Stone Massage – An Overview on it’s Types and Uses

stone massage
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Hot or cold, let’s get Healed.

Origin of Stone Massage

Stone massage and similar practices involve the placement of objects of different makeup. Cultures including native Americans, Hawaiian, and many South Pacific nations have practiced similar methods of ritual and technique to provide physical and spiritual ease.

The re-emergence of such stone massage techniques was seen in 1993 by Mary Nelson with the development of a form of massage utilizing hot and cold stones referred to as LaStone Therapy. This form of massage quickly rose to popularity, becoming a multi-million dollar industry and focusing on spiritual healing centered around chakras and energy channeling. These modern forms of stone massage combine techniques utilized in Swedish massage and deep tissue massage.

What are the Types of Stone Massage?

The Stone Massage types include Hot and Cold Stone Massage Therapy.
Basalt rocks are placed in hot water, typically 40-60 degrees Celsius temperature. For the practice, using a calibrated thermometer is common and recommended to reach the ideal temperatures required.

A sheet or towel is placed on the client’s skin to provide a barrier between the hot or cold stones and their bare skin, preventing potential burns or discomfort. The stones are then placed on the client according to areas of concern or needing treatment, including the back, legs, arms, or feet. The massage therapist holds the stones and massages them into the muscle, acting as an extension of their hands.

The temperature of the stones is consistently monitored to ensure they remain at a safe and comfortable temperature that will produce the most effective results and enjoyable experience for the client. Controlling the Heat of the water in which the stones are warmed or cooled is essential to make stones at a suitable temperature necessary for the treatment. Some therapists may also perform a Swedish massage before applying stones to warm and loosen up the muscles.

What Types of Stones Are Used for a Stone Massage?

Igneous Rock

A type of rock that is formed from magma under high pressure. Igneous rocks are usually complex but can be soft when exposed to water. They contain minerals like quartz, feldspar, mica, pyrite, calcite, dolomite, limestone, marble, granite, basalt, gabbro, rhyolite, trachyte, tuff, etc.

Sedimentary Rock

Therapeutic massage therapists sometimes choose sandstone because its texture resembles skin tissue. Sandstones form when sedimentary rocks erode over millions of years into rounded shapes. Sedimentary rocks include quartzite, limestone, dolomite, and chert. Native Americans have used these types of stones since ancient times, and theythey were valued for their healing properties and beauty. Today, many people still enjoy these natural beauties.

Metamorphic Rock

Unique Metamorphic characteristics. Therapists sometimes choose metamorphic rocks because they have unique features. MetamorphicRocks include quartzite, gabbro, quartzite, serpentine, schist, gabbro, marble schist, and marble slate. These rocks were formed intense under pressure high and temperatures deep within volcanic Earth’s eruptions crust.

What are the Minerals and Gemstones used during the massage?

Therapists sometimes choose gemstones because of their color, shape, size, and hardness. For example, rubies have been used to heal eye problems since ancient times. Diamonds are known for their ability to stimulate circulation and improve skin tone. Some people believe that wearing jewelry made of precious gems helps protect against illness, and however, there has never been any scientific evidence supporting this belief.

stone massage
stone massage

What are the Benefits of Hot Stone Massage?

1. Reduce Stress and Anxiety.

2. Relieves muscle Tension and Pain.

3. Promotes sound sleep.

4. Relieves symptoms of auto-immune disease.

5. May boost Immunity.

What are the Benefits of Cold Stone Massage?

1. Encourages Circulation.

2. Reduces swelling.

3. Reduces soreness.

4. Removes Heat from the body.

How Much Does A Stone Massage Cost?

The prices start at $29.95 (member)and $49.95 (guest) for a 30 min massaging session. The price may vary in different places.

What is the duration of the Stone Therapy?

The stone massages typically range from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the technique used and the client’s needs.

What are the Advanced Techniques with Massage Stones?

Massage stones have been around for centuries in many cultures as a form of self-healing, and they are used today in both Eastern and Western practices. This article will look at some advanced techniques using massage stones to perform on yourself or your clients. These include stone baths, hot stone therapy, deep tissue massages, reflexology, acupressure, and more.


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