The Complete Guide to LGBTQ Community Issues, Problems, & Solutions

LGBTQ community with banners demonstrating on city streets. Activist group of people.

Introduction: What is the LGBTQ Community?

The LGBTQ community is a diverse group of people. It includes people of all genders, races, and sexual orientations. More than half a century ago, the term “queer” was used to describe individuals who were non-heterosexual or transgender with the intention of erasing their identity by labeling them as openly homosexual or transgender individuals. Today, it’s used as an umbrella term for anyone who does not identify within heterosexual and cisgender binaries.

As more members of the LGBTQ community have come out in public view and demanded equality for their rights to marriage and adoption, it has become apparent that there are still many challenges faced by this community that require new approaches to be addressed.

The History of the LGBTQ Movement and How it is Perceived Today

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With the constant progression in technology and changes in society, it can be hard to keep up with the latest news. There are new trends, social norms, and changes constantly happening.

According to the article’s author, “The history of the LGBTQ movement is a story of struggle and resilience. It’s a story about resilience through discrimination.” The author finds that this movement has been shaped by many societal factors like politics, religion, education system, culture, economics etc. As society progresses with time we see changes in terms of acceptance for this group’s rights.

LGBTQ Pride Month 2018 and How it has been Celebrated With Pride

In the past, Pride has been celebrated on June 29-30 of every year. But in 2018, the month was extended to June 24-July 6.

The following is a list of different events and activities that occurred between June 24th and July 6th, 2018:

– The first ever Pride parade was held in Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square on Saturday, June 24th. The event had over 300 participants.

– A pride parade has been held in Ottawa for the first time on Sunday, June 25th with a 2 km march to Parliament Hill with over 100 participants.

– In Vancouver BC Canada, 250 people gathered at Queen Elizabeth Park on Saturday from noon to 4 pm for an informal picnic which included live music, food trucks and activities for kids

Problems Faced by the LGBT Community in America Today

With the increasing number of people that identify as LGBT, there have been many problems faced by the community. With the diversity of people and their preferences, it has been really difficult for people to make a generalization about who is gay and who is not. This has created a lot of confusion in society.

LGBT community are not treated equally in the United States. They are often denied basic rights such as marriage and adoption, LGBTQ people still face discrimination in public life, LGBT individuals cannot do many activities without being harassed or targeted by strangers.

A Look at 5 Cities Where Things are Going Well for The LGBT Community

LGBT is an acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. It is a term that encompasses all individuals who fall outside the traditional gender binary and reject heterosexuality or sexual relationships with people of the opposite sex.

There are 5 cities that are doing well for LGBT community on a global scale: Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Vancouver, Sydney, and New York. These cities have been ranked as the 5 biggest problems facing transgender people in America by TransPeople International. They provide an insight into how these cities provide more rights and safety to transgender individuals than most other places in America.


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