game – A great way to teach numbers with lots of variety. You can use any number line chart and then add counters to represent each digit. The counters will help children learn their place value while having fun at the same time.

Counting Cards – Another simple counting activity that helps develop ne motor skills. Children count cards by turning them over and placing them back down face up.

Toddler Tennis

Tic Tac Toe Game – Tic tac toe has been around forever, so it makes sense that it would work great indoors too! You will need two people playing at once, though.

Finger Painting

Paint by Number – Paint by number is another classic art activity that can be played indoors. It does require a bit of prep work, however. The best part about a painting by numbers? There are many different themes available.

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