Prehistorical Snake Species Discovered in Asia, Revealing Their Size and Appearance

Prehistorical Snake Species
Closeup of snake in Costa Rica

Discover the giant snakes ever found

Researchers have discovered a new species of snake that lived during the Mesozoic era.

The discovery was made in China and named after the country’s name, “China.” It belongs to the family Colubridae, which includes boas, pythons, and coral snakes.

The researchers found fossils of the snake in the Gobi Desert, which is located in Mongolia. They were able to determine its size and appearance thanks to the fossilized remains of the skull. The scientists also decided that the snake had a long body and short legs.

Were there any prehistoric snakes?

Scientists believe that this snake looked similar to the modern-day Chinese Cobra or King Cobra, but they are unsure if it was related to these animals. However, they do know for sure that it was an ancient snake.

This is the first time scientists have discovered a snake from the Mesozoic era, which means it lived between 250 million and 66 million years ago. This makes it older than dinosaurs, which existed about 230 million years ago.

The researchers think that this type of snake could be the ancestor of all other snakes alive today.

How did they find the snake?

A team of paleontologists led by Dr. David Varricchio from Stony Brook University in New York State used CT scans and 3D modeling to create a virtual reconstruction of the snake’s head. The researchers then compared their findings with those of other snakes living today.

They found that the snake had two rows of teeth on each side of its mouth, unlike most snakes that live today. In addition, it had a massive brain, which suggests that it may have been intelligent.

What does it mean to discover a new species?

Discovering a new species can provide important information about how life evolved on Earth. For example, it helps us understand what types of creatures lived millions of years ago. It also allows us to learn more about the history of our planet.

In this case, the discovery provides essential insights into the evolution of snakes.

Scientists already knew that there were many kinds of snakes living millions of years ago. But finding one that looks like the modern-day cobra adds weight to the theory that snakes evolved from non-snake reptiles.

But why would anyone care if there were prehistoric snakes?

It’s not only interesting to know that these animals once roamed the Earth. There might be some practical applications as well. For instance, this snake might help us develop better drugs for treating diseases such as cancer.

There are still many questions left unanswered. For example, we don’t know whether this snake was venomous. We also don’t know exactly when it died out. So far, the oldest known snake fossil dates back only to 100 million years ago.

What is a giant snake that ever existed?

One of the biggest problems with determining the exact size of the ancient snake is that it has no limbs. Even though it had a giant skull, the rest of its body was too small to measure accurately.

However, the authors estimate that the ancient snake grew up to five meters long. This measurement matches the length of the world’s longest snake, the reticulated python.


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