The British Detective Series You Should Definitely Watch on Netflix

British Detective shows

Introduction: The Best British Detective Series to Watch on Netflix

A detective series is a genre of television show that follows detectives, police officers, lawyers, and other law enforcement professionals as they investigate crimes. Detective series are one of the most popular genres in television.

This article will provide insight into the best British detective series to watch on Netflix, focusing on the quality of the show and how it depicts British culture.

British TV has always had a special place in the heart of many Americans – thanks to their witty comedies, aging detective dramas, and off-the-wall reality shows. But if you’re feeling like you need to take a break from all that reality, there are plenty of great British TV series on Netflix that will keep you entertained.

This article is about the best British TV shows on Netflix. If you’re looking for British tv series to watch, this article is the perfect place to start your search.

The UK has seen its share of popular television shows throughout history. And now with so many streaming services available, these British classics are readily available at the click of a button for anyone around the world.

A Brief History of British Detective Shows on Telly

British detective shows are popular on tv even today. They also have a long history on television, with the first series of detective show appearing during the 1950s.

These shows are often characterized by their use of close-up shots, extreme close-ups and fast cuts. This is to give the audience more time to read their emotions and decide what they want to do next.

A list of famous British detective shows on television includes: Sherlock Holmes (2009), Case Closed (1996), Inspector Morse (1987), Danger Mouse (1981)

It is interesting to note that most of these detective series were made in the UK, which was seen as a world leader in TV production at the time. It was not until 1980s that American television took over as global leader in TV production.

What Makes a Great British Crime Drama Series?

British crime drama series are loved around the world. This article will try to help you identify what makes a great British crime drama series.

A great British crime drama series will have complex characters with complex motivations. They are constantly outwitting their adversaries and each other, constantly coming up against seemingly insurmountable odds, constantly getting themselves into messes they can’t get themselves out of, constantly getting burned, constantly rebuilding.

One of the most defining characteristics of a British Crime Drama is that viewers often know who committed the crime or at least have an idea, but the show still manages to unfold in ways that surprise at every turn.

British Detective shows
1950s style detective posing in the dark, he is holding a weapon and wearing a fedora hat, noir film character

Series 1: The Missing

The Missing is a series that follows the story of Gemma Foster, whose daughter, Amelie, goes missing. The series focuses on the impact of having a missing loved one and how this can affect personal lives.

The Missing also tackles questions about what happens when someone goes missing. It examines how people are treated in the aftermath of their disappearance and how they may be seen as guilty or at fault for what happened to them.

The Missing is a British crime drama series which aired on BBC One from March 2018 to May 2019.

Series 2: Luther Series

The Luther Series is a detective show that takes place in contemporary Berlin. The series stars Idris Elba who plays the role of John Luther. It was created by Neil Cross, a British television writer, who served as creator and showrunner for the first three seasons.

Series 3: Broadchurch

The Broadchurch TV series is a British crime drama series that has been aired on BBC America in 2013. The third season of the show was aired in March 2017.

A new crime is committed in Broadchurch, while some old events are looked into again. The present-day case of the death of Danny Latimer sends shockwaves through the town, but it isn’t long before attention turns to other unsolved crimes.

The third season focuses on one of these crimes, which occurred five years ago on New Year’s Day when 11-year-old Danny Latimer was found dead on the beach with his throat cut. A major suspect at the time was Joe Miller, who has since moved away to deal with his guilt and put his life back together with his wife Tanya.

Series 4: Sherlock Holmes Series

Sherlocks mystery solving skills are evident in his ability to confuse the audience with a twist ending and then use that confusion to gain their trust.

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character that has appeared in various media. The stories of Arthur Conan Doyle depict Holmes as a brilliant, deductive genius who has extraordinary powers of observation and deduction and whose adventures often end with surprising twists.

Series 5: The Fall Series

The Fall is a detective show about an MI5 officer who, after suffering a job-related breakdown, must navigate the criminal underworld of Belfast as he investigates his wife’s murder. Each episode is aired on BBC America and during its first season received mixed reviews from critics.

Conclusion on British Detective Series

The British Detective series is a genre where the story is solved through a sequence of logical steps. This type of mystery novel was first created to entertain children by building suspense and providing a sense that they have solved the crime. However, as time went on this genre became popular with adults as well.

Conclusion: In conclusion, these Sherlock Holmes novels were not just entertaining but helped solve crimes in real life. They are considered one of the most influential works to have ever been published and it would be interesting to see what future detectives have to say about them now that they can use techniques from this book in their work.


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