Lebron James School – A Comprehensive Overview

    LeBron James School

    LeBron James has been a basketball player since he was a kid. He’s won championships and made millions of dollars playing basketball, and his career has spanned almost 20 years now. Yet even at his age, he’s still very much involved in sports.

    LeBron James’ goal is to teach kids about life lessons through sports. He wants to instill values such as teamwork, discipline, and hard work into children.

    Introduction to Lebron James School

    The Lebron James School is a school for the children of celebrities. The school was founded by LeBron James, who wanted to give his son a better education than he had received at St. Vincent-St. Mary’s High School in Akron, Ohio. When LeBron James and his wife Savannah first moved to Los Angeles, they found that their child needed more attention from teachers and other students. They decided to move back to Akron, where LeBron attended high school.

    The school has three campuses: one in Los Angeles, California; one in Miami, Florida; and one in Akron, Ohio. The school offers an elementary through a middle school program. In addition to academics, the school also teaches life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and responsibility. Students are required to participate in community service projects throughout the year.

    How many kids does LeBron James have in school as of 2021?

    In 2020, there were 662 students enrolled in the school. There are currently 5,974 students enrolled in the school as of 2019.

    What grade level does Lebron James School go up to?

    As of 2018, the school goes all the way up to 12th Grade.

    What do the schools look like?

    The elementary and middle school programs take place in traditional classrooms with blackboards on the walls. Each classroom has a computer lab. The high school campus looks similar to any other public high school. It consists of four buildings connected by walkways.

    Who runs this school?

    The school is run by the nonprofit organization “The Lebron Family Foundation.” It is headed by LeBron James’ mother, Gloria James, and her husband, Dr. Tom James.

    How much does it cost to send your kid to Lebron James school?

    There are no tuition costs associated with attending the school. However, parents must pay for transportation costs to get their children to and from school. Additionally, the school requires parents to pay $4,000 per month for the upkeep of the school.

    What are some of the benefits of sending your kid to Lebron James School?

    One benefit of sending your kid to the school is that you can attend parent-teacher conferences. Another advantage is that the teachers will know your child personally.

    Is Lebron James School accredited?

    Yes, the school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

    How much did LeBron James pay for the I Promise School?

    According to Forbes Magazine, LeBron James paid 2 million dollars for the school.

    What did LeBron James do for schools?

    LeBron James started the Lebron James Family Foundation in 2006. He donated money to help fund charter schools. He also helped create the I Promise School.


    The LeBron James School of Leadership & Success was founded by the basketball star himself with the purpose of providing students with the tools needed to become successful leaders. This school provides leadership training and education in areas such as business, sports, health, community service, technology, and more. Students gain access to courses taught by some of the most respected professionals in the field including Dr. Phil McGraw, Kevin Durant, Chris Bosh, and more.


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