Travel Nightmares-How to Overcome it and Enjoy the Fruits of life

Travel Nightmares
Travelers climb one after another on the rock. Teamwork of business people. Climbers silhouettes stretch their hands to each other, climbing to the top of hill. A team of businessmen is going to win.

Enjoy the travel and adore it

What are some examples of Nightmares that people experience when about to travel?

1. The fear of the unknown

What if I don’t like it there, or they won’t speak English? What if I get sick and can’t go home? What if something happens while I’m away from my family?

2. Fear of being alone

Will anyone miss me at home? Will I be able to cope with loneliness? How do you know who your friends are? Do you have any close friends in other countries? Are they trustworthy? Can you trust them? If not, how long before you start feeling lonely?

3. Being afraid of going back

Is this place safe for me? Is it too far from home? Am I prepared enough? Have I made all necessary arrangements? Should I stay longer than planned because things might change? What if I need help, but no one speaks English?

4. Not knowing where to sleep

Should I spend more money on a hotel room or try sleeping outside? Where would I find a good place to camp out? Would I feel safer staying inside a building? Or maybe I’ll risk it and sleep under an overpass or bridge. But then again, what if someone steals my stuff?

5. Worries about getting lost

Am I taking the correct route? Which way should I turn next? Why isn’t the map clear? Does everyone else seem to know their way around here? Maybe I should ask for directions…but what if I make a mistake?

6. Getting scared by strange noises

What’s that noise coming from behind those bushes? It sounds so scary! Someone must’ve left these dead animals lying around somewhere. Who could want to hurt me?

7. Feeling unsafe

why did they follow me? Did I say anything wrong? Was I rude? Now I’m sure I was talking to myself. And now I hear footsteps approaching. They seem to be following me. Oh God, please let them leave me alone. Please don’t tell anybody about this. They’d think I’m crazy.

8. Worrying about making mistakes

I didn’t mean to step into that puddle. My shoes got wet. I hope nobody saw me doing that. I wonder if I put on the right clothes for today’s weather. I hope I remember to pack everything. I wish I had checked the forecast earlier. I guess I shouldn’t have eaten all that junk food last night. I better stop eating sweets. That candy bar makes me thirsty.

9. Thinking about bad memories

I remember seeing this same spot years ago. There used to be a big tree growing right across the road. A few months later, it fell during a storm. I heard somebody died after falling off that cliff. I wonder if I ever went up there. I never told Mom about that incident, though. She probably wouldn’t understand anyway.

10. Wondering whether to take pictures or look around first

I always forget to bring my camera along. What if I see something interesting? Then I’ll regret not having taken photos. On the other hand, I may end up missing something important. Better wait until tomorrow morning.

11. Fearing the worst-case scenario

I can’t believe I forgot my passport. This means I won’t be leaving the country anytime soon. I hope nothing happens to it while I’m away. I bet thieves steal passports every day. Somebody stole mine once. I still haven’t gotten it replaced yet.

12. Feelings of guilt

I’m sorry I couldn’t get tickets for that concert. The line was too long. I wish I had gone instead. Maybe I should go ahead and buy another ticket. No, I already bought two. I hate wasting money like that. I’ll pay cash for the rest of the trip.

13. Trying to figure out which direction to walk

I can’t decide between Left and Right. Both roads lead to the same destination. One looks shorter than the other.

14. Being afraid of being late

I need to hurry before they close the gate. If I miss the bus, how will I reach my destination in time? Will I arrive at school early enough to catch a ride with one of my friends? Should I call them beforehand? How do you even know who is going your way?

15. Losing track of time

I don’t know how much longer I should stay awake. I keep thinking about things, but none of them matter anymore. I might as well fall asleep. It doesn’t matter anyway because I’ll wake up eventually. I’m always tired.

Travel Nightmares

How to overcome these travel Nightmares?

1) Make yourself comfortable: You are traveling by plane, train, or automobile. When you’re sitting in an airplane seat, make sure that you sit comfortably. Don’t worry about getting bumped from behind; adjust your position so that you feel relaxed.

2) Take care of business: Before boarding the flight, check through your belongings and ensure that you have packed everything necessary.

3) Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout the journey

4) Pack light: Try packing only what you require.

5) Sleep when you can: Sleeping helps rejuvenate your body and mind.

6) Listen to music: Music has been proven to help people relax and sleep more easily.

7) Keep calm: Do not panic! Panic causes stress and anxiety. Stress affects our bodies negatively. So try to remain calm and composed.

8 ) Watch movies: Watching movies can also help you unwind and relax.

9) Eat healthy food: Healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables contain natural sugars that help induce relaxation.

10) Get some exercise: Exercise releases endorphins into your system, thus helping you achieve inner peace.

11) Meditate: Meditation trains your brain to focus on positive thoughts.

12) Talk to someone: Talking to others helps relieve tension and stress.

13) Relax: Use deep breathing techniques to reduce stress levels.

14) Be patient: Patience allows us to deal with stressful situations better.

15) Smile: Smiling makes us happier.


Travel nightmares are real one must understand their effects and try to help others to tackle them. If you are the culprit, you must always try to carry around a positive stimulus on your mind and make the best out of your travel time or vacay.


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