Unsolved Mysteries – A Glimpse of the terrifying events

    People look at magnifying glass with question mark. Search, analysis, analytics study. Pay attention to details and problems. Find something. Journalistic investigations research. Emphasize attention

    Mysteries are known to remain unsolved.

    Mysteries are phenomena or concepts that cannot be solved or have not been solved over the years. It may be due to a lack of evidence or any other favorable clue, and myths and Superstitions can also be a significant root cause. Some things like the world are a Mystery to date as it is even known to all; solving it makes it more unsolved, or no one can ever solve the issue.

    The Mysteries include any Murder case, any missing one that dates back a century, scientific phenomena, or maybe Spiritual. Witchcraft and Atheist also come into the picture—some of the World’s Unsolved Mysteries.

    Washington Insider Murder

    A young woman is found dead in a Washington D.C. alleyway with her throat slit ear to ear. The victim was last seen alive at an upscale restaurant where she had dinner with friends. A witness claims he saw two men running from the scene moments before police arrived on the scene.

    The Disappearance Of Mary Ann Sullivan

    Mary Ann Sullivan disappeared without a trace after leaving work for home one evening in January 1980.

    A Death in Oslo

    The Norwegian police are investigating the murder of an American citizen who was found dead at the foot of the Ekeberg mountain on Saturday morning. The victim is identified as Jack Wheeler, a former assistant to President George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney’s daughter Liz. Police have not yet determined whether or not it was suicide.

    Death Row Fugitive

    An inmate on Florida’s death row escapes after being transferred out of prison. He is captured two weeks later but refuses to talk about what happened during that time. The Disappearance of Dr. Sam Purdy Dr. Sam Purdy disappears without a trace while hiking near Mount Rainier National Park, and his disappearance remains unsolved more than 30 years later.

    Lady in the Lake

    The discovery of an unidentified corpse leads police to investigate the life of a wealthy socialite who died under mysterious circumstances decades earlier.

    Spirits of the Dead

    In 1881, a young girl was found dead on a beach near San Francisco. Her family believes a jealous lover murdered her. But when another murder occurs nearby, authorities suspect foul play.

    Tsunami Spirits

    In 2004, an earthquake hit Japan, triggering a tsunami that killed thousands. A few months after the disaster, people started dying mysteriously. People suggest that the people who died during the tsunami were the reason.

    The Last Days of John F Kennedy

    On November 22nd, 1963, President John F Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. The next day, police arrest Oswald for murder. But there are many questions about what happened on that fateful day.

    An American Girl In Mexico

    In September 2012, 12-year-old Gabriela Villalobos disappeared while hiking through the mountains outside her home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. She left behind her backpack full of supplies and never returned, and her family reported her missing two days later. Gabriela wasn’t seen again until she turned up dead in November 2013, hanging upside down from a tree branch.

    Mirny Diamond Mine Mystery

    The Mir diamond mine in Siberia is home to more than 100 million carats worth of diamonds, making it one of the world’s largest sources of gem-quality stones. But there’s no way to know exactly how many diamonds were mined here over its history since records weren’t kept. The exact number of diamonds ever extracted from this site isn’t even known, and there are only estimates based on the amount of material excavated during mining operations.

    A man possessed – Don Decker And The Rain.

    Don Decker was born in 1887 and lived his entire life in Texas. He claimed he saw demons during this lifetime and believed himself possessed by them. He died in 1965 and left behind many strange stories about seeing ghosts and spirits. His family said he suffered from mental illness and hallucinations. His story became famous enough that people started calling him ‘the Rainman.

    The Devil’s Footprints

    Amelia Earhart July 1937, American aviator Amelia Earhart disappeared to fly nonstop across the Atlantic Ocean. She had taken off from Newfoundland bound for Ireland but vanished without a trace. Her Lockheed Electra aircraft crashed near Howland Island, approximately halfway between Hawaii and Australia.

    Jack the Ripper terrorized London.

    Jack the Ripper is responsible for some of history’s most gruesome murders. In 1888, he killed at least five women — and possibly as many as 13 victims. After his arrest, he wrote the “Dear Boss” letter to police officers. It reads, “I am down on whores… I like cutting them up.” He also sent another note which says, “Serve God and serve your country… Kill every Englishman you can lay your hands on…” This chilling quote

    The Black Dahlia Murder

    In 1947, Elizabeth Short, an aspiring actress living in Los Angeles, California, went missing after drinking with friends. She was wearing only a black slip and panties, which she may have taken off before being murdered. Her body was discovered two days later, mutilated and dumped into a vacant lot behind a house owned by George Hodel.


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