Why the Vampire Myth Won’t Die – An Overview


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    Why are vampires a legend that won’t die?

    The vampire myth is one of those legends which has been around for centuries. It was first introduced to Europe by travelers from Asia who brought back tales about blood-drinking creatures they encountered on their travels. The stories were told as tall tales but became accepted as fact over time.

    Today we still have people believing these myths even though there is no scientific evidence supporting them.

    Why do so many people believe this myth?

    It comes down to two main reasons. First, humans like to be frightened because it gives us an excuse not to face our mortality or what happens after death.
    Second, most religions teach that you will go to heaven if you live your life following God’s laws and rules. If you don’t follow his commands, then he can punish you by sending you to hell, where you’ll spend eternity suffering. So when someone dies suddenly without warning, they wonder if they’re going to suffer eternal punishment in hell. This idea is reinforced by religious leaders telling followers that if they commit suicide, they may end up being sent to hell.

    In other words, if you kill yourself, you might get punished for doing something wrong during your lifetime. Since the only way to avoid such punishment is to live forever, some people decide to become immortal through drinking human blood. Of course, none of this makes any sense scientifically since science tells us that all living things eventually die and decay into dust. But somehow, people find comfort in thinking that someday scientists will discover how to create artificial immortality. Until then,
    we must continue searching for answers to questions about the afterlife.

    Religion teaches that evil exists everywhere except within ourselves. We need to learn to control our impulses before we destroy ourselves. For example, if someone commits murder, we tell him that killing another person is against God’s law. However, if someone drinks too much alcohol or takes drugs, we say nothing at first. Instead, we try to help him stop abusing substances. Only later does society begin punishing him for breaking the law.

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    What is the Bloody Truth About Serbia’s Vampire?

    Serbia is known throughout the world today as the land of Dracula. In Belgrade alone, more than 100 museums, libraries, galleries, and monuments exist dedicated to Vlad Tepes. He is considered the  national hero of Serbia and is often referred to as “the father of modern medicine.” His story is also well documented in books, movies, plays, novels, comics, video games, and television shows. Even children know the name of the infamous Countess Bathory, whose castle is now open for tourists. She
    is said to have bathed her victims in the blood she drained from them. Her alleged crimes include murdering hundreds of young girls and women in Transylvania between 1610 and 1715.

    Many historians claim that she committed mass murders using methods similar to those used by serial killers today. Vlad Tepes was born in 1431 near the city of Smederevo in northern Bulgaria. At age 13, he joined the army of Prince Lazar Hrebeljanovic, ruler of Bosnia and Herzegovina. After fighting several battles, he fell ill and died soon afterward. Legend says that while dying, he cursed the prince and vowed revenge. When the prince died, Vlad took power and ruled until 1595. During his reign, he built castles and fortresses across eastern Europe. One of his most outstanding achievements was creating the walled citadel of Bran Castle. Today it stands as a symbol of Serbian pride and culture. The legend says that after his death, Vlad became an undead vampire who drank the blood of humans.

    Some believe that he still lives somewhere in the mountains of southern Romania. Others think he has been buried beneath the ruins of one of his many castles. Still, others insist that he haunts the forests around Lake Carei in central Romania. Many Serbians are fascinated by vampires because their history includes stories of real-life monsters like Dracula. They see themselves as descendants of these creatures. According to the legends, vampires were once ordinary men but turned into monsters after committing horrible acts. Most importantly, they believed that vampirism could be cured either through baptism or exorcism.

    Unfortunately, neither method worked very well. Vampires continued to spread fear among villagers, so priests began performing rituals designed to drive away evil spirits. These included burning incense, sprinkling holy water, reciting prayers, and chanting hymns. None of these efforts stopped the spread of vampires. Eventually, the church realized that its best option would be to burn down villages suspected of harboring vampires. By destroying homes and crops, churches hoped to force vampires out of hiding. As a result, thousands of innocent people lost their lives. Today, no official records show whether or not vampires existed. There are plenty of theories, though.

    Boom Times for Blood Suckers

    In recent years, however, some experts have argued that vampires do indeed exist. Dr. John Stoker wrote about his experiences with vampires in 1897. Since then, numerous other authors have written horror fiction based on this idea. This genre of literature continues to grow. Recently, Hollywood producers have begun making films featuring vampires. For example, Blade: Trinity features Wesley Snipes as a human hunter who fights against supernatural beings called Revenants. Other popular
    titles include Underworld, Twilight, Let Me In, 28 Days Later, I Am Legend and Van Helsing.

    The popularity of such movies may explain why the myth of vampires remains alive and kicking. It seems that every generation wants to add another chapter to the long list of fictional characters created by writers over time. People love reading about vampires because they can relate to them. Whether you want to fight off a group of hungry ghouls or enjoy watching your favorite character gets killed, vampires offer something unique. Besides killing someone without getting caught, they possess special powers that make them stand apart from regular mortals. Their ability to travel at night makes them perfect hunters. They can drain the lifeblood from any living creature, including animals, plants, and even fellow humans. And finally, they feed only on fresh blood. No matter what kind of food we eat, our bodies need oxygen and nutrients to function correctly. But when vampires drink human blood,
    they don’t need air or food.


    The legacy of the Vampires will continue to follow for centuries as people won’t stop believing. Moreover, movies and series that come up are entirely based on these fictional characters too. Therefore, The feelings that remain in people’s hearts will make them believe or ultimately want that characters to be authentic or become ready to be one. In the coming decades, it will be impossible to erase the term vampires from people’s hearts.


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