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How to protect your teen from phones and make them more Active

Be a savior for your children and help them thrive

How many hours should a teenager be on their phone?

I think the answer is “it depends.” There are some things that I would suggest, and others that you can decide for yourself.
First of all, there’s no such thing as too much screen time. The only way to know if this applies to your child or not is to monitor them closely over an extended period. If they’re getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising regularly, etc., then it probably doesn’t apply. But if they aren’t doing those other things, then maybe it does.

What is the best way to deal with teenagers who are addicted to phones and social media?

If you find that your teens are spending excessive amounts of time online, try limiting the times they get internet access during the week. Try giving them limited periods of free time throughout the week instead of having unlimited access 24-7. It’s important to note that this won’t work 100% of the time because sometimes people need to check email once every few days. However, it can still be effective. As far as dealing with addiction goes, I would talk about why they feel compelled to do certain
activities online. What makes fun of someone else isn’t necessarily enjoyable for everyone; we tend to gravitate towards things that give us pleasure.

So talk to your kid about whether he enjoys gaming, surfing the web, texting friends, or whatever activity he finds himself drawn toward most often. Then ask him what he likes about it. Maybe he loves the challenge of beating his high score on Angry Birds,
or perhaps he gets excited whenever he sees new pictures posted on Facebook. Once you understand what drives them to engage in particular behaviors, you’ll be able to figure out ways to change their behavior without being overly controlling.
It would help if you first looked into the reasons behind their behavior – i.e., why they are glued to their mobile phones. Is it boredom, stress, loneliness…?
Then you can decide together how to handle the situation. Won’t allow any smartphone usage while driving. And be pretty strict about that rule. As soon as you
spot somebody breaking this rule, immediately take away their phone. That usually works quite well.

The second step is to discuss with them. Ask them questions about their thoughts and feelings regarding smartphones. Make sure they tell you everything honestly. Don’t judge them! Just listen carefully and calmly. Let them express themselves freely.
When they realize that you care about them and their problems, they will open up even further. And finally, you have two options left. One is to ban smartphones completely. The second option is to reduce the time they spend on smartphones gradually. Start small. Allow them to watch movies, play some board games or read books on their smartphones.

Should parents limit how much time teens can spend online or using technology?

Yes. There’s a difference between “too little” and “not enough.” Too little means that they don’t learn anything useful at school, but they also don’t use their spare time wisely. Not enough means that they waste hours watching TV shows/movies alone. They might not become productive members of society, but they certainly won’t contribute positively to our world.

You’ve got a good idea here. You could start by asking yourself these three simple questions:

1) Do my kids enjoy interacting with me when I’m around?

2) Are they bored when I’m around? Or stressed?

3) Am I a positive influence on the overall?

It sounds like you already have a plan for the future; here’s one last suggestion: Be consistent. Set clear rules for device usage, and stick to them. Your children will appreciate knowing exactly where they stand.

Are there any dangers of letting your kids have cellphones?

Yes, there are many dangers associated with having access to such powerful tools. But if you’re willing to put forth the effort, then you can help prevent those risks.

Here are just a few examples:

– Cellphone radiation has been linked to cancer. If you think your child uses a cellphone regularly, get an accurate reading before buying a new model.

– Kids who text excessively are prone to accidents because they lose track of time. Limit texts to once per hour during waking times.

– Teens who constantly check social media sites are likely to suffer depression. Please encourage them to focus on other interests instead.

– Texting and calling while driving increases the risk of car crashes. Keep all drivers aware of safe habits.

– Children who use smartwatches or fitness bands are more likely to exercise less. Use apps that encourage physical movement rather than passive ones.


If you want to help your child succeed in school, you need to take control over their life. This includes making sure that your child has a plan for what they want to accomplish each day. If you don’t make plans with your child, they won’t know where to go next. Therefore, having your teen under control and helping them focus on their goal is of the utmost importance of a parent.



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