The GoFundMe Generation Wants to Pay to Solve Murders


    The GoFundMe generation is an informal term used to describe the generation of people coming out of the Great Recession. They are mostly millennials and Gen Z, who have grown up in a world where social media and technology constantly bombard them.

    The GoFundMe generation has been described as having a sense of entitlement because of their access to these technologies. They see crowdfunding as the ultimate way to get what they want when they want it.

    The GoFundMe generation has made crowdfunding mainstream, which was previously only seen as a last resort for companies and individuals.

    How Can Crowdfunding Help with 2 Successful Use Cases to Solve Murders?

    Crowdfunding has shown to be a successful way for people to raise funds for their projects. We have seen many success stories of people who have been able to raise money through crowdfunding platforms.

    This section will discuss two successful use cases of crowdfunding that have helped solve murders.

    1) The first use case is the murder of Karen Finch in 2015. This was solved shortly after her family created a GoFundMe page and raised over $400,000 in just two days. The family reached out to their community in search of help and received donations from all over the country, leading them to find the murderer responsible for Karen’s death.

    2) The second use case is the murder of Alesha MacPhail in 2018, which was solved thanks to a £10 000 reward offered by crime stoppers. After the family set up a GoFundMe page, they received donations from worldwide, which led them to find their daughter’s murderer.

    What are the 3 Ways Crowdfunding is Disrupting the Criminal Justice System?

    Crowdfunding has a wide range of benefits for the criminal justice system. It can help fund public safety, reduce recidivism rates, and increase access to justice.

    Crowdfunding is disrupting the criminal justice system in three ways:

    1) it can provide financial support for public safety;

    2) it can reduce recidivism rates;

    3) it can increase access to justice.

    Crowdfunding is Changing Our Criminal Justice System, and It’s Not Just for Crime Victims Anymore

    Crowdfunding is a new way of financing that has the potential to change our current criminal justice system. It allows us to democratize access to justice by providing people with opportunities to help those in need.

    The traditional criminal justice system provides different services for different segments of society. However, crowdfunding can provide a level of service where everyone can participate and be given equal opportunities for success.

    Crowdfunding has been used for various purposes, including everything from supporting individuals with medical needs or paying off student loans. Still, it’s best known as a means for crime victims to raise money for their own defense or reward those who have helped them by catching their perpetrator.

    Conclusion: Start Using a Crowdfunding Platform Today to Assist in Solving Crimes

    The future of policing is uncertain. With the advent of new technologies, crime rates are expected to increase. To combat this, several tools have been developed and implemented. One such tool is crowdfunding platforms that allow people to help solve crimes.

    In conclusion, everyone needs to use a crowdfunding platform today because it can help solve crimes and reduce crime rates in the future.


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