The Great Green Wall of Africa: How It Could Change the Face of Climate Change

    Africa Great Green wall

    The Great Green Wall of Africa is a project that aims to halt and reverse the desertification process in Africa. The wall will stretch across the entire African continent, creating a savannah-like environment. It will be made up of plants and trees, which will act as a barrier against the encroaching sands of the Sahara Desert. The project is being funded by both public and private investors and has been spearheaded by African Union president Paul Kagame.

    How is the Great Green Wall Going to Impact the Environment?

    The Great Green Wall is a project that will span the African continent. It will be a series of trees and plants which will help fight against the land’s desertification.

    The project, first proposed in 2007, has been put into motion by the African Union and China. The goal is to plant over 100 million trees along the entire length of Africa’s northern border. The trees will create a barrier against sandstorms and desertification and provide food and shelter for people living nearby.

    In addition to these benefits, it is also hoped that this project will improve air quality in North Africa and provide a new source of income for locals who live near it.

    What is the Future of the Great Green Wall?

    The Great Green Wall is a project in Africa to create a 10,000 km-long wall of trees, plants, and bushes to stop the advance of the Sahara Desert.

    This ambitious project is being spearheaded by the African Union and will cost an estimated $3 billion. The idea is that the trees will trap moisture and help keep dunes at bay.

    There are many challenges facing this project. For example, there are not enough people with expertise in tree planting, and it could take up to 100 years before there would be any noticeable difference in vegetation growth.

    Conclusion & Next Steps for The African Union and all Countries in The Region to Make The Great Green Wall a Reality

    The African Union has announced the launch of a new initiative called The Great Green Wall. The industry will be implemented in Africa to combat climate change.

    The Great Green Wall is a large project spanning the Sahara Desert, from Senegal to Djibouti, and is expected to cost $2 billion. This project aims to create a barrier against desertification and halt the advance of the Sahara Desert toward fertile land in Africa.

    For this project to be successful, it needs support from all countries in Africa. For example, Nigeria needs to provide water for livestock and crops, while Burkina Faso needs help with firewood for cooking and heating their homes during winters. Countries need to start working together on this initiative as soon as possible to fulfill the project efficiently.


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