The Incomparable Arctic Hare that Traveled at Least 388 Kilometers in One Day

    Arctic Hare that Traveled at Least 388 Kilometers in One Day
    Snowshoe hare

    The arctic hare is a mammal that belongs to the rabbit family, and it is found in the Arctic regions of North America, Europe, Asia, and Greenland. The arctic hare migrates from its summer home to its winter home during the fall season.

    The arctic hare is one of the most important animals in terms of global warming because it can help regulate forest growth and help maintain a healthy ecosystem.

    The Amazing Journey of the Arctic Hare and How It Survived Global Warming

    The Antarctic hare migrates over ice sheets by hopping from one ice sheet to another. It uses its large ears as an advantage when it comes to detecting cracks on the surface of the ice, and it can also use its long, sharp claws for this purpose.

    Arctic hares can go the distance. A member of Lepus arcticus in northern Canada has traveled farther than anyone knew possible.

    A wild female hare traveled about 388 kilometers in 49 days, and It is a whooping record of a long migratory distance traveled by any hare.

    It traveled for about seven weeks and completed approximately 8 Km per day!

    Hares are most important in the tundra wood web as they are profusely hunted by arctic foxes. Hares are known to be living in familiar territory where is food is available. Research data said that the Arctic hares thumped that trend, with most traveling between 113 and 310 kilometers. None came close to that female hare, who died of unknown causes about a month after reaching her final destination.

    How the Arctic Hare’s Journey is Relevant to Our World Today?

    One of the most exciting stories in the Arctic Hare’s Journey is how it results from global warming. Global warming is causing more ice to melt, and the hares migrate to warmer places.

    To understand what might happen in our world, we must first understand what has happened in nature. The story of the Arctic Hare’s Journey illustrates how animals react to changes in their environment and adapt to suit their needs better.

    Conclusion: The Arctic Hare’s Journey is a Reminder of How Our Planet Is Changing

    The Arctic Hare’s Journey is a short story that takes the reader on a journey through time and space. The story begins in the present day, when the protagonist, an Arctic hare, has lost her habitat to global warming. The hare then travels back in time to before humans inhabited Earth and meets with other animals trying to survive on their own. The protagonist realizes that she is not alone in her struggle for survival, and life continues as usual for the animals until humans arrive again.






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