The Best Body Paintings in New York City

Body painting in NYC

Let the artist create YOUR masterpiece.

Body painting has been around since ancient times. It was used to celebrate special occasions such as weddings and festivals. Today, body art is considered an art form. Artists use different techniques to create their masterpieces. Some artists even paint themselves, while others hire professional painters to do the job.

There are many reasons why people choose to get body painted. Some want to express their creativity and artistic side. Others enjoy the sensation of having their bodies covered in colorful designs. Still, others love the idea of being able to wear clothing that doesn’t t anymore.

If you’ve always wanted to try out body painting, then here are some places where you can find fantastic body paintings in NYC.

Before looking at the shop, let’s first understand body painting and how it came into existence.

The term ‘Body Painting’ refers to the process of decorating your body with colorful designs. Bodypainting has become popular recently, but they have used this technique for thousands of years when it comes to traditional cultures. In some cases, indigenous people use this technique to protect themselves against diseases and parasites. Below we will discuss the history of body painting and why people still practice this ancient tradition.

Why do indigenous people wear body painting?

In many parts of the world, indigenous tribesmen and women traditionally use body paint to ward off illness and improve their appearance. Most indigenous groups also paint their faces, hands, and feet using natural pigments found in plants and minerals. Some tribal groups even apply colored stripes on their arms using needles and strings of animal hair or plant fibers.

They believe that these colorful decorations have magical powers.

How did body painting begin?

Historians believe that body painting originated in Africa more than 6,000 years ago. This tradition was carried over to Asia during the Bronze Age. Later on, Europeans and Americans started incorporating this tradition into their culture. There are various myths associated with the origin of body painting. For example, one says that Egyptians were the rst people to use body paint. Another myth claims that the Aztecs invented a particular type of body painting. Yet another legend says that Native Americans came up with this art form. These legends probably come from the fact that most indigenous peoples worldwide use similar techniques to create decorative patterns on their bodies.

Let the Artist Create Your Masterpiece

Get a custom tattoo at an affordable price.

Tattoos are trendy these days. People often ask if there are cheaper options when it comes to getting a tattoo. Well, the answer is yes. There are plenty of tattoo shops in NYC that offer affordable tattoo prices. However, not all of them are worth visiting.

Body painting in NYC
Body painting artwork on women’s back. Paintbrush drawing in art studio.

Here’s a list of the top thirty cheapest tattoo studios in NYC.

These are the ones that offer excellent service at an affordable price. Here are the details:
  1. Tattoo Zone – Located in Brooklyn, this shop offers low tattoo prices. You can get a tattoo for less than $50. A lot of customers say that this is the most affordable tattoo shop in NYC.
  2. Ink & Ink – This shop offers low tattoo prices too. You can get a tattoo for under $30. However, you should keep in mind that the quality isn’t always up to par.
  3. Zodiac Tattoo Studio – This is another good option for looking for a cheap tattoo. It costs around$25-$35.
  4. TATU NYC – This shop has been offering low tattoo prices since its inception. You can get a full sleeve tattoo for as little as $200.
  5. Tattoo Designers – This shop specializes in high-quality tattoos. Prices start at $150.
  6. The Art Room – This shop offers cheap tattoos. You can get a simple tattoo for as low as $20.
  7. Iron Heart Tattoo – This shop offers low prices. You can get a single tattoo for as little as 20$.
  8. Kinko’s Tattoo – This shop specializes in temporary tattoos. Prices start at 10$ per application.
  9. Big Apple Tattoo – This shop provides low tattoo prices. You can get anything from a small tattoo toa whole sleeve
  10. Nail Bar – This shop offers cheap nail art. Prices start at $15.
  11. The Tattoo Factory – This shop offers cheap tats. Prices start at $40.
  12. Tattoo World – This shop offers cheap ink. Prices start at $30.
  13. The Tattoo Shop – This shop offers cheap designs. Prices start at $45.
  14. The Tattoo Parlor – This shop offers cheap design services. Prices start at $60.
  15. Tattoo by John – This shop offers cheap temporary tattoos. Prices start from $15.
  16. The Tattoo Place – This shop offers cheap permanent tattoos. Prices start at 15$.
  17. Tattoo Gallery – This shop offers cheap and high-quality tattoos. Pricing starts at $80.
  18. Tattoo Empire – This shop offers cheap custom tattoos. Prices start at 30$.
  19. Tattoo Mania – This shop offers cheap hand tattoos. Prices start at 25$.
  20. Tattoo Time – This shop offers cheap finger tattoos. Prices start at 35$.
  21. Tattoo Town – This shop offers cheap full sleeves. Prices start at 150$.
  22. The Tattoo Company – This shop offers cheap back tattoos. Prices start at 40$.
  23. Tattoo Maniac – This shop offers cheap arm tattoos. Prices start at 50$.
  24. The Tattoo Palace – This shop offers cheap leg tattoos. Prices start at 80$.
  25. The Tattoo Store – This shop offers cheap foot tattoos. Prices start at 100$.
  26. The Tattoo Shack – This shop offers cheap face tattoos. Prices start at 120$.
  27. The Tattoo Loft – This shop offers cheap half sleeve tattoos. Prices start at 200$.
  28. The Tattoo House – This shop offers cheap shoulder tattoos. Prices start at 300$.
  29. The Tattoo Center – This shop offers cheap chest tattoos. Prices start at 400$.
  30. The Tattoo Den – This shop offers cheap neck tattoos. Prices start at 500$.

What is the real reason behind wearing body painting?

Today, body painting can be seen as an attractive fashion accessory. However, there are other reasons behind its popularity. Many artists say that painting your skin gives you a sense of power and self-confidence. It makes you feel alive as well as beautiful. If you want to learn more about other benefits of body painting, then please keep reading below.

Does body painting remove sickness?

Yes, body painting does work. Anthropologists claim that specific colors help to fight malaria, typhoid fever, and measles. Other colors can help prevent ringworm, diphtheria, rheumatism, and tuberculosis. According to some scientists, color therapy can also control blood pressure, reduce depression and relieve stress.

Is it safe to put paint on the skin?

As long as you use only organic paints, then yes, it is perfectly safe.

Visit New Your City and get your body painting done!


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