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The New Trend: Nail Polish Shades To Wear At The Office This Fall

Nail polishes to wear in fall

Nail polishes to wear in fall

Slay this fall with some colors!

Nail polish has become an essential part of women’s everyday fashion. It adds glamour to every outfit and creates a polished appearance. A woman can easily find out the latest trends and colors in the nail care section of her local department store.

However, there are specific colors that are trending at the moment that should be added to your wardrobe to go with your office wear.

1) Black

Black is always a good choice when it comes to color. It goes with almost any other shade. You don’t have to worry about mixing black nail polish with another color because it will blend well together. Black is also a great neutral color and works best for those who want to add a pop of color without going too far.

2) Red

Red is one of the hottest colors right now. If you’re looking for something different, red is what you need. This bold color goes with everything from jeans to dresses. Be careful not to go too dark with your nails because if they get too dark, then it might look like you’re wearing blood on them.

3) Orange

Orange is another hot color right now. It’s a fun choice, but it tends to fade quickly. If you plan to wear orange nail polish during the day, you may want to keep it light, so it doesn’t turn yellow or brown.

4) Blue

Blue is another popular color that everyone seems to love these days. If you choose a darker shade of blue, it will make your hands appear more petite. Darker blues can also look very dramatic. If you decide to do this, remember that it won’t last as long as lighter shades.

5) Green

Green is another trendy color. Although green looks lovely on its own, it usually makes people think of springtime when worn on their fingers. If you want to try this trend, make sure that you use a light enough color not to seem too bright.

6) Pink

Pink is a classic color that never gets old. It is one of the most popular colors that girls wear on their fingernails these days. Women often mix pink with other colors such as purple and white.

7) Purple

Purple is another popular color that is being used more and more by celebrities and models these days. There are many different kinds of purples available, ranging from deep to light. Light purples tend to fade faster than deeper ones.

woman hands with nail polishes isolated on white

8 ) Brown

Brown is another excellent color that looks great on both men and women. Brown is a classic color and will work with all types of outfits. You can also create a whole new look by adding glitter to your brown nails.

9) White

White is another popular color that is slowly making its way into the nail world. Most women prefer to leave their nails natural, and white is a perfect option for this. Make sure that you apply the paint thinly and use a clear top coat so that it lasts longer.

10) Gold

Gold is another fun color that is becoming increasingly popular among women. Since it’s similar to silver, it blends well with gold jewelry and accessories. When choosing a gold polish, you must pick one that isn’t too dark because it can look tacky.

11) Silver

Silver is yet another popular color that is growing in popularity. People are starting to notice how much it looks like natural diamonds. As a result, many people are buying silver rings and bracelets. If you are interested in trying this trend, you may want to start small by only painting half of each finger.

14) Metallic Colours

Metallic colors such as copper, bronze, and rose gold are other popular colors currently being worn by celebrities and models. These colors are easy to apply and are very fashionable.

13) Pastel Colors

Pastels are another type of color that we see on our nails quite frequently. They’re soft colors that are typically pretty feminine. Popular pastels include pinks, peaches, and corals.


Different colors can do wonders during fall, as you can make yourself look bold and magnificent by outshining the colors of the fall. Make sure you use the colors mentioned above in your office and show off! Bright and bold colors can make you feel like a queen.

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