Indulge in Some of the Most Intoxicating Love Stories

    romance books
    romance books

    Royal romances are a great way to get your royal fix. From the moment you first meet Prince Charming, you’ll be swept away by his charm and charisma. But what happens when he falls in love with someone else? Or when she does?

    These are some of the best royal romance books that will make you swoon!

    1. A Princess for Christmas

    by Jennifer L. Armentrout

    It’s about a princess who has been locked up all her life. On Christmas Eve, she meets a handsome prince who sweeps her off her feet when she gets out. She thinks she can trust him, but then he betrays her. Will she survive this betrayal?

    2. Cinderella Unlocked

    by Jessica Sorensen

    I loved it! This is another story where a princess is trapped in a tower. Her father died and left her alone. One day, she hears footsteps outside her door and sees a young man dressed as a prince. He rescues her from her tower and takes her to live with him at the palace. Can they work things out?

    3. The Duke & I

    by Sophie Kinsella

    It’s about a girl named Anna who works in a bookstore. When she goes to Paris, she meets a gorgeous duke who sweeps her off her feet. They fall madly in love and have the most beautiful wedding.

    4. The King’s Bride

    by Susan Mallery

    The King’s Bride is a beautiful historical novel, and it’s set during World War II. Princess Elizabeth was born into a world of privilege, and when she meets a British soldier named Freddie Thorne, everything changes.

    5. The Queen’s Fool

    by Philippa Gregory

    It’s about a boy named Thomas Grey. His parents were killed in a car crash, and he lives with his uncle. While there, he meets a girl named Lady Rose.

    6. The Duchess Deal

    by Sarah MacLean

    The Duchess Deal is a fun and flirty read! It follows two women who run a matchmaking service called “Duchesses Do.” They help people find their perfect match.

    7. The Earl’s Daughter

    by Julia Quinn

    The Earl’s Daughter is one of my favorite historical romances! It’s about a woman named Mary Lennox, and she lives with her mother and sister in London. One day, she runs into an old friend.

    8. The Rake’s Vow

    by Joanna Shupe

    It’s about a guy named Jack who is good at making money. He decides to take advantage of a wealthy widow named Mrs. Gresham, and he marries her and uses her money to buy himself a title.

    9. The Crowned Virgin

    by Philippa Gregory

    It’s a fantastic book! It’s about Marguerite de Valois. She is the daughter of King Francis I of France. She is beautiful, but no one loves her because she is ugly. Then, she meets Armand Duvalier, the son of the king of Haiti. They fall madly, deeply in love.

    romance books
    Lovely couple

    10. The Soldier’s Wife

    by Kathleen Woodiwiss

    It’s about an American soldier named Robert Lacey. He comes home from war only to discover that his wife has married someone else. How will he react? Read more…

    11. A Royal Nightingale

    by Jennifer Ashley

    It’s about Prince Edward, the future King Edward VIII. He falls in love with a commoner named Wallis Simpson. Will he marry her? Read more…

    12. The Secret Mistress

    by Judith McNaught

    The Secret Mistress is a delightful book! It’s about two sisters who are best friends. One day, the younger sister finds herself pregnant, and she doesn’t tell anyone until after the baby is born.

    13. The Edge of Desire

    by Eloisa James

    It’s about a man named Sebastian St. Claire. He is a famous painter, and he is also a rake. He sleeps around with his girlfriends. But when he meets a young lady named Caroline Trenton, he falls head over heels for her.

    14. The Duke’s Bride

    by Victoria Alexander

    It’s about a young woman named Felicity Fairchild. Her father dies and leaves her a large fortune, and she then travels to England, where she becomes engaged to be married.

    15. The Other Side of Midnight

    by Susan Mallery

    It’s about three men: a con artist, a thief, and a murderer. All three want to get away with murder.

    16. The Taming of the Shrew

    by William Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare wrote it, and David Tennant did this version. In this version, Kate is played by Emily Watson. Read more…

    17. The Lady Chosen

    by Sharon Sala

    It’s about Charlotte “Charlie” Cavendish. She is the youngest child of Lord Henry Cavendish. When she turns eighteen, she must choose between being a lady or working as a governess.

    18. The Book Thief

    by Markus Zusak

    The Book Thief is a beautiful book! It’s about Liesel Meminger, and she steals books to read them. She lives in Germany during World War II.

    19. The Countess of Monte Cristo

    by Alexandre Dumas

    The Countess of Monte Cristos is a fabulous book! Alexandre Dumas wrote it. In this version, Edmond Dantes is called Fernand Mondego. He is the brother of Mercedes, and hed he is sent to prison for killing their father.

    20. The Painted Veil

    by Ann Boydston

    The Painted Veil is a lovely book! It’s about Nina Webster. She is a British girl who goes to China to teach, and she meets a Chinese doctor named Dr. Mark Ling, and they fall in love.

    Which romance novel should you read next?

    The best book for you to read next depends on your mood. If you want to learn about love, you should read “The Fault in Our Stars.”This is a short novel, and it has been made into a movie too.


    A great way to find good romance novels is by reading reviews. You can give a shot to the Novels mentioned above and can drool in love! Reviews help you decide what kind of book you want to read next.


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