Hairfall – A serious threat to be treated

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Let’s tackle the Devil!

What is hair loss?

The most common type of hair loss occurs because of a hormonal imbalance that results in an overactive thyroid gland or underactive thyroid gland. Other conditions include alopecia areata, trichotillomania, telogen effluvium, chemotherapy-induced alopecia, male pattern baldness, androgenetic alopecia, scarring alopecias, and cicatricial alopecia.

What are the conditions that lead to Hairfall?

1. Alopecia

Alopecia is when the body loses its ability to produce new hairs or stops growing existing ones. It affects about 1% of people worldwide. The most common type is male pattern baldness. But women also lose their hair from this cause.

2. Pregnancy

Hair loss during pregnancy is not uncommon. The most noticeable change occurs on the scalp, where hairs become more acceptable and shorter. Hair also tends to fall out around the face and neck.

3. Telogen Effluvium

Telogen effluvium is a sporadic form of temporary hair loss which affects about 1% of people. TE happens when your body stops producing new healthy hair follicles. Instead, they make short, damaged hair shafts.

4. Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania is when someone pulls their hair out. The most common areas affected are the scalp and face. This disorder tends to run in families, so ask them about family history if you notice your child pulling their hair out. There is no cure for trichotillomania; however, some people manage to control the urge to pull their hair
using self-help techniques such as hypnosis.

5. Nutritional deficiencies

Nutritional deficiency can cause hair fall. Sometimes genetics also turns out to be an excellent reason for hair shedding. Vitamin B12 and Biotin are the primary nutrients required for good hair growth. Besides, other vitamins and proteins are essential in trace amounts.

6. Birth control pills

Some may experience hair fall while using the drugs but sometimes experience it for months after stopping the medications. People can consume any medicine that has a low androgen complex.

7. Medication

Certain medications such as Blood thinners, Cholesterol-lowering drugs, Chemotherapy, Hormonal drugs, etc. can cause hair fall as a side-effect.

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What are the Ways to promote the growth of hair Naturally?

1. Omega 3 fatty acid supplements

2. Zinc.

3. Taking Biotin supplements.

4. Using onion juice.

5. Massaging the scalp for about five minutes every day.

6. Practising yoga to increase blood flow to the scalp.

7. Using Fenugreek seeds paste strengthens the hair follicles and prevents damage.

What are the myths about hair loss?

  • You should never cut your hair because then you’ll lose too much.
  • It’s normal to lose 10 percent of your body weight during pregnancy.
  • Aging makes hair thinner.
  • Thinning hair is due to stress.
  • Hair loss is hereditary.
  • Hair loss occurs as a result of aging.
  • Hair loss isn’t severe.


Hairloss is a significant problem that has become normal nowadays. Treating your hair with chemicals is not always fruitful. Natural and some proper medicines will be helpful to strengthen your hair and roots from within. Select the best remedies according to your hair type and feasibility.


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