Why Are Earthlings So Curious About Other Planets – Is there life Out there?

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    Are we alone out there? What if aliens exist? Do you think we should try to contact them? If we live in a universe where life exists elsewhere in the galaxy, it makes sense to assume that we are not alone. This would mean that we might find something unexpected in our search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

    In this article, Some theories are said around the World and make us think that Extraterrestrial being existed. Here are some theories that are religious and practical too. Let’s have a look at some of

    1) Extraterrestrial civilizations have been visiting our planet for thousands of years. They have come in all shapes and sizes, including small flying saucers, giant spaceships, huge cities on the surface of planets, etc. Many people believe they have visited our World before. This belief comes from ancient writings such as the Bible and Egyptian hieroglyphics. In addition, we have found evidence of their existence through archaeological digs and scientific studies. For example, scientists have discovered fossils of creatures that resemble dinosaurs. These were found at various locations around the World.

    We know this because these animals died millions of years ago. However, these creatures could not be alive today because they did not evolve into modern-day species until after man was created. Therefore, it can only mean that they came here long before man ever existed.

    2) There are many different kinds of UFO sightings reported by people every day. Most of them are just ordinary objects like planets or stars. But sometimes, they do not seem to belong to our solar system. Sometimes they move very fast and change direction abruptly. People who witness these things report seeing lights flashing off and on, strange figures moving about, and even explosions.

    3) There are many reports of people being abducted by unknown beings. It seems that these abductions happen more often than you might think. One famous kidnapping occurred in 1947 when an American pilot named Kenneth Arnold saw nine unidentified flying objects near Mount Rainier. He said he witnessed three disks fly over Mt. Rainier and land in nearby fields. As soon as the disks landed, two smaller ones took off. Then, several minutes later, a larger disk flew up and away. After
    that, the rest of the objects disappeared.

    4) According to the U.S. government, there are many secret military bases where extraterrestrials live. These bases are located on the moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter’s moons, Saturn’s rings, and even inside asteroids. Some of these bases date back hundreds of years. Others were built much more recently. Some of them are hidden in plain sight. If you want to find out what goes on behind closed doors, then I recommend reading the book “Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base.”

    5) There is no doubt that there are many different races of intelligent life in the universe. A lot of people believe that the human race will eventually meet another advanced civilization. When this happens, it may be possible for both sides to communicate with each other. Or maybe there will be a war between them. Who knows? You don’t need to look any further than your TV set for proof.

    6) The search for extraterrestrial intelligence has become extremely popular. Science fiction shows such as Star Trek have made ET contact something we all dream of. The truth is, we already know some UFOs are alien spacecraft. And if they aren’t, someone is working hard to make them look that way.

    7) The idea of aliens visiting us is probably pretty scary. However, it is also likely that we will get along with them. Why? Because we are similar. We love life. We enjoy helping others. We cherish our freedom. We respect authority. We share the same curiosity about the universe and the desire to discover new truths.

    8) Maybe someday we’ll even travel to other worlds. I hope so!

    9) Even though we haven’t traveled anywhere yet, we’ve sent stuff to space. We’ve launched satellites to study our Earth. We’ve even put people into space.

    10) In my opinion, the most convincing piece of evidence that aliens exist comes from the field of crop circles. Crop circles are unique because they are formed by nature. They appear spontaneously without anyone making them. This proves that aliens must exist.

    11) Another excellent example of aliens in crop circles is the giant crop circle in England. It was founded in 2001. In 2004, it had been completely flattened. Many people believe that aliens created this big crop circle.

    12) Have you ever heard of the Hollow Earth theory? People who claim to have visited the center of our planet say that its core is hollow. Therefore, the entire interior of our World could be underwater.

    14) Another reason why aliens may exist is due to ancient texts like the Book of Enoch. The Book of Enoch talks about how an angel named Azazel taught humans how to play musical instruments. He says that he did this by taking wind from God’s mouth and playing it on his flute.

    15) The Bible tells us that angels took the children of Israel up to Mount Sinai. This happened when they left Egypt. Let me ask you; if angels can take humans to heaven, do you think they can come here and abduct us too?

    16) Did you know that the word UFO stands for “Unidentified Flying Object”? Now you know.

    17) Did you know that NASA has released several UFO videos they captured on their space missions? One video shows a huge unidentified flying object hovering over the edge of our atmosphere. Here are links to those videos.

    18) Do you remember the story of Jesus’ encounter with two fallen angels? Well, according to one legend, these angels became demons after being expelled from heaven.

    19) According to the Bible, Satan rules over the World and wants to deceive everyone. He does this by persuading people to disobey God.

    20) If you want to learn more about Satan or demons, check out The Exorcist movie.

    21) Some people believe that the government keeps secrets about aliens and UFOs from us. But what would be the point? If we knew about aliens, we’d go outside and talk to them.

    22) What do you think about the alien abduction phenomenon. Do you believe aliens visit Earth now and then?

    23) Aliens might not only visit us but live among us as well.

    24) There are many stories about people who see strange creatures walking through fields and forests. These people call them Bigfoot.

    25) some people believe that the Loch Ness Monster is real. Others believe that it is all a hoax.

    26) Do you know where babies come from? Most people believe that babies come from a baby factory. However, scientists disagree.

    27) We’ve talked about how the Bible mentions that angels existed before man. It also says that they were taken captive during the Great Flood.

    28) The Bible tells us how the Devil deceived Eve into eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.

    29) The Bible tells us about the battle between Lucifer and Michael. Who won? Check out the article below.

    30) Did you know that there are other planets in our solar system besides Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune?

    Is there any evidence that suggests aliens have visited us?

    1) In 1994, Kenneth Arnold was driving through Washington state when he saw nine large objects moving at incredible speeds in the sky. They flew so fast that he couldn’t even follow them.

    2) Shortly after Arnold’s sighting, Chilbolton Observatory discovered three cigar-shaped craft above the English town of Hampshire.

    3) On October 15, 1997, the SETI Institute reported receiving signals similar to those used by extraterrestrials.

    4) In September 1999, the Russian Space Agency announced that they had found an asteroid that seemed to move like a spaceship.

    5) In February 2000, Dr. Jacques Vallee claimed that he had proof that we had already contacted extraterrestrial beings.

    6) In March 2001, a UFO researcher named Richard Dolan claims to have seen a giant triangle-shaped UFO while taking pictures of the night sky.

    7) In June 2002, a satellite called NEAR Shoemaker detected radio waves coming from another planet.

    8) In November 2003, NASA released photos of mysterious lights on the moon.

    9) In 2005, astronomer Brian May suggested that the universe may contain millions of habitable planets.

    10) In 2008, astronomers reported that they had spotted an extra-solar planet orbiting a star very much like our own sun.

    11) In 2009, astronomers announced that they had found thousands of exoplanets — planets beyond our solar system.

    12) In 2010, NASA scientists announced that they had discovered water molecules on Mars.

    13) In 2013, astronomers reported finding a planet that has a year shorter than ours. This means that its days will repeat over time.

    14) In 2014, researchers reported spotting a giant planet orbiting a star very similar to our sun.

    15) In 2015, astronomers said they had discovered a new class of celestial objects called “brown dwarfs,” which could support alien life.

    16) In 2016, NASA officials announced that they had discovered a planet smaller than Earth but larger than Mars, which orbits exceptionally close to its host star.

    17) In 2017, astronomers announced that they had found the first-ever rocky planet outside our solar system.

    18) And finally, in 2018, a team of astronomers announced the discovery of a strange object in our galaxy that is unlike anything ever observed before. What do you think it might be?


    It is terrifying sometimes to think that other beings also exist. Humans are afraid that if they prove to be more powerful than us, we will be ruled by them like how we lead the World. We think that they may be cruel to us. On the safer side, if you think about them as friendly as us, there is no harm in a harmonious relationship with them. The future will reveal all the secrets that we want today.


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