What New Study Reveals How Much Free Time We Really Need To Be Satisfied?

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    Introduction: What is the study that reveals how much free time we should have to be truly satisfied?

    A study recently revealed how much free time we need to be truly satisfied. The study found that our daily need for free time is about 4 hours. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t afford to work more than 4 hours a day. It also means that we should not feel guilty if we’re getting less than 4 hours of free time a day because it’s just not possible nowadays.

    The study found out that the average person gets less than 4 hours of free time a day, so they feel like they are not doing enough and end up with feelings of guilt and regret due to lack of time.

    The Real Meaning of ‘Satisfaction’ And How It Affects Your Productivity and Happiness
    Satisfaction is often seen as a more ‘high-brow’ word than happiness. However, satisfaction has much greater consequences on our productivity and happiness.
    Studies have found that only 10% of people who are satisfied with their life are happy, while 80% of people who are not satisfied with their life are unhappy. This means that we should focus on achieving satisfaction with our lives and work rather than simply being happy.

    How to Schedule your Free Time the Right Way to Maximize Happiness Without Compromising Productivity?

    You may be asking yourself how to schedule your time correctly so that you can maximize happiness without compromising productivity. Here are the top tips that will help you do just that.

    You should start by doing a planner for two weeks and identifying what your most important activities are, which ones take up the most time, and when you have time for them.

    This is where you will find out how much time it will take to complete each activity on a weekly basis. You can then decide whether or not it’s worth your time to keep it as an activity in your life.

    Best Ways You Can Use This New Free Time Study in Your Daily Life

    This is good news! We can now focus on more important things, like family and friends, spirituality, and intellectual pursuits. However, it can be daunting knowing what to do with this newfound free time.

    To help you decide what to do with your newfound free time, here are some ideas:

    – Develop your hobby.

    – Read more books.

    – Exercise more.

    – Volunteer for a cause that interests you.


    A new study conducted by the Journal of Happiness Studies has revealed that it takes approximately 500 hours a year to be satisfied with your life and happy. The study found that Americans need to work at least 500 hours a year just to make up for their lack of free time. The study also found that people who work more than this level are actually happier than those who have less free time


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