The Amazing World of Fish and How They’re Learning to Compute

    Fishes learning to compute
    Fishes learning to compute

    Introduction: What is the secret to teaching fish to do basic math?

    Some scientists have tried to teach fish to do basic math. They did this by training the fish with a reward system. In the experiment, they taught fish to recognize numbers and quantities by rewarding them for correctly identifying them.

    The first step in teaching fish to do basic math is training them with a reward system so that they can identify numbers and quantities.

    What do Scientists Teach Fish to Do?

    Scientists teach fish to do basic math to understand how the fish think. This is a research project by scientists at the University of Queensland and Otago in New Zealand, and they want to know if fish can be taught to solve mathematical problems.

    The scientists teach a group of cichlid fish, tropical freshwater fish, basic math skills like computing (adding and subtracting), and shapes and colors. The researchers hope that this research will help them understand how animals think.

    How Does the Training of Fish Work?

    Fish are not born with the ability to count. They learn by observing the behavior of other fish and measuring the number of times they follow a specific behavior. Fish also learn by watching humans perform certain tasks and then executing them themselves.

    A fish is trained in basic math skills by being shown two different colored shapes, one blue and one yellow. The fish is rewarded if they pick out the yellow shape when displayed a blue body and vice versa.

    What is the Significance of this Research?

    The study has shown that the fish can be taught to associate a particular stimulus with a specific type of food. This is significant because it could be used to train them to avoid eating plastic which may harm them.

    The researchers found that when they put the fish in a tank and showed them one type of food at a time, they would eat the food if it was placed in front of them. However, when they put the fish in another tank and showed them two types of foods, one of which was new, the fish would not eat any food but would instead wait for an hour before trying anything new. The study also found that this effect happened even if other types of foods were present.

    Conclusion: Why Study Fish and How They’re Learning to Compute?

    Fish are one of the most studied species in the world. They are brilliant animals, and they have been proving this for decades. Researchers have demonstrated that fish can do more than we ever thought possible. Fish can solve puzzles, recognize themselves in mirrors, and even understand basic math concepts.



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