Amazing Zipline Adventure You Must Experience

Zipline adventure
Zipline adventure

What is a zipline adventure?

It’s an adrenaline rush, and it’s the ultimate thrill. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before! You’re going to be strapped into harnesses and then attached by cables that are hundreds of feet long. You’ll swing through trees in some cases or over waterfalls…

The views from above are breathtaking. This activity has become very popular around the world. More than 30 million people have tried this experience at least once in their life. There are many different types of zip lines available for your enjoyment. Some zip across rivers, others go up mountainsides, while others still take you high into the sky.

Who invented Ziplines?

Ziplines were first invented back in 1885 by George Zworsky when he was working as a circus performer. He had seen how dangerous tightrope walking could be, so he decided to create something safer.

What are the types of Zipline Adventure?

We offer three different types of adventures:

1) River Zips – These are designed specifically for river crossings. They run parallel to the river banks, allowing you to see beautiful scenery from both sides of the river.

2) Mountain Zips – These allow you to traverse mountain peaks and valleys.

3) Tree Top Zips – These are designed for treetops. They provide amazing 360-degree views of nature.

What is the zipline thing called?

A Zip Line is also known as a Treetop Adventure Course, Aerial Tramway, Suspension Bridge, Skyline Walkway, Cable Car, High Wire Act, etc.

How do you describe ziplining?

Zip Lines can be used indoors or outdoors. They are usually made out of steel cable with a pulley system on each end. The person using them gets hooked onto one side of the line, which runs along a track. Then they get pulled towards the opposite pole, where there’s another pulley system. From here, they will start swinging backward and forwards until they reach the final destination.

How long does the Sasquatch zipline take?

Sasquatch Adventures offers two options:

1) A 2-hour tour, and

2) An 8-hour tour.

Both tours include all equipment needed for safe operation, food & beverages during breaks, safety training, transportation, and group support throughout the entire trip.

Is the zip line scary?

Yes, it might seem pretty frightening but don’t worry because we make sure everyone feels comfortable on our trips.

What is the purpose of a zipline?

They want you to feel completely secure and confident about your safety. To give you the best possible experience, they use only the highest quality materials. This means everything from the way the ropes are tied together to the type of padding on the seats. All of these things contribute to making sure that you have a great time.

Zipline Adventure
Determined kids crossing zip line on a sunny day

How long are regular ziplines?

Most of the ziplines offered by us are between 100ft and 500 ft. We try to keep them short enough to ensure maximum fun!

How much weight can it lift?

Normal ziplines range between 200ft and 1000 ft. They are often 500 ft, 600 ft, 700 ft, 800 ft, or 900 ft. Weight restrictions vary depending upon location, height, age, gender, physical condition, etc., but most commonly weigh less than 250 lbs.

Do I need any knowledge before doing this adventure?

No prior knowledge is required. However, if you would like to learn basic knots, please let us know ahead of time. It’s not mandatory but helps tremendously. Kids can also participate in this adventure.

What does ziplining feel like?

It depends on what kind of zip lines you choose. Some people enjoy feeling very high above the ground while others prefer being in contact with the trees. Either way, you’ll feel something special when you’re riding through the forest canopy.

Has anyone died on a zipline?

Yes, unfortunately, accidents happen every day. But there had never been an accident that occurred on a zipline at Sasquatch Adventures. The team takes extreme care to ensure safety on every ride. We require all participants to go through extensive safety training so that no matter how experienced someone may appear to be, they know exactly what to do in case of an emergency.

Do you feel stomach drop when ziplining?

Sigh… No. You will probably get butterflies in your stomach as you start flying over the mountains. But once you reach cruising altitude, you won’t even notice anything out of the ordinary.


To fly over the top of the world. There isn’t another word to describe it. And believe me, you will love it. If you ever wanted to float away into space, now is your chance.


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