Crime Stories Around the World: Amazing True Cases

Crime stories

Some of the most shocking and unbelievable crime stories around the world.

Crime stories around the world are often sensationalized and exaggerated. They are also usually told in such a way that makes them sound unbelievable. However, some true crime stories are amazing.

These stories are often hard to believe because they are so bizarre and shocking.

Here are some of the true-crime stories that are truly amazing. These stories are even stranger than others. So if you want to read an exciting crime story, then keep reading.

The case of the bloodied baby:

Bloody Mary is one of the more well-known names in criminal history. She was an English girl who was convicted for killing several babies during her time as a midwife. The first recorded murder took place on May 18th, 1889. A woman by the name of Alice Coulson went into premature labor. When she arrived at the hospital, Coulson’s baby had already died. But when the doctors tried to save the child, it turned out that the baby was still alive. It was covered in blood from head to toe. And this wasn’t just any old blood either. This was Coulson’s blood. The doctors were shocked by what they saw. They quickly decided to take the baby away from Coulson. And after that, Coulson became known as Bloody Mary.

The case of “the man with no face”:

In August of 1983, a young boy named Peter Kür ten was walking through Munich, Germany. He was wearing a tattered coat. Inside the pockets of his jacket, he found two wallets. One wallet belonged toa man named Hans Beckmann. The other wallet belonged to a man called Walter Haase. Both men had been brutally murdered. Their faces had been completely disfigured. Their faces looked like they had been beaten beyond recognition. Peter Kürten didn’t know anything about these murders. All he knew was that both wallets contained money. So he kept the wallets hidden inside his coat pocket.

After a while, Peter Kürten got hungry. So he went to a restaurant and ate. While he was eating, someone stole his coat. And inside the coat pocket were the two wallets. The police soon realized that the two wallets belonged to the victims of the brutal murders. But they couldn’t nd any evidence linking Peter Kürten to the crimes.

The case of Jack Unterweger:

Jack Unterweger was born in 1945 in Austria. His father worked for the Nazis. And when the war ended, the family moved to West Germany. There, Unterweger met a teenage girl named Maria Furtwängler. They fell in love and started dating each other. Then, Maria gave birth to a son. Her parents weren’t happy about the relationship between Maria and Jack. So they forced Maria to break up with him. But Maria refused to give up on Jack. And eventually, she convinced her parents to let her marry Jack. On September 30th, 1977, Maria and Jack married. Two years later, Maria gave birth to another son. But things changed very quickly. Maria began to feel depressed. She felt trapped in her marriage. And she wanted to leave Jack. So she asked him for a divorce. But Jack wouldn’t agree to it.

Instead, he threatened Maria and said that he would kill her and their children if she ever left him. And then, on October 16th, 1978, Jack killed Maria and their sons. He buried them all in the backyard of his house. But before he could bury Maria, he accidentally dug up her body. And so he buried her again.

But he never told anyone where he put her body. And that’s why Maria’s remains have never been found. Jack was arrested in 1982. And he confessed to murdering Maria and their boys. But he claimed that he did it because he loved Maria too much. And he thought that she would be happier without him.

The case of the Yorkshire Ripper:

On April 13th, 1989, a prostitute named Janette Long was working near Leeds, England. She was approached by a man who offered her £20 for sex. But instead of having sex with the man, Janette agreed to go back to his at. Once there, the man locked the door behind them. And then he attacked Janette. He strangled her with a scarf and cut off her breasts. When Janette died, the man took her clothes and shoes. He also took some jewelry from her neck. Then he threw her into a nearby canal. A few days later, Janette’s body was discovered boating in the water. An autopsy revealed that she had been raped and strangled. Police soon identified the killer as an unknown serial rapist and murderer known only as “the Yorkshire Ripper.

The case of John Wayne Gacy:

John Wayne Gacy was born in 1942 in Chicago, Illinois. His mother was a school teacher. His father was a salesman. Gacy grew up poor. He lived in a small apartment with his parents and four siblings.

Gacy was obsessed with death. He often talked about how he enjoyed killing people. And once, when he was 14 years old, he tried to commit suicide. Gacy was taken to a hospital after he slit his wrists. Afterward, doctors treated him for depression. At age 15, Gacy became friends with a boy named Danny Rolling. The two were inseparable. One day, Gacy invited Danny over to his house. While at Gacy’s home, Danny drank alcohol and smoked marijuana. Then Gacy showed Danny a room full of corpses hanging from hooks. And he explained to Danny that he liked to hang dead bodies around his house. That way, he could watch them while masturbating. Later, Gacy invited Danny to help him murder someone. Gacy suggested that they kidnap a young boy and rape him. Then they would torture the boy until he died. Danny agreed to do it. And so Gacy abducted a 12-year-old boy named Paul Bearer. Gacy drove Bearer to his house. And then he tied him to a bed. Gacy blindfolded Bearer and then raped him. Afterward, Gacy strangled Bearer with a rope.

Gacy then wrapped the boy’s body in plastic bags. He stuffed the bags into garbage cans outside his house. Then he hid the cans in the crawl space under his basement oor. Finally, Gacy dragged the body to the garage. Then he used a hammer to smash the head of the corpse. Gacy didn’t stop there.

He also murdered three more boys. All of these murders happened during the summer of 1972. In1973, Gacy was convicted of sodomy and sentenced to life imprisonment. In 1994, Gacy committed suicide.

The case of Jeffrey Dahmer:

Jeffrey Dahmer was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1960. His father was a truck driver. His mother worked as a secretary. As a child, Dahmer spent most of his time alone. He played video games and watched horror movies. By the time he was 11 years old, he already knew what he wanted to become when he had grown up. He decided that he wanted to be a doctor. And so, he began taking classes at Marquette University in Milwaukee. During this time, Dahmer met a girl named Lorraine Murray. They started dating. Soon, Lorraine moved in with Dahmer. And their relationship turned sexual. On November 28th, 1984, Dahmer killed his first victim. He lured a 17-year-old boy named Steven Hicks to his apartment. There, Dahmer beat him with a baseball bat. Then he stabbed the boy multiple times.

Afterward, he cut off the boy’s penis and testicles. He kept the organs in jars. He also took pictures of the mutilated body. When police arrived at Dahmer’s apartment, they found the boy’s blood stained clothing. A few days later, Dahmer confessed to the crime. Police arrested him. But before they put him on trial, Dahmer escaped from prison. For several months, he roamed the streets of Milwaukee.

Eventually, he was captured by the authorities. He pleaded guilty to all charges. On May 21st, 1991,Dahmer was sentenced to life imprisonment. On September 10th, 1994, Dahmer hanged himself in his cell.

These are some of the true crime stories from around the world!


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