Toys for Dogs: A Guide to Buying the Best Dog Toys

Toys for Dogs

Amazing Dog Toys that would work

Dogs love chewing on things—and their owners don’t mind either. But while most dogs chew naturally, there are times when they need help keeping those teeth sharp. That’s where dog toys come into play.

These fun doggy treats are explicitly designed to give your puppy an outlet for its natural urge to gnaw.

Best toys for different types of dogs

“Rubber toys tend to last longer than plastic ones,” Dr. Morrison explained. “They won’t easily tear up.”

She added that many people choose natural rubber toys over synthetic ones due to concerns about toxic chemicals found in plastics. However, there is still plenty of high-quality, non-toxic alternatives available today.

While all types of dog toys come with different features, such as bells, lights, and squeakers, experts suggest looking for those that offer more variety.

Best toys for puppies

“Rubber toys tend to last longer than plastic ones,” Dr. Morrison explained. “They won’t fall apart easily.”

She added that softer toys such as plushies and stuffed animals could be dangerous due to potential entanglement issues.

While many people choose to give their pets toys designed specifically for puppies, there are plenty of fun toys available for older pups, too. Even adult dogs benefit from having access to different types of toys — not only do they help relieve stress, but they also offer exercise opportunities.

While many people choose to give their pets toys designed specifically for dogs, plenty of fun alternatives are available for big and little pups alike.

Toys for Dogs
Pet toys. Many toys and balls for dog. Various balls, toy mouse, bones for playing and training.

Best toys for aggressive chewers

“Rubber toys tend to last longer than plastic ones,” Dr. Morrison explained. “They won’t easily tear up.”

She added that many different types of rubber toys are available, but all should be cleaned regularly to prevent bacteria buildup.

While toys designed specifically for puppies might seem appealing, experts warn against buying toys meant for smaller breeds until your puppy reaches about six months old.

Puppies need more stimulation than older dogs do, meaning they’ll likely destroy anything they pick up.

More challenging than a tennis ball

If you’re looking for something that will last longer than your average chew toy, consider getting one with some added durability. The best options include those made from hard plastic or metal, rubber, or nylon. These materials can stand up better against sharp teeth and claws. If you want to get even more challenging, look into products like these tough-as-nails chews by Nylabone.

Soundless squeakers

Squeaky is great fun for dogs who love to chase toys around the house or yard. But they’re not always ideal because their high-pitched noise attracts attention that could be dangerous if your dog has an aggressive streak—a better option: Soundless Squeaks by PetSafe. When played with, these small plastic discs emit no sound; you tap one against another to make noises like barking or growling. Earn those treats

Dog treat dispensers My husband and I are always looking for ways to reward our four-year-old labrador retriever, Cooper, with something other than food. We’ve tried everything—from training him to sit using his nose to giving him a special bedtime snack—but nothing works quite right.

The chew toy that survived

Buddy Biscuit Chew Toy Buddy Biscuits are small biscuits with a hole cut out of each side. They’re designed to look like bones, hence the name, and come in three sizes: large, medium, and mini. My dog Maxi likes chewing these things almost as much as he enjoys his rawhide chews.

Yummy, edible chew-toy alternative

A good old fashioned tug game

Buddy Biscuit Tug Game Buddy Biscuits are soft biscuits shaped like puppies that come in three sizes small, medium and large—and are available in several colors. They make great training tools for new owners who want to teach their dogs basic commands without resorting to harsh methods such as shock collars.

A bouncy ball with a twist

A good workout

dogfight: A great way to keep your pooch fit without spending any money? Try Dogfight, a wearable fitness tracker designed specifically for dogs. With its adjustable straps and heart rate monitor, you’ll know exactly how many calories your pup burns during his daily walks. You can track activity levels, sleep patterns, weight changes, and more—all right inside your pocket! Best part? There are no batteries required.

An inexpensive plush your pup will adore

A good old-fashioned tug game

Nylabone Tug Game When we first got our new pup, he loved playing tug-of-war with his Kongs. But then he started getting bored with them, and now he only plays with them occasionally. That’s why we were thrilled to see Nylabones come back onto the scene — they are perfect for any tugging game!


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