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Bungee Jumping
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What is Bungee Jumping?

The Bungy jump, also known as the “buy” or a “swing-over,” is one of Australia’s most popular tourist attractions. The thrill and excitement associated with jumping from an elevated platform into a river below can be enjoyed by all ages. It is also possible to do this activity in many other countries worldwide, including New Zealand, USA & Canada.

What is the best place to go bungee jumping?

Australia has some fantastic places for you to experience bungee jumping. You will find several different bungees jumps available, depending on what kind of adventure you want. Each class offers something unique, so it would make sense to try them out before deciding which one to choose! There are three main categories: River/River Combo, Tower, and Aerial Trampoline.

Aerial Trampoline – This option involves jumping off a trampoline suspended above the water where your feet touch down first then float over the surface of the water until they reach the bottom of the pool.

Tower – A tower bungee jump allows you to leap from a tall structure like a bridge or building. When you land, you swing back up towards the top of the tower and release yourself at the peak. Then when you hit the ground again, you drop straight down through the air and splash into the water below.

River / River combo – Here, you have two options. One is called a river combo because you get to jump off a raft while floating along a river. Another variation of this is called a river combo plus and includes another step after landing; you climb onto a small motorboat and glide across the river.

What states allow bungee jumping in the USA?

There are currently only four US States who offer bungee jumping: California, Florida, Texas, and Utah. However, if you live outside these areas, you may still enjoy visiting a state park or national forest and enjoying the view from high above.

How much does it cost to bungee jump?

Depending on how far away you are from the location you wish to visit, prices vary greatly. Fees range anywhere between $25-$45 per person. If you’re planning on doing multiple bungee jumps during your trip, we recommend using our booking engine to book online and save money.

Where should I stay near bungee jumping locations?

If you plan on going bungee jumping, here are some great hotels located close to Prices the range area anywhere you’d between like $40-$100 per person.

Where should I buy my tickets?

If you’re planning on going bungee jumping soon, don’t wait too long to purchase your ticket. Buying early ensures you’ll receive better pricing than buying later. Tickets usually sell out quickly, but you might be able to secure a spot via last-minute deals.

What does bungee jumping do to your body?

It depends on whether you decide to use a harness or not. For those without a saddle, you will feel a slight jolt upon hitting the water. Those wearing a harness will feel less impact since their weight is supported by a safety line attached to the bungee cord.

Can I wear glasses or contact lenses?

Yes, you can wear contacts or sunglasses. Most people prefer to wear goggles, though, since they provide more protection against flying debris. Contact lens users must remove theirs before entering the water.

Are children allowed to participate in bungee jumping?

Children under 12 years old are prohibited from participating in bungee jumping activities. Children under six months old cannot ride any vehicle and therefore cannot participate in bungee jumping activities.

Do I need special training to take part in bungee jumping?

No, all participants at Bungy Jumping World Tours undergo basic instruction before being permitted to jump. All equipment used has been tested thoroughly to ensure its functionality. In addition, all participants are required to sign waivers stating they accept full responsibility for themselves and others involved in the event.

When is the best time to go bungee jumping?

The best times to go bungee jumping varies depending on where you choose to travel. The most popular times to visit bungee jumping destinations include spring/summer and fall/winter.

How long does it take to bungee jump?

The average length of a bungee jump is about 2 minutes. However, this may differ based on the height of the platform and the number of platforms available.

Does bungee jumping hurt?

Most people who experience bungee jumping say no. However, if you’ve never done something similar before, then yes, it could cause pain. We suggest trying it once, so you get a sense of what’s happening.

How long is a bungee cord for bungee jumping?

A typical bungee cord measures between 1 meter and 3 meters. This allows you plenty of slack when getting ready to jump off the platform. Some bungees allow up to 5 meters of freefall.

Is there anything else I need to know before bungee jumping?

You should always check with local authorities regarding regulations for bungee jumping and other activities such as swimming. You also want to make sure you understand what kind of insurance coverage you have before participating in an activity.

Is bungee jumping safely?

Bungee jumping is considered one of the safest forms of adventure sports because of the strict guidelines set forth by industry leaders. These guidelines help ensure the highest level of safety possible while still allowing thrill-seekers to enjoy the sport.


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