The Most Horrifying Torture Machines In History – Some Cruel Inventions to punish people

    horrible punishments
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    What’s worse than being tortured by electric shocks? Being tortured by other humans!

    There are a few torture machines that have been used throughout history. These tortures range from simple whips, chains, and cages to more elaborate methods such as waterboarding, electricity, and even gas chambers.
    The purpose of this blog post is to show you some of the most gruesome torture devices ever created. If you want to know more about these horrible inventions, read on.

    What is the list of torture devices used in medieval times?

    The following are some of the more common torture devices used during the Middle Ages.

    1) The rack – This was a device that would cause intense pain by stretching and pulling on limbs, causing them to swell up and eventually break off. It was often used for interrogation purposes.

    2) The iron maiden was a metal box with spikes protruding from it. Prisoners were placed inside and left there until they died of suffocation or blood loss.

    3) The wheel – A prisoner would be tied to a large wooden wheel that would spin around at high speed. The tortured person would have their arms stretched out as far as possible so that the revolution could not move past their body.

    4) The boot – A prisoner’s feet would be bound together and then attached to a large, heavy stone. The stone would then be rolled down a hill, crushing the prisoner’s legs.

    5) The spike – A sharp-pointed object would be driven through the fleshy part of the hand or foot.

    6) The pillory – A small platform where the victim’s head and hands were held above ground level while people threw rotten food or other objects at them.

    7) The stocks – A prisoner’s ankles and wrists would be fastened into holes in two boards which were then locked into place.

    8) The maiming knife – A long blade would be forced between the teeth and under the victim’s tongue.

    9) The thumbscrew – Two screws would be tightened against the victim’s thumbs, causing extreme pain.

    10) The pincer – One arm of the victim would be trapped between two pieces of wood shaped like a pair of scissors.

    horrible punishments

    11) The strappado – The victim would be suspended upside down over an edge and then dropped back onto the floor. This would be repeated several times.

    12) The Spanish boots were similar to the stocks, but instead of having the victim’s feet and ankles fixed to the board, their knees would be pinned together.

    13) The water torture – Water would be poured into the mouth and nose of the victim to make them choke.

    14) The garrote – A noose would be put around the neck of the victim and pulled tight.

    15) The scold’s bridle – A leather gag would be wrapped around the victim’s mouth and then tightly twisted.

    16) The cat o’ nine tails – This whip had many short lashings connected. When it came time to use this whip, all nine lashes would be applied at once.

    17) The pulley – A rope would be wound around a beam, and then another rope would be tied to one end of the first rope. Then the second rope would be passed through a hole in the ceiling and then connected to the opposite side of the beam. Finally, the victim would be hoisted up into the air by the ropes.

    18) The crampons – Ice picks would be jammed into the joints of the fingers and toes of the victim.

    19) The ice pick – An ice pick would be stuck into the joint of a finger or toe.

    20) The red-hot poker – A hot poker would be shoved into the victim’s private parts.

    21) The rack – Wooden pegs would be hammered into the victim’s body. As these pegs became more painful, more would be added.

    22) The vise – The victim’s limbs would be secured into a device that looked like a cross between a vise and a clamp.

    23) The Iron Maiden – A metal container would hold the prisoner securely and then be heated up. Once the container was cool enough for the prisoner to step out, they would die of hypothermia.

    24) The boot – The prisoner’s feet would be nailed to the bottom of a boot, and the boot would be filled with feces and urine.

    25) The fire ladder – A victim would be strapped to a pole and doused with oil. Then a slow fire would be built beneath them until they were burned alive.

    What is the most famous torture method?

    The most famous torture method is waterboarding, used during the Bush Administration for terrorist suspects. Waterboarding is when you pour water into someone’s mouth until they feel like they’re drowning, which is done to force them to confess.

    What is a clapper torture device?

    A clapper torture device is a device used for inducing pain. The device consists of a small metal bar placed against the skin. When someone claps his hands, the bar vibrates. If the person claps too quickly, the bar will move up and down rapidly, causing discomfort. Clappers torture devices can be purchased at any hardware store.

    What was the most common torture device?

    The most common medieval torture device was the stocks. Stocks are upright wooden frames where your legs are spread apart and held in place by a horizontal arm attached to two vertical posts, and this is meant to prevent you from standing up while being tortured.


    The punishments back then were Indeed Cruel. These were the main reasons people were disciplined in the medieval era and history back then.


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