How to cool down your room during summer

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The perfect solution for hot rooms.

Summertime means hot days, hot nights, and even hotter rooms. If you live in an area where temperatures regularly reach triple digits, you know how uncomfortable it can be to spend time indoors.

But there are ways to keep your home cooler without using air conditioning.

Some general methods to cool down the room are as follows:

Say no to running electronics.

Turn off all electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime. This includes TVs, computers, tablets, phones, etc. It also means turning off lights too—no need to leave them on if there’s nothing else illuminating the space.

Stop allowing Sunlights

Allowing sunlight during summer can increase your house temperature and can make it a hot oven. Therefore, keeping the rooms a bit dark by using Curtains will be helpful.

Cooldown your furniture

You can cool your furniture by using a water sprayer or wet cloth. Freezing your bedsheets can provide additional coolness to your bed and table.

Go green

one can make cots out of Coconut coir or ropes. This will ensure airflow from both directions and provide coolness.

Wear less cloth

Less is more during summer. Therefore, always remember to choose suitable cloth.
Sleep in the basement Sleeping in the basement will provide you with more Freshness compared to any other area.

Eat less Spicy

Adopting less spicy food and a cookless night will be a great option during summer.
Combine ice and fans Keep ice along with your Table fans for the best Night. You can use ice bags or shallow bowls of ice. The air when starts Blowing will make the entire room cool.

Shut off unused spaces

Having many unused rooms will store more heat between the various spaces in your house. To avoid it, we must keep the doors of the rooms shut.

Turn off incandescent lights

Some types of lighting, particularly incandescent lights, give off a large amount of heat. Swapping these types of lights for LED lighting will have a significant impact on cooling your home down during the summer. If you can’t replace your current lighting, then try to avoid turning those lights on when the weather is scorching.

Promote a Cross Breeze

Letting in the air at night is good, but keeping the air moving is even better. If you have two windows in line with each other or even positioned diagonally, make sure both are open. You can further encourage the air to move through your room by placing a fan in each window. One Fan blows from the outside, while the other window is reversed and blows air outside.

Cool Roofs

A cool roof will reduce cooling needs. This means that homeowners won’t have to spend as much on their energy bills each month. Therefore, it provides Indoor comfort immensely.

What are the Great Alternatives Against Expensive remedies?

Thus, in short, apart from Air Conditioning, there are numerous other ways to tackle heat especially in countries like California and the areas in America where the summers are like hell. Wise use of science can bring Winterland to our homes to neutralize the scorching heat.


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