How to Make A Bookcase Out Of Pallets


Learn to make Pallet Bookshelves

Pallets are an inexpensive way to build a bookcase. They are also a great way to recycle old pallets into something useful. In this article, I will show you how to make a simple bookcase out of pallets.

You can use pallets to create various items such as shelves, tables, benches, etc. The possibilities are endless.

How to build a pallet bookcase?

I have seen many people who have built their bookshelf using pallets, and they look fantastic! So why not try it yourself? It is an effortless and fun project that requires no special skills or tools. You need some basic woodworking knowledge and the ability to follow instructions. If you don’t know what screws are, you should learn about them before starting your first DIY projects. Screws come in various lengths and sizes, so always buy enough for your entire project.

The bookcase dimensions were: 8 feet long x 4 feet wide x 2 1/2 inches high. This means that there was plenty of space on each side of the shelf where you could place other things like magazines, toys, etc. These different areas were perfect because they allowed me to store more stuff than if you had only one large area.

Materials Needed To Build Your Pallet Bookshelf

1) Two 6 foot by 3-inch wooden boards. These boards must be at least 1/4 thick.

2) Four 5 ft by 3-inch boards. These boards must be 1/8th wide.

3) Eighteen 10 ft by 3-inch boards. These boards must be one 1/16th thick.

4) Sixteen 12 ft by 6-inch boards. These boards should be 1 1/2 inches wide.

5) Twenty 16 ft by 4-inch boards. These boards can be any thickness, but they should be between 1/2and 3/4ths thick.

6) One 18 ft by 9-inch board. This board needs to be one 7/8th thick. This board will serve as the backwall.

7) Three 20 ft by 14-inch boards. These boards may vary in size depending on which ones you choose. But all three boards should be 1 1 /8th thick.

8 ) Twelve 24 ft by 4-inch boards.

9) Ten 30 ft by 6-inch boards.

10) Forty 2ft by 4inch boards.

11) Approximately 40 nails.

12) wood glue.

13) Sandpaper.

14) Epoxy putty.

15) Paintbrush.

Step By Step Instructions On How To Build A Pallet Bookcase

We first want to cut our two sides down to the desired width and height. We decided to go with 8 feetlong x 4feet wide x 2 1/4 inches tall. The next step would be cutting off the ends of the boards.

Next up is sanding both sides smoothly. Then apply epoxy putty over the top edge of the front panel.

After letting it dry overnight, paint the whole piece black. Let it dry completely. Now comes the fun part– building the base. First, we need to layout the bottom section of the base. Measure from the centerline along the left-hand side until you reach the end of the right-hand side. Add another measurement across the middle of the left-hand side. That equals the total distance needed for the base. Cut this lengthwise into four equal sections. The next step is to measure from the center point again and mark the location of the second row of shelves. Repeat the steps above. Once the base is assembled, attach the remaining panels with screws. Attach the last set of shelves onto the base. Use clamps to hold everything in position while screwing through the backside of the frames. When finished, let the unit sit for several days to allow the adhesive to cure. Apply an even coat of polyurethane finish to protect the surface.

Pallets are great for creating storage solutions around the house. They provide inexpensive options for organizing small spaces and keeping clutter under control. There are many ways to repurpose pallets, including turning them into benches, tables, chairs, cabinets, shelving units, planters, garden boxes, and much more.

Enjoy the process and cut down spending money on new furniture from the store!


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