The Best Wines That Don’t Make You Look Drunk

low alcohol wines
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Low Alcohol Wines Are the Best

With the holidays quickly approaching, a glass of wine is a frequent choice. However, you may not be looking to appear drunk with friends, or worse: get arrested. Check out our top six picks that won’t make you look lush!

What are low alcohol wines?

Red or white wine that has been made with less than 12% alcohol by volume. Some of the best red and white wines made globally are of lower alcohol. They are lower in alcohol because they are fermented at low temperatures, making the wine softer, tannic, and more complex—no need to fear intense alcohol wine.

How To Choose a Low Alcohol Wine?

An excellent way to find a low alcohol wine is to look for fruit in the name of the wine. Wines with words like “ruby” or “pink” are likely to be higher in alcohol content. The lower the alcohol content of a wine, the fewer calories you will consume. Also, look for “unpretentious” names of wines. These wines do not have high alcohol content, made from lesser-known grapes. These wines are often very affordable, so they will not cost you a lot of money in the long run. These wine categories can be used as an indicator of how alcohol content a wine is:

Port – Less than 12% ABV.

Mead – 12% or less.

Sweet Mead – 12% or less.

Tawny Port – 15% or less.

Tawny Old – 16% or less.

How Are Low Alcohol Wines Made?

How low alcohol wines are made typically involves the use of low-yield grapes. The wine is also made in a traditional style by retaining the crisp acidity and texture while avoiding off-flavors.

Making low alcohol wines starts with grape juice that has been fermented into wine. The sugar content is then reduced by adding water and extracting the sugars from the must. Some of the ethanol in the wine is also removed by heating, which reduces the alcohol to less than 2%. As a result of the heating process, the wine begins to ferment again and will continue to do so throughout the aging process. While making low alcohol wines starts similarly to high alcohol wines, there are some distinct differences. For one, the high ethanol content of the wine causes most of the microbes to die before the alcoholic fermentation is complete. This process provides a technically high alcohol wine but has a lower alcohol content than other wines. A second difference comes when the winemaker begins the process of aging low alcohol wines. The lower ethanol concentration means less alcohol to transfer to the wine’s flavor during aging. This means that the taste of the wine is different from that of wines with higher alcohol levels. The third difference between high alcohol and low alcohol wines is aging. Since low alcohol wines are not as alcoholic, the winemaker can produce wines that can be aged for years without becoming too old.

“Wines that are less than 11% alcohol by volume (ABV) can be made using wines produced for this purpose. These wines are made from grapes harvested early and therefore contain lower sugar and tannin levels.” There are many different types of wines that are less than 11% ABV, and these wines are made by blending wines with additional alcohol content levels. “There are three basic types of wines that are less than 11% ABV. These are: …Meads, sweet wines and tawnies.” “Ports and sherries can be categorized as 15% or more alcoholic beverages.”

Does non-alcoholic wine have to be stored in the fridge?

Non-alcoholic wine does not need to be refrigerated, but some argue to preserve its taste. Other winemakers say that the storage temperature does not affect its taste.

Non-alcoholic wine “can be stored at room temperature but a lower level of carbon dioxide (approximately 0.05g/l).”

low alcohol wines
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What are the Six best low-alcohol wines in 2022?

In the world of wine, there are several low alcohol options to choose from. These can be an excellent option for a casual gathering or a festive celebration, and they offer a different experience to the palate.

A low-alcohol wine should be rich and full-bodied but not overpowering, and it should not contain any residual sugar or added sugar that would make it too sweet. These wines are perfect for pre-dinner sipping for those who want to enjoy the pleasures of wine without the consequences. The wines listed below are all under 11% alcohol by volume, some even as low as 7%.

Tranquil Heritage Rose, $13.49

With only 5% alcohol, this wine is perfect for those who don’t want to feel too relaxed during their day. The grapes for this low-alcohol wine came from a vineyard in Napa Valley. This vintage was made to pair well with many foods, but it’s great on its own as well. This is an excellent choice if you love rose wines, and it is highly recommended!

Surprising Sensation, $13.99

The Surprising Sensation is a wine with low alcohol content. But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s not potent. This wine packs a punch, and it is also perfect for pairing with many foods. It’s made with Merlot grapes, and the wine has a delicious aroma of red fruit and chocolate. This wine is excellent for those who enjoy sweet wines, and it makes a perfect dessert wine.

Full Monty Red, $14.99

A full-bodied, dry red wine with lower alcohol content, typically under 12%. This wine is made with Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, and it has a spicy scent of black cherry.

Muscat du Cap-Rose, $14.99

Muscat du Cap-Rose, $14.99, is a great wine for anyone looking for a light, sweet wine. This wine is made with Muscat grapes, and it has a slightly spicy scent of black cherry. This wine is best served chilled, but it is delicious even after being opened for some time. Black Musk Wine, $14.99

Cabin Full Monty, $15.99

Cabin Full Monty, $15.99, is a wine with low alcohol content. It tastes great and has a smooth finish. This wine has a great aroma of red fruit, dark berries, and a hint of vanilla. This wine is made with Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, and it is known for having excellent longevity.

La Vie en Rose, $16.99

This phrase is likely referring to wines with an alcohol content of less than 9%. La Vie en Rose is made with Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, and it tastes dark berry flavors. It has a nice smooth finish, but it is still straightforward to drink. This wine is made from grapes from the northwestern region of France.


With the holidays quickly approaching, a glass of wine is a frequent choice. However, you may not be looking to appear drunk with friends, or worse: get arrested. In the world of wine, there are several low alcohol options to choose from, and they offer a different experience to the palate.


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