How to Make Your Own Pillows Through a Machine

    how to sew your own body pillow

    Introduction: What is a Body Pillow?

    A body pillow is a product you can use to support your back, neck, and head. It is made of two layers of fabric; the outer layer is made of polyester, and the inner layer is made of cotton. The cotton layer gives the body pillow its softness and breathability.

    The machine-made body pillows are more expensive than the hand-made ones and are not as comfortable to use as a human body pillow. However, they can be used for more extended periods without experiencing any discomfort or pain compared to using a human body pillow with foam layers between the layers of fabric.

    How to Make Your Body Pillow?

    Body pillows are a must-have in the modern-day and are essential for those who have to sleep on their back. These pillows come in all shapes and sizes, but we all know we cannot get them exactly right every time. So we need to make our body pillow from scratch! This is a straightforward tutorial on how to make your body pillow.

    The material you need is:

    • Fiberfill
    • A sheet or pillowcase
    • Sewing machine (large sewing pattern) or iron and ironing board
    • Scissors

    This tutorial is for beginners, but you can use it for the more advanced. A few essential tips make this a lot easier to do. Note down your measurements to have them available when you start making your own. You mustn’t cut holes too big or too small. Otherwise, you will get a very un-even pillow. If you are making a case for more than one person, double up your measurements (but not the dimensions).

    This tutorial will show you how to make your body pillow in only one day! Happy sewing!!

    1) Cut out one long piece of fabric.

    2) I used an old pillowcase for this one (as it is a little smaller than the pillow I’m making in this tutorial)

    3) Sew 1/2″ seam around the length of fabric, tacking ends to form the base

    4) Add the center part of your body shape (don’t worry about the extra length there).

    5) Add a circle to the bottom of your body shape, tacking in place.

    6) Add a circle to that bottom to make it look like your feet are being supported by the bottom of your body.

    7) Sew on top of two circles, sew down and tack in place

    8) Ta-da! A perfect pillow

    Conclusion: Find the Right Way To Use A Body Pillow

    With a body pillow, you can create a comfortable bed in any room, which is ideal for people who have trouble sleeping.


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