Reasons why You Shouldn’t Tip Your Hotel Housekeeper


    Introduction: What is the History of Tipping and How Does it Originate?

    Tipping was initially introduced to charge for services. The earliest mention of a tipping culture was in the 3rd century B.C.E. However, it became popular only in the 18th century. It has undergone many changes, even though it has been traditionally accepted as a social norm in many countries.

    The history of tipping began with the ancient Greeks, who often gave one-third of their salary as a tip to their waiter or waitress. During this time, tippers would give coins or small stones with an inscription attached to them as gifts to their server.

    Tipping is still an essential cultural practice adopted by many different countries around the world. Tipping is also considered an act of politeness and appreciation when providing service to anyone ranging within some dollars.

    Why does Tipping equal Exploitation?

    In the US, the federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, and a full-time worker at this rate earns about $14,500 a year before taxes and other deductions. The most popular argument against a higher minimum wage is that raising it will not only result in job loss but create a new class of exploited workers who are paid less than what they’re supposed to get for their work. The history of tipping reveals one simple truth: It’s not fair to pay workers based solely on the quality of their work.

    The “Do Nothing” Strategy – Why do nothing and not tip your housekeeper?

    The “do nothing” strategy is a concept in which people do not tip their housekeeper as they believe they should be getting paid. This strategy has been criticized because it perpetuates the belief that service workers are not worthy of tips.

    Many people have used this strategy to avoid tipping, especially in countries where tipping is uncommon.

    The “do nothing” strategy may have some benefits, but it could also result in a loss of income for workers.

    When to Tip your Hotel Housekeeper?

    Most hotels charge a housekeeping fee per night, not per room. That means that you usually don’t have to tip your hotel housekeepers unless they do a specific and outstanding job for you, like helping you move in or out of your room.

    Whether or not to tip your hotel housekeeper is a tricky question. It depends on the quality of service and how much effort the worker puts into their job. Some people will tip when they think someone has gone above and beyond the call of duty, but others believe that if they do their job well without any significant issues, there’s no need to tip them more than what’s expected at the hotel.

    Tips given by guests can be very generous as well. However, some people are uncomfortable providing information to anyone but cashiers.

    Close-up of a bearded man in jacket leaving tip for friendly barista while buying coffee and snacks in a coffee shop

    What are the Best Practices of Hiring a Housekeeper or Maid Service?

    The process of hiring a maid service can be overwhelming. But there are some essential steps that you must follow before you hire a maid service. Here are the best practices for hiring a maid service.

    Best practices for hiring:

    – Be clear about the time frame of your project and the amount of time you need your house cleaned from start to finish

    – Get an estimate from each maid service based on the time frame mentioned above.

    – A qualified company will submit their rates for an estimate, usually based on price per hour. If you’re looking for a cheap option, it’s recommended that you ask for at least three hours’ worth of cleaning to get an accurate quote.

    – Ask them how much they charge per hour and whether it includes toilet scrubbing and mopping.

    –  Make sure you get references from previous clients. This will give you an idea of how well they cleaned up on their past jobs and how reliable they are as employees.

    – Check their credentials and qualifications to ensure they have the skill set required for the position.

    What do people get wrong about tipping at a hotel?

    There is a great misconception about tipping. People think that they should tip well because the service is excellent. But, this isn’t always the case – as some people might not be great at their job, but they still get tipped well. This doesn’t mean that they are being paid well or appreciated for their work.

    The reason why people believe in the myth of tipping is understandable. Our society has taught us to expect a certain quality of service from hotels and restaurants, which might be why people have a hard time accepting that some servers may not have been allowed to improve if it wasn’t for their employer’s policies on tipping.


    This article provides a variety of reasons why you should not tip your hotel housekeeper and includes that tipping a hotel housekeeper is not required by law.

    Even though it’s not legally obligated, tipping is still commonplace among travelers. Many hotels offer tip jars in the lobby or even trolley drivers who leave spare change if they’re tipped. Tipping is also expected when you order room service, so it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to go more than what’s necessary on the table in the hope they’ll remember your satisfaction and deliver better service in return.



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