Cinnamon Tea – How to make, what are its benefits

Cinnamon Tea
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The bark of a tree with huge benefits

What makes Cinnamon so unique?

It is the most widely used spice in India. It has been a part of Indian cuisine for centuries, and it can be found on almost every meal table. In Ayurveda, cinnamon was considered one of the best herbs to cure all kinds of diseases, including diabetes, cancer, etc.

The history of Cinnamon goes back thousands of years. The first record about this herb dates back to 3000 BC when Chinese traders brought it from Sri Lanka. Later it spread across Europe and Asia, where it became an essential ingredient in many dishes.

What are things present in Cinnamon that help it to cure diseases?

The main active ingredients of Cinnamon include cinnamaldehyde, eugenol, and coumarin. These three components have medicinal properties, which may explain why Cinnamon works well against various health problems.

How is cinnamon tea prepared at home?


• 3/4 Cup Sugar

• 1 Stick Of Cinnamon

• 4 Cups Milk

Method of preparing Cinnamon Tea:

• In a pan, heat water until boiling point.

• Now, put sugar and Cinnamon into the water.

• Once the sugar dissolves completely, turn off the stove.

• Put the lid on top and let it sit for about 10 mins.

• After that time, remove from fire and pour over your milk.

• Mix everything properly and serve warm.

Note: You can also use almond milk instead of regular milk. It tastes delicious!

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Do I need any special equipment or ingredients to prepare cinnamon tea?

You do not require anything except ordinary kitchen utensils.

Can I add honey to my cinnamon tea?

Sure, why not? Just mix one teaspoon of honey with hot cinnamon tea. This way, your body gets all the goodness of both these things together.

Why does Cinnamon taste so great?

The reason behind Cinnamon being called ‘the spice of life is due to its fantastic aroma. The smell of Cinnamon makes people feel happy and relaxed. Besides, Cinnamon contains antioxidants that protect our body cells from free radical damage. These days we hear a lot about how important antioxidants are for us.

Is it reasonable to drink Cinnamon every day?

Yes, you should try drinking this as much as possible because it helps fight diseases such as cancer, heart disease, etc.

What is cinnamon tea good for?

It has many health benefits like:

• Improves digestion.

• Helps fight against infections.

• Reduces cholesterol levels.

• Lowers blood pressure.

• Boosts metabolism.

• Fights diabetes & obesity.

• Promotes healthy hair growth.

• Aids weight loss.

Does cinnamon burn belly fat?

No, not really. But if you eat more calories than you need, yes, it will help reduce extra pounds around your waistline. So, don’t consume too much food but only those with less fat and sugars.

Is cinnamon tea good for your skin?

Absolutely Yes!! Because Cinnamon acts as an anti-inflammatory agent by reducing swelling. Also, it fights bacteria and viruses, thereby keeping your immune system strong. Moreover, Cinnamon reduces wrinkles and dark spots on your face. In addition, Cinnamon improves circulation and stimulates collagen production. All these factors work wonders when used regularly. So, next time you want some comfort drinks, make sure you include Cinnamon in them. Your body will thank you later!!!

Why is cinnamon tea terrible?

There are several reasons behind Cinnamon being considered harmful. For instance, Cinnamon may cause stomach upset in children who take it without their parent’s knowledge. Some other side effects include dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, dry mouth, numbness, tingling sensations, palpitations, insomnia, rash, itching, burning sensation, fever, chills, blurred vision, muscle weakness, tremors, seizures, convulsions, confusion, hallucinations, delirium, coma, breathing problems, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, cold sweats, excessive sweating, increased urination, backache, joint pains, abdominal cramps, constipation, indigestion, liver toxicity, kidney failure, and even death.

Are there any precautions while taking cinnamon tea?

If you suffer from high blood pressure, check with your doctor before consuming cinnamon tea. If you are a pregnant or a nursing mother, consult your physician first before using cinnamon tea.


Thus cinnamon tea if properly consumed has great health benefits and its soothing effect on the body just helps you to relieve all the stress and toxins from the body. Choose healthily and be vigilant while using it.


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