The Most Important Rules For Proper Wedding Etiquette You Must Follow

Wedding Etiquette

Every one of us is used to going over the so-called proper wedding etiquette rules and regulations required by the bride, groom, or both. And while at first, they seem only like a handful of guidelines set by the couple themselves to add their personal touch to the whole process. It turns out there’s no real downside to following those rules other than personal choice. The general rule is to always abide by a particular “code” during the whole process of planning.

Etiquette for wedding day

Just as we want to bring out the best in ourselves, we want to bring out the best in our guests and ensure that everyone enjoys themselves on this important day. Try to greet every guest personally. If you’re too overwhelmed with people, find a friend or family member to help you out. Offer beverages and appetizers to your guests. There is nothing more important than good manners and etiquette for the wedding day. Be considerate of your wedding party and wait for them to finish their speeches before you speak. To end a boring speech, pass around the microphone to your wedding party and let them take a turn at being the spotlight. Give your guests something to remember about your wedding. You can give them a gift that has some meaning, be it a trip or a piece of jewelry. You don’t have to spend money, though. It can be as simple as remembering your guests on a lovely note. You can even give them a piece of paper or scrapbook with your wedding photos and some words about the day.

The Importance of Proper Etiquette

How do you know if you are doing something wrong? Most people just have a feeling. It is good to have at least a vague idea of what is considered proper etiquette. Proper etiquette is always important. Without it, one may feel lost or out of place in certain situations. Proper etiquette typically consists of an understanding of how to interact with other people in formal settings. One should never speak to someone who is not speaking to them. Likewise, you should not speak to someone who is speaking to someone else. Everyone has the right to speak first, so be respectful of others. Lastly, be polite to everyone. Most people in the wedding industry have bad manners, but it does not have to be like that. How much should I tip? For those of you who are not sure of the amount to tip, remember that your tip is an expression of your satisfaction with the service provided by the wedding officiant. It does not matter if it is as little as $10 or as much as $1000. Tip what you feel is appropriate for your wedding. However, $20 per person is considered a good and acceptable tip.

Wedding Dress Etiquette

It is not uncommon for a bride to be called for their wedding, or for the dresses to arrive before the engagement. This can cause problems for mothers of the bride. One solution is to have the dress fit with a few alterations, and then either pay for the alterations, or have the alterations done by the family seamstress. There are two schools of thought about alterations to the bride’s gown. First, the better course of action is to have the alterations done in the bridal salon. These shops are run by brides themselves and their friends, who love to do this kind of work. They know how to work with fabric and the dressmaker’s instructions. The first alteration is usually the bustle, or train. This will be done to make the train fit so that it doesn’t look ragged after the wedding. The second alteration is usually the “tree,” or column that holds up the gown at the back. This is usually a metal rod that connects the top of the dress with the hook and eye on the bottom of the dress. The seamstress also makes it a point to have the dressmaker’s sash adjusted so that it fits correctly. Once these alterations are done, the dress will fit nicely.

Tips for Attending a Wedding

Many people attend weddings for the food, dancing, and to congratulate the newlyweds. If you’re attending a wedding, you should dress appropriately, bring a gift, and be open to meeting new people. Always RSVP to the wedding and make sure you give a courtesy call a few days beforehand to confirm your attendance. Dress appropriately. Arrive on time and stay until the end. Bringing a gift is always nice, but if you are not sure what to bring, you can send flowers or chocolates to the bride and groom. Everyone will appreciate this extra touch. Be open to meeting new people. While it is normal to meet your old friends at the wedding, make a point to also meet new people, too. It’s a good idea to introduce yourself to people you already know and ask them about their lives before the wedding.

This is all about wedding etiquette.


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