How to Make Nut Milk at Home

Nut milk
Vegan milk from nuts in glass bottles with various nuts.

Easy to make & Delicious in taste

Making nut milk at home is super simple and incredibly delicious. It’s also an excellent way to get extra nutrients into your body.

Nut milk is an excellent alternative to dairy milk because they’re lower in fat and higher in protein. They’re also much cheaper than buying store-bought versions.

I’ve been making nut milk for years now, and I’m always excited to try new recipes. In this article, I’ll share with you my favorite recipe for homemade almond milk.

What kind of nuts can be used to make milk?

The key ingredient needed to make any milk is the raw seeds or nuts that have already sprouted. This means that the nuts haven’t yet gone through their germination process, where water penetrates them and starts the growth of roots and shoots.

This step is essential so that the nuts don’t go rancid before using them as food. You should only buy organic almonds if possible since non-organic ones tend to contain pesticides, which may negatively affect our health.

Almonds – An Excellent Source Of Protein And Fat!

It doesn’t matter what kind of nuts you choose to use, but it does help to select those that will yield high-quality milk. Almond trees are very easy to find and care for. Some people even plant them on purpose to harvest their beautiful fruits all year long.

So here we go… Let’s start by soaking 2 cups of raw almonds overnight in enough filtered water to cover them completely. If you live somewhere warm, then soak them in hot tap water instead.

In the morning, drain off most of the liquid from the soaked almonds and put them back into the bowl.

Add 1/2 cup of coconut oil along with one teaspoon of vanilla extract. Mix everything well until the mixture becomes creamy.

Next, add three tablespoons of maple syrup and mix again. Then pour the entire contents into a blender. Blend until smooth and creamy. Pour the blended mixture into a glass jar and place it in the fridge. Keeps up to 5 days refrigerated. Enjoy!

You might notice that some brands of commercial almond milk contain added sugar. That’s why recommended to use pure maple syrup rather than refined white sugar.

Maple syrup has many benefits, including helping us lose weight, improving blood circulation, and boosting energy levels.

Plus, it tastes fantastic when mixed with other ingredients such as chocolate chips.

How long does homemade nut milk last?

Once made, homemade nut milk is stored in sealed containers in the refrigerator. However, there are no guarantees that it won’t spoil after several weeks. So keep one thing in mind – never leave leftover nut milk exposed to sunlight. Sunlight destroys vitamins D and E, which help protect against cancer.

Here are ten reasons why homemade nut milk is better than store-bought varieties:

1) Homemade nut milk taste infinitely better than store-bought alternatives.

Unlike store-bought versions, homemade nut milk is full of healthy fats and proteins without artificial sweeteners or additives.

2) Homemade nut milks are extremely versatile.

Whether you enjoy drinking plain nut milk straight away or adding fruit juice, honey, cocoa powder, cinnamon, ginger, cacao nibs, flaxseeds, maca root, chia seeds, hemp hearts, bananas, or avocado, homemade nut milk allow you to create endless combinations.

There are many different ways to blend your nut milk using either a hand mixer or a stand mixer.

3) Making homemade nut milk is fun!

Once you master blending and straining, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without having access to a powerful machine.

4) Homemade nut milk is free of preservatives.

Commercial products often contain BHT, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, and propylene glycol. Homemade nut milk can be used as an alternative to dairy milk because they offer similar health benefits while being much lower in fat content.

5) The nutritional value of homemade nut milk far exceeds anything found in store-bought varieties.

They have more protein and fewer carbs; they also provide essential fatty acids like omega-6 and -9. They’re also loaded with antioxidants, fiber, minerals, and trace elements.

6) Homemade nut milk is cheaper than buying it commercially.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars per month on nut milk if you make it yourself. And unlike store-bought options, homemade nut milk isn’t filled with chemicals and preservatives. It’s always good to save money where possible.

7) DIY nut milk makes excellent gifts too.

When making homemade nut milk, you’ll get creative ideas about what to give as presents. For example, you could include a recipe card inside so recipients know precisely how to prepare it themselves. Or you could package the drink itself in cute jars and gift bags. Either way, everyone loves receiving something special that was created especially for them.

8 )Homemade nut milk is easier to digest.

Many commercial beverages contain thickeners and stabilizers. These substances cause our digestive systems to work harder than usual. This leads to bloating, gas, and stomach cramps. On top of this, these compounds may prevent the absorption of essential nutrients.

9) Homemade nut milk tastes fantastic.

Because homemade nut milk lack added sugar and flavors, their natural sweetness comes through. This means they taste even sweeter when mixed with other foods such as fruits, berries, chocolate chips, and peanut butter. If you want to serve your homemade nut milk immediately, strain out the pulp before serving. Otherwise, place the container back into the fridge until ready to use.

10) Homemade nut milk doesn’t require refrigeration.

Whether you choose to consume fresh nut milk within 2 hours or 24 hours later, homemade nut milk will still stay delicious and nutritious. Plus, since it contains no preservatives, once opened, you can safely consume it anytime.


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