Platonic Marriages, Better Than Loving Ones?

    platonic marriages
    platonic marriages

    Recently we’ve been hearing a lot about spiritual marriages and just what these so-called ‘friends with benefits arrangements’ are all about. Learn here if platonic marriages can be beneficial or non-beneficial according to one’s need.

    What is the History of Platonic Marriage?

    “Platonic marriage is the ancient type of marriage in which there is no physical contact between spouses, and no physical contact means that these marriages are not consummated. This type of marriage became popular in the 6th century A.D.”

    These ‘platonic marriages’ are very advantageous and beneficial to the partners. In essence, they would give partners security. Like other types of relationships, the two involved would trust each other for all of their needs.

    What are the Benefits of Platonic Marriage?

    Marriage is a culturally-recognized institution that provides many benefits.

    • Married couples usually earn more money than unmarried couples because they work together, and their combined incomes help them make ends meet.
    • Married couples enjoy a higher standard of living and a better lifestyle.
    • Being married can increase a couple’s chances of having a child and helping that child in school.
    • Married couples enjoy the benefits of parental rights since only one parent can make significant decisions on behalf of a child.
    • Married couples can protect each other in case of a life-threatening disease.
    • The act of marriage is both personal and social, and it shows how much you care about your partner.

    What are the Disadvantages of Platonic Marriage?

    Here are some unavoidable Disadvantages of Platonic Marriage:

    • A potential disadvantage of Platonic Marriage is that you cannot have children unless the other party agrees to procreate.
    • If one party leaves, the other person will be left alone.
    • It isn’t easy to show affection and love for your partner in a spiritual marriage.
    • It can be hard to express love and hate, joy and anger in a spiritual marriage.
    • Many couples live in separate houses, apartments, or houses in different cities, but this increases cost.
    • Since the concept of spiritual marriage allows sex and intimacy to be private, platonic marriages are not typically recognized by law.

    What are the Risks of Platonic Marriage in 2021?

    Platonic marriages are becoming more and more common as people choose to avoid the risks of traditional marriage. Marriage is problematic because it is based on love, but this has always been the case. The difference is that more people are now aware of the risks involved in traditional marriage. Today, however, there are a lot of spiritual weddings, as people do not want to be trapped in a loveless marriage. Those fearful of this may look to a Platonic marriage as an alternative. An Example of a Platonic Marriage in 2021

    In 2019, an example of a spiritual marriage appeared in the press. Two lawyers, who met on a dating website, decided to marry. The two of them were in love, but they did not want to be married. Their relationship was purely platonic. The legal requirements were met, and they did not have to obtain a license to marry. They went to the Register Office in London, where they were married by a registrar. The two of them are very happy together, and they choose to stay in a spiritual marriage instead of committing to each other. This shows that Platonic marriage is becoming more common.

    What are some shreds of evidence Against Platonic Marriage?

    Evidence Against Platonic Marriage In the dialogue “Alcibiades,” written by Plato, Alcibiades recalls a conversation with Socrates about the nature of love. Socrates asks Alcibiades what kind of family he comes from, and Alcibiades replies that he is from a noble line. He also says that he has seen his parents copulating vulgarly. In “The Seventh Letter,” Plato argues that love is a property of the soul, and therefore any action that is contrary to love is in itself evil. Plato also says that there is no room for offspring in a marriage between two people of the same gender. If the man and woman are in love, they will not be concerned with procreating.

    If a sexual relationship occurs between two people who do not love each other, the offspring will be illegitimate. Aristotle said that homosexuality was a perversion, and therefore unfit for marriage. On the other hand, Socrates wrote that homosexuals had to be given their due in the state; Plato’s view suggests that anyone who truly loves another will accept them as part of the family.

    Is a platonic relationship healthy in a marriage?

    Many people would argue that a platonic relationship is not healthy in a marriage. They believe that a wedding should be based on love and intimacy, not just friends. A spiritual relationship between spouses can have many benefits. The spouses can have great support from each other and still maintain their separate identities. If the spouses struggle with getting along, a platonic relationship can help them get to know each other better. A spiritual connection can help spouses better understand each other’s needs and emotions. A platonic relationship can also be beneficial for spouses with different sexual orientations.

    Why Should We Push Back against Platonic Marriage?

    Society needs to push back against the spiritual marriage, an idea that is discussed in Plato’s “Symposium.” The concept of spiritual marriage advocates for monogamy between two people who are not in love with each other. Its time society takes a stand against the idea of Platonic Marriage. The concept of Platonic Marriage advocates for monogamy between two people who are not in love with each other. This idea is not sustainable in the long term. A society built on the concept of Platonic Marriage will have an unhealthy and toxic relationship dynamic.


    Platonic marriages are becoming more and more common as people choose to avoid the risks of traditional marriage. These ‘spiritual marriages are very advantageous and beneficial to the partners, giving them security. It is difficult to show affection and love for your partner in a spiritual union, and it can be hard to express emotions such as love and hate, joy and anger in a platonic relationship.


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