A-List of the Safest Places to Live on Earth During a Nuclear War

    places to go during nuclear war
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    While we have all heard about doomsday scenarios and nuclear meltdowns, the possibility of this occurring is still hypothetical. However, some locations provide quite a bit of protection from nuclear attacks. Some Treaties have been established that are still keeping us safe from Nuclear wars as well as there are some places to go during Nuclear wars too. This article focuses on these Highlights.

    Why Are There Still Places Where You Are Safe From Nuclear War?

    One of the most significant reasons why there are still places where you are safe from nuclear war is the treaties that have been signed. For the most part, these treaties help diminish the likelihood of nuclear war taking place, which is beneficial to everyone.

    1. The Moscow Nuclear Treaties

    The United States is a signatory to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), and so are numerous other countries in Europe, Asia, and North America. The NPT has provided diplomatic ways to curb the spread of nuclear weapons and has helped prevent a nuclear war that could take place, which has allowed the World to be significantly safer.

    1. The Non-Proliferation Treaty

    The NPT was signed in 1968. It established a series of agreements that created measures to prevent nuclear arms programs from occurring, which has contributed significantly to the stability of the World’s governments.

    1. The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT)

    The CTBT is the second-most critical nuclear arms treaty and involves military and non-military nations to limit nuclear testing. This Treaty was initiated in the 1970s. It remains one of the best ways to stop the spread of nuclear weapons because it prevents military and non-military nations from pursuing atomic arms programs.

    10 Places to go to remain safe if there is a Nuclear war

    Nuclear will be near soon as per some resources. People must be prepared to focus on their lives during those times. The problem is We have to suffice the entire population in the places provided. Therefore, many businesses are required to remain safe. Here is a list that offers several areas to help humans survive during Nuclear wars.

    1. Interior of a steel-reinforced, windowless building

    This is an excellent plan for keeping safe from nuclear bombs if there is an attack on the United States. You will be able to stay inside your building until the radioactive fallout clears, and your chances of survival in this environment are much greater than if you were outside.

    1. Secluded hillsides

    Hillsides offer both safety and camouflage, which is essential in an attack. Since the bombs won’t come down to the valleys that you’ll be hiding in, your chances of survival will be high if there’s a nuclear war.

    1. Underground fallout shelter

    These shelters exist already, so you may want to check out one to see if it would be suitable for you. If you live in a large city, it may be a good idea to go underground, but if you’re planning on doing so, you’ll need to do some work on your own before you can move into your shelter.

    1. Submarine

    Submarines also exist already, but since it’s not possible to convert a submarine into a house, you’ll have to look for an existing sub that will be large enough for your family. If it’s not a submarine you can move into, then you’ll have to find someone who has one that’s big enough for you.

    1. Aircraft carrier

    If you have a lot of money, you can buy a cariopera, an aircraft carrier. The cariopera is much more efficient than building a shelter in your backyard. You can move into the house if you like, but the plane will serve you better.

    1. Deep cave

    Although this cave may be located far from the ocean, it can still serve as a shelter. The cave is the best option for a haven if there’s nothing else you can use to build a bunker. The cave is quite deep, and even a few feet under the ground will prevent you from getting wet when there’s heavy rain.

    places to go during nuclear war
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    1. Canyon

    A canyon is a good option if there’s nothing else you can use to build a bunker. If there’s no other building in the area, then a cave may be the best option for you. A canyon is also a good choice for someone who wants to start building a house in the future due to nuclear wars.

    1. The Antarctic

    The Antarctic is a good option if you are looking for a permanent shelter. The thing about Antarctica is that it is situated very far away from the land, and as such, it’s cold. But as the temperatures drop down, so does the temperature of your shelter.

    1. The north pole

    A north pole is a good option if you want to stay during a nuclear war. The coldness of the temperature can kill bacteria and germs, thereby making it a safe shelter. A north pole is also a good option if you don’t have any other place to live.

    1. International space station

    The International space station is a good option if you are looking for permanent shelter during a Nuclear war. A drawback to living in the ISS is that it is not big enough for all the people, and as such, you will have to live with others.

    What are some Countries to go during a Nuclear War to remain safe?

    Here are some Countries to consider During Nuclear war To remain safe from the rest of the World:

    • Australia

    This country has an excellent placement to remain safe. One thing about this country is that it is very far from all the countries that are warring, thus giving it superior protection. It is also a place that no one will want to attack because of its good location and also because it can provide food and water.

    • Canada

    This country will provide shelter for the entire nation. It has a lot of resources like food and water that all of its citizens need. With the help of planes, no country will want to attack it because of its landmass.

    • Netherlands

    The Netherlands is a good option for shelter during a nuclear war because of its strategic location on the European continent. It has a lot of other countries that are very near, thus making it a great place to find shelter from nuclear attacks.

    • Mexico

    Mexico can be another good choice for sheltering in case of nuclear war. It is very far from the countries interested in attacking it, thus providing Mexico a lot of protection from attacks from other countries. In addition, Mexico is a good source of food and water.

    • Germany

    Many people thought that nuclear bombs would destroy Germany. However, it is located in the middle of Europe. It is also an excellent source of food and water and has many caves underground that can hold up to hundreds of thousands of people for years.

    • Russia

    Russia is located in the middle of Europe and has a lot of lands suitable for farming. This means there will be enough food for all those who have to take shelter in Russia. In addition, Russia is located very far from the rest of the World. If nuclear bombs are dropped anywhere in the World, Russia will be virtually untouched.


    Focus is laid on some places that there are still some places where you are safe from nuclear war because of the treaties that have been signed that have helped to diminish the likelihood of nuclear war taking place, which is beneficial to everyone. Here is a list that provides several areas to help humans survive during atomic wars. These include the interior of a steel-reinforced, windowless building, underground fallout shelters, deep caves, secluded hillsides, and deep caves.


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