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Foods to try in Manhattan
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Some of the best places to eat in Midtown Manhattan

Midtown is the most exciting and bustling area of New York City. It has everything from shopping malls, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, theatres, museums, art galleries, hotels, and even a zoo! The city’s main business district lies between Central Park on one side and Times Square on another. The Empire State Building stands at its center. Most people come here for work or pleasure, but there are plenty of other reasons why you should visit this place as well.

So if you want to know where to eat in midtown Manhattan then read our article below:

1) Cafe Boulud
A French restaurant with an American twist serving delicious food made from scratch using only quality ingredients. Located near Grand Central Station, this restaurant serves breakfast all day long.

2) Barneys Co-op

An upscale department store that also offers excellent dining options. You can enjoy lunch or dinner while browsing through their beautiful stores. They have some unique dishes like the cheese fondue, which comes served over breadsticks. Their brunch menu features items such as eggs benedict and french toast.

3) Blue Ribbon Sushi & Grill

If sushi is what you crave, then head straight to this Japanese restaurant next door to Grand Central station. Many different rolls are available, including spicy tuna, salmon, shrimp tempura, California roll, etc. And don’t forget about their extraordinary desserts too.

4) Café Gitane

Those who love coffee and pastries will be delighted by this café. It’s open 24 hours a day, so it’s perfect if you get hungry late at night. But they do serve breakfasts, lunches, soups, salads, and sandwiches throughout the day.

5) Le Pain Quotidien

Another bakery is offering fresh baked goods and croissants every morning. They offer both indoor seating and outdoor tables overlooking busy 42nd Street.

6) L’Etranger

One of the best Parisian restaurants. This restaurant specializes in classic French cuisine; however, the portions are pretty large, unlike other typical bistro/ brasseries. Be sure to try the steak fries. Yum! Wash down your meal with a cup of espresso.

7) Komi

Enjoy traditional Georgian fare plus international favorites like pasta, pizza, burgers, and steaks at this modern yet casual eatery.

8 ) The Modern Apartment Hotel Restaurant

Located within the hotel’s lobby, guests receive complimentary access to a full hot buffet breakfast daily. Guests may choose any item off the menu or create their plate. Best was the bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with blueberry cheesecake filling topped with maple syrup glaze.

9) Pizzeria Uno

With locations across America, this pizzeria chain is famous for its thin-crust pies loaded up with toppings such as pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, black olives, anchovies, garlic butter, jalapenos, banana peppers, eggplant parmigiana, spinach, ricotta cheese, chicken livers, roasted red bell peppers, provolone, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, Canadian bacon, smoked ham, salami, prosciutto di parma, mortadella, capicola, California style abalone, and more.

10) Shake Shack

Founded in Madison Square Park, this fast-casual burger concept has grown into one of today’s most popular quick-service restaurants. Known for its signature 100 percent beef hamburgers and handcrafted milkshakes, the brand has expanded beyond New York to include 15 U.S.-based concepts.

11) Starbucks Coffee Company

It is famous for its specialty drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, mochas, americanos, frappes, flat whites, espressos, cortados, cold brews, and much more. Not just limited to beverages, though… they’re now selling whole foods, including bagels, muffins, scones, cookies, cakes, brownies, chocolates, wraps, juices, smoothies, salads, quiche, soup, sandwiches, panini press, and even beer
and wine.

Grilled Salmon with Vegetables, Eggs and Sour Cream Sauce

12) Sweetgreen Salad Bar

They serve healthy seasonal salad bowls filled with vegetables, fruits, grains, proteins, dressings, sauces, and spices.

13) Gramercy Tavern

A sophisticated American tavern located on West 23rd Street between 5th Avenue and Broadway. Offering an extensive selection of premium whiskeys, bourbons, ryes, vodkas, gourmet coffees, tequilas, craft beers, wines, cocktails, and live jazz music Monday through Saturday from 6 pm – 1 am.

14) Cafe Luxembourg

An elegant European cafe is serving delicious homemade food and desserts. Since 1930, the original location has served lunch and dinner, while there are also two additional cafes in Soho.

15) Caffe Reggio

Serves Italian dishes & snacks. Opened in 1883, it’s been providing a quality dining experience to customers ever since.

16) Bodega Donuts

This donut shop offers fresh baked goods that can be eaten in-house or bought by weight. They offer classic flavors like chocolate chip, strawberry rhubarb, lemon poppy seed, apple cake, cinnamon roll, oatmeal raisin cookie dough, buttermilk, sugar, vanilla bean, cream cheese frosting, peanut butter cups, and jelly.

17) Manna Café

Freshly prepared Israeli cuisine featuring Middle Eastern specialties like hummus, baba ghannouj, mezze platters, kibbe, shawarma, falafel, pita bread, tabouli, tabbouleh, rice pilaf, couscous, matzo ball soup, knife hakes, baklava, honey cake, coffee, tea, and mint lemonade.

18) Tocaya Latina Food Market

One of the largest Latin grocery stores in NYC, offering over 30 different types of Mexican products.

19) The Hummingbird Bakery

Located at 4 East 14th St., it specializes in freshly made artisan pastries, slices of bread, croissants, muffins, cupcakes, cookies, petit fours, cakes, and other sweet treats.

20) Kuma’s Corner

Japanese comfort food served cafeteria-style includes ramen noodles, udon, soba, edamame, fried shrimp tempura, teriyaki skewers, bento boxes, sushi rolls, yakitori, tonkatsu, yakisoba, curry misozuke, okonomiyaki, udon, nikuman, dorayaki, donburi, sukiyaki, and many others!


As a busy place in NYC, Midtown has its beauty under the bright sun and in the moonlight. It is a sure place to visit and have fun. Midtown Manhattan is home to some of the most famous skyscrapers in the world. It also has plenty of places where people can enjoy themselves. Whether you want to go out for dinner, dance, shop, or relax, there is something for everyone.


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