How to Make Your Home Look Like a Spa


The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Home Feel Like a Spa

If you’re like me and have been feeling the need for some pampering lately, then I think it might be time to start thinking about how we can transform our homes into spas. Here are ten ways to do so right now

The following is excerpted from my book “Home Sweet Home.” It’s about the importance of creating an environment that makes you feel good when you’re in it. I’ve included 15 products for your consideration because they are all things I use myself or have used on clients who were having trouble with their moods.


The first step is relaxing, and that means taking time out of the day for yourself. If you have kids or work outside the house, make sure you take some time off from them to avoid feeling neglected when having fun! You can do this by going on an afternoon walk, reading a book, watching TV, or listening to music. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you enjoy doing it.

I’m not sure if this counts as relaxation, but it helps with stress relief. When we’re stressed, our bodies release adrenaline, making us feel more alert and ready for action. But when we spend time outdoors, especially near water, nature can help calm down that nervous energy by releasing endorphins into our bodies. Endorphins are natural painkillers produced by your brain; they make you happy and relaxed.


What colors or personal comforts make you feel the most at home, are you relaxed and rejuvenated? You’re in control! Even though many people might consider neutrals or soft tones the most soothing color scheme, that’s the great thing about designing your spa ambiance.

Maybe this time of year, you’d feel most refreshed with a pop of pink on a few throw pillows to bring the hope and joy of spring to your home. Every season or even the day’s weather can inspire you to switch things up for your wellbeing.

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I love my moody bedroom because it promotes relaxation. It’s so peaceful to have clean sheets, soft lighting, and a fluffy robe.

Check out these bath and bed items for a spa-like atmosphere.


Music is another way we can help ourselves unwind after a long day. There’s nothing more calming than listening to music while taking a bubble bath or reading a book before going to sleep. If you don’t already listen to some background noise when working, try adding one of these sounds into your life:

Use rose water for household tasks

If you don’t already own some essential oils, now’s the perfect time to start stocking up on them— they’re all-natural, safe, and easy to use. “Rose oil is great for cleaning,” says friend and holistic health expert Dr. Sarah Ganssle. It also makes an excellent addition to homemade laundry soap. Add one tablespoon of distilled white vinegar to 4 cups of warm water, stir well, and let sit overnight before using as usual. Plus, rose water can be perfect for cleansing the skin. If you don’t have time for a full face mask, a little splash of this flower potion can leave your skin feeling healthy.

Create a clean space for yourself

If you’re looking to create some extra peace at home, try creating a designated “me” zone where you’ll nfeel most comfortable doing things such as reading, writing, meditating, etc., Friend recommends. This could mean setting up a desk area in one corner of your living room or bedroom or even making use of a spare bathroom if you need privacy from family members who might not understand why you want to retreat there.

Dress in clothes that make you feel pampered

A friend recommends dressing up in something special when you’re spending some quality alone time at home. Whether it’s wearing a new outfit, putting on makeup, or even taking a bath, making yourself look and smell great while doing these things makes them much more enjoyable. It also helps keep you focused on what you are trying to accomplish—not how tired you might get after getting dressed. You’ll find that even if you aren’t going anywhere, taking care of yourself in these moments helps you
take better care of everyone else around you.

Light some candles

A friend recommends using essential oils when lighting candles. They’re great because they smell amazing without being overpowering. Try diffusing them throughout your home, including in rooms you use most often. You’ll find that these fragrant blends are perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Make your sound bath

If you’re looking for something even more straightforward than candlelight, try making your sound bath using nature recordings. You’ll find free audio downloads online that include rainforest ambiance, ocean waves, birdsong, and other soothing natural sounds. Just download one onto your phone or computer, plug headphones into your device, and listen while sitting outside or lying in bed. It’s a great way to relax before going to sleep.

Relax with Some Tea

Tea is another thing that makes people relax. And who doesn’t want to take advantage of that?! If you’ve got a tea lover in your life, then you should consider getting them a gift card to a local tea shop. They are usually very affordable and offer such unique flavors.

Create an oasis by adding plants.

“Plants help create a sense of calmness,” says Dr. David Katz, director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center. “They also provide oxygen that helps reduce stress.” If you don’t already have them, add some greenery to your room — even if it’s only a small vase full of flowers. You can make your home look like a spa by adding some essential oils, candles, and scented items as mentioned above!


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