How to Make A Bench For Your Garden Or Patio

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Let your work show their magic

It’s a great way to add some extra seating in your backyard, porch, deck, or anywhere else that has room for it!

This is the perfect project if you’re looking for something different and unique from what most people are doing with their benches.
You can use this idea on any space size, but we’ll be using our small area here at home as an example.

What is the best material to make a bench out of?

The best material for making a bench out of is wood. Wood is an excellent material because it lasts forever, and it is easy to work with. However, it is also expensive. If you want to save money, you can use cinder blocks instead of wood. Cinder blocks are cheap, durable, and easy to build with. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

How to Make a Wooden bench For your Garden?

Selecting The wood

Now, there are many types of woods out there. Some will work better than others,
depending on where they come from. If you want to save money, then go ahead and
buy pressure-treated lumber. It won’t last nearly as long as regular untreated lumber,
but it does cost less.

However, if you don’t mind spending more time and effort building your bench, pick
up whatever type of wood you like best.

Sanding your bench

Now when it comes to finishing your bench, you only need one coat of paint. But
before painting, you should always prime the surface, which means applying two
coats of primer. This helps prevent peeling and cracking later down the road.

Once you’ve done all of these steps, now you can move on to adding color. To start,
apply three thin layers of dark gray. Then wait until each layer dries completely
before moving on to the next step. Afterward, sand lightly again with fine-grit paper.
Next, apply another light coat of white over the top of everything. Wait for this layer
to dry completely and repeat the process once again.

Finally, after waiting for both layers to fully dry, apply a final thick coat of black. Let
this dry overnight. And finally, enjoy your new bench!
There are still a few things left to take care of.

One of them is making sure your screws aren’t visible through the finished product.
First, cut strips of masking tape to fit around every single screw head. Then,
carefully peel back the backing and stick it to the underside of the seat board.
Repeat this process for every screw hole. Once you finish taping, trim away excess
pieces leaving enough to cover the screw holes.

How to Make a Frame Bench for your Garden?

To create this frame, measure 3/4 inches inside of the outer edge of the bench legs.
And mark the center point between the middle portion and the outside edges.
Using a jigsaw, cut along the marks. Be careful not to cut into the sides of the bench

Lastly, attach 1×2 boards across the bottom of the bench legs. These serve as
supports for the bench itself. These are optional, though, since we didn’t put anything under our bench. So, if you’d rather keep yours flat, skip this step.

Cedar is very durable and weather resistant. Plus, it looks beautiful against almost
any kind of background. There are several ways to stain your cedar planks. The
easiest method would probably be to use water-based stains.

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How can you add a Rustic look to your garden bench?

The best way to create a rustic look for your garden bench is to use natural wood such as cedar, pine, or oak. To finish the project, apply a clear coat of varnish or paint.

How do you make a garden bench more useful?

If you want to add some extra storage space to your garden bench, consider installing small baskets in the bottoms of the benches’ seats. You could also fill those spaces with pots that hold plants. You’ll find many different types of containers at most home improvement stores. And lastly, you may even choose to install shelves above the benches, so you have room for storing gardening tools and supplies.


Garden benches are a great way to add some character to your garden. They provide a place to sit while enjoying your garden and also protect plants from the elements. Therefore, you can go for this simple project at your home and can make it. It will also become a get-together time with your family as you can work together and focus on making your house more aesthetic to look.


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