The Ultimate Guide to Posing: Pose Like a Pro

Blissful female model in elegant coat posing with camera. Smiling photographer taking pictures of autumn city.

Best Poses for Pictures

1. Know Your Angles

If there were one piece of advice that could help anyone looking to improve their photography skills, it would be knowing what angle works best for each body type. Models know that certain poses will flatter them depending on their shape, so they’ll experiment until they find something that looks good. But even those without modeling experience should try experimenting with different angles before settling into any particular style.

2. Check Your Lighting

If there’s no natural sunlight available, don’t worry—you still need good lighting to create positive images. “It doesn’t matter what type of light source you use,” says Thaler. “Just know where to place yourself so that you’re getting the most flattering light.” She recommends using a flash off to the side or behind her subject but also suggests trying different positions depending on the sun’s angle. “For example, if you want to show off your shoulders, try standing.

3. Shift Your Weight

Another common mistake made by amateur photographers is leaning too far back into poses. This creates a hunched-over appearance which makes us appear frail. Instead, shift your weight toward the center of gravity. Lean slightly forward as if you were going to sit down. If you want to stand up straight, then do just that. Don’t worry about looking silly; instead, focus on making sure you aren’t slouching.

4 . Bring Your Shoulders Back

Another common mistake made by many amateur photographers is leaning too far forward. As mentioned above, if you do this, you’ll end up looking stiff and uncomfortable. Instead, bring your shoulders back towards your hips. A little distance creates a nice balance between your face and chest.

5. Start with your feet

The first thing we want to do is make sure our legs are straight. If they aren’t, then we need to bend them to look as though they were planted firmly on the ground. This means bending at the knees until there is no gap between the bottom of your knee cap and your toes. The easiest way to get this right is to stand up against a wall or door frame and see where your heels end up.

6. Stand Tall & Straight

Standing tall and straight is another great pose to try. You may not know how to stand tall and refined, but once you see yourself standing tall and straight, you’ll want to practice it every day. Stand tall and sober by keeping your shoulders back and chest lifted. Make sure your chin is slightly tucked in.

7. Lean Forward From The Waist

Another great tip for creating a more assertive-looking posture is leaning slightly forward from the waist. Think about standing up straight as if you were going to sit down. Then, tilt your torso just a little toward the camera. Now, imagine yourself sitting down. That’s right, and you’ll notice that your shoulders naturally drop down towards your hips. By tilting your torso forward, you’ll automatically bring your shoulder blades closer together. This creates a much more balanced appearance than having them spread apart.

8. Create Distance Between Your Torso & Arm

If you’ve ever seen any of my images, you’ll notice there isn’t much space between my torso and arm. That’s because I’m trying to avoid looking too close-up. Instead, I prefer creating distance between them. By doing so, you will appear taller and thinner. Plus, if you’re standing up straight, you won’t look hunched over either.

How not to pose

1) Don’t smile too much.

2) Keep your eyes open, and don’t blink.

3) Look straight ahead.

4) Try to keep the exact distance between yourself and the camera as if it were an actual person standing in front of you.

5) If possible, try to make sure that there’s no one else around.

6) Avoid looking down or up – unless you want to be seen from below or above.

Acknowledge the Awkwardness

The first thing that comes up when we think about taking photos is how awkward it can be. We’re all pretty self-conscious and don’t want our friends or family members to see us in a way that makes them uncomfortable. But if you look at your photo after you’ve taken it, there’s no denying that sometimes people are just plain weird looking!