Why Nursing Is A Great Job For Anyone Who Wants To Be Healthy, Happy & Successful

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Do you want to get healthy? If yes, then nursing is the perfect job for you.

Nursing is a profession that requires patience, compassion, and dedication. Many benefits come with being a nurse, including earning a high salary and a flexible schedule.

How do you get into nursing school, and what are your options after graduation?

To start, you will have to complete high school. After that, you will have to apply to a nursing program. These programs vary depending on where you live. Some schools offer online courses, while others prefer students to attend class sessions. There are two types of nursing programs – bachelor’ Degree and master’. While both require the same amount of time to complete, the Masters’s degree requires additional classes, which takes longer than a Bachelor’s degree.

After graduating, you will have to pass the NCLEX exam, which tests your knowledge of anatomy, physiology, microbiology, pharmacology, psychology, pathology, and obstetrics.

How do you become a registered nurse?

You need to take an RN-to-BSN course then apply for a license through the National Council Licensure Examination. To prepare for the examination, you will need to study for at least three years. Most universities offer courses to earn a certificate instead of a diploma. That way, you will not have to spend as much money on tuition fees. However, if you choose to graduate without earning a certificate, you will still have to pay the NCLEX test fee.

There are many different ways to become a registered nurse. One of the best ways is to enroll in a vocational training program, and another option is to join a hospital as an employee. Both these methods are prevalent.

What are the different types of nurses?

Registered Nurses are responsible for helping patients who are ill. Their duties include assessing patients’ conditions, administering treatments, assisting physicians with surgeries, diagnosing illnesses, and providing emotional support. They also work closely with doctors and other health care providers.

LPNs are qualified nurses who can perform basic tasks such as examining patients, preparing medication, handling blood samples, and taking vital signs. LPNs can only practice independently under supervision.

LVNs are trained nurses who handle minor procedures such as wound dressing, IV administration, giving injections, catheter insertion, drawing blood, etc. LVNs cannot administer medications unless they receive special training.

RNs hold the highest rank among all nurses. They can provide more advanced medical services and help to teach other healthcare professionals. RNs also supervise and coordinate patient care activities.

What is the average salary for a nurse?

The median annual wage for registered nurses was $63,170 in May 2010. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $43,390 per year, and the top 10 percent earned more than $91,510. Average wages for this occupation were higher than those for most other occupations. In addition, nurses had one of the highest rates of job satisfaction of any occupation.

What are some of the advantages of being a nurse?

1. Being able to help people, especially those who cannot help themselves.

2. You can work with people worldwide and meet interesting people from different cultures.

3. The job is about taking care of patients and involves education and research.

4. Nurses have more control over their schedules.

5. It’s a career that offers many opportunities to advance your career.

6. There are lots of jobs available in the field.

7. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, old or young, black or white.

8. You get paid perfect money.

9. You will be able to retire at an early age.

10. You will be helping others who are sick and need medical attention.

11. Most nurses enjoy what they do.

12. As a nurse, you will be making a difference in someone else’s life.

13. Working as a nurse allows you to save lives.

14. You don’t have to worry about getting hurt on the job because safety measures are put in place to protect employees.

15. You can become a teacher after completing college and caring for other people.

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What are some of the disadvantages of being a nurse?

The first disadvantage is the amount of stress involved. Stress comes when the job demands exceed your ability to cope with them. To avoid this kind of situation, you should keep yourself busy by exercising regularly and eating healthy foods. Also, make sure to sleep enough so that you are refreshed. This way, you won’t feel tired during the day, and you’ll be ready to deal with whatever happens.

Another problem that you might face is burnout. Burnout happens when you feel like
you want to quit the job. If you suffer from burnout, you should talk to a doctor about

Another big problem is the turnover rate which refers to the percentage of nurses
leaving their positions within a year. The reason why nurses leave their jobs is
usually due to personal problems such as family issues, financial constraints, etc.
Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you are happy in the workplace before
you decide to stay or go elsewhere.

A third problem you might face as a nurse is too much responsibility. Your
responsibilities may include working long hours and dealing with difficult situations.
Lastly, another problem is the lack of respect shown towards nurses. People often
look down upon nurses even though they depend on us for their lives, and they think we
are just there to serve them and nothing else.

What are some things you should know about becoming a nurse?

The first and foremost thing that you must consider before applying for nursing jobs is whether you want to become a nurse or a teacher.

What does a typical day look like for a nurse?

Your schedule depends on where you live. A typical day begins at around 7 AM. However, most nurses work five days a week, and most hospitals require that their nurses work 12-hour shifts.

What are some careers that can lead to becoming a nurse?

You could choose from several career paths after finishing high school:

1) Medical assistant – To become a medical assistant, you must attend a two-year course offered by community colleges. After completing this program, you have to take a state licensing examination. Once you get certified, you can begin working as a medical assistant.

2) Licensed practical nurse – Becoming an LPN takes three years of study. You’ll learn how to draw blood, prepare medications, conduct wound dressings, insert intravenous lines, and make bedpan changes. An LPN license allows you to practice independently without any supervision.

3) Registered nurse – This degree requires four years of full-time study. RNs usually earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing. After graduating from college, you can apply for licensure through the National Council Licensure Examination. This test measures your knowledge of basic science and clinical procedures. After passing the NCLEX, you can apply for registration with the Bureau of Health Professions.

4) Bachelor of Science in Nursing – BSN programs typically last six years, but they vary depending on which type of education you choose. A BSN includes both classroom and clinical hours.

5) Master of Science in Nursing – MSN programs can take between one and three years to finish depending on the university and the specific program. Graduates receive a master’s degree in nursing.

6) Doctorate of Nursing Practice – Ph.D. programs focus on research and teaching.

Are there any special requirements to be a nurse?

To apply for a nursing position, you need to meet specific criteria. For example, you need to pass a criminal background check. You also need to complete an application form and submit it along with your resume. After that, you will be required to undergo a physical exam and drug screening. Some employers may ask for additional HIV testing, tuberculosis testing, hepatitis B virus testing, and syphilis testing.

Once the employer has accepted your application, they will give you a reference number. This ID number will serve as your unique identification while working, and it will also be used when you sign up for a retirement plan.

Why is the nursing job considered to be divine?

The nursing job is one of the most respected jobs in the world. People who work in nursing are considered to be highly intelligent and compassionate. Nurses are also known for having strong moral values. They care about others, they are kind, and they do what they say they would do. The nurse profession is one of the most critical careers for women. Nurses provide care to patients who are sick or injured. They also help prevent illness and injury by educating the public about health issues such as nutrition, safety, and disease prevention.


Nursing has been called the “service profession of love” since nurses care about people more than any other profession. Nurses are often the first person someone turns to when they need help, and nurses make sure people feel loved and cared for no matter what kind of illness or injury they may suffer. One can always consider being a Nurse and can be divine.


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