Zombie: A Review of the Evidence Real or Mythical?


The truth about zombies

Zombies are a popular topic these days, especially after the new movie “World War Z.”

The question is whether zombies exist at all, and if they do, where did they come from?

There has been much debate about whether there are real zombie outbreaks or not. Some people believe that they are myths, while others think that they are real. This article will review the evidence for both sides and give my opinion on whether zombies are real or mythological.

First, let’s take a look at what the word means. According to Merriam Webster, a zombie is defined as “a person who behaves irrationally due to brain damage or disease.” There have been many claims that zombies are real, but none of them can be proven. This article will focus on the most common claim – that zombies are real.

If you watch the news, you might see stories about zombies attacking humans, which would make it seem like they are real.

But how could something that doesn’t even exist attack anyone?

Some people believe that zombies are real because they have seen other things that appear to be dead rise up and attack. For example, one man saw his friend get attacked by a zombie, and then he was himself attacked by another zombie. He thought that the first zombie had died, so he tried to help the second zombie. However, when he touched him, he realized that the zombie was still alive.

Another story involved two men walking through the woods when they came across a woman lying face down in a ditch. They pulled her out, only to find that she wasn’t breathing. After performing CPR on her, they
noticed that she was moving. When they turned her over, they discovered that she had no pulse. She later woke up, though, and told them that a zombie had bitten her.

Another story involves a group of college students who went camping near a lake. One of their friends fell into the water and drowned. As they searched for him, they heard noises coming from the trees.

They followed the sounds and discovered a family of zombies. They killed the zombies, but the father was still alive. He bit one of the students before being shot by police.
These stories may sound unbelievable, but they are just examples of what we call “zombie Apocrypha.” Many people also say that they have witnessed zombies themselves.

For example, one woman claimed that she was driving home when she saw a car crash. She stopped to help, but she saw that the driver was a zombie when she got closer. She said that she drove away quickly because she didn’t want to become a zombie herself.

Another man said he was riding in a truck with some friends when they spotted a zombie running alongside the road. They decided to follow it, but when they did, they lost sight of it. They continued traveling until they reached a town where they learned that the zombie had been living there for several years. The man said that he would never go back to that town again.

Some people say that they have encountered zombies in the wild. For example, one hunter said that he was hunting deer upon a large herd of zombies. He fired his gun, killing all of the animals except for one. He said that he took the animal home and nursed it back to health. It eventually became healthy enough to return to its herd.

There are also reports of zombies attacking people while they sleep. For example, one teenager said that he awoke to discover someone was standing next to his bed. He looked around and saw nothing, so he assumed that he must have dreamed it. However, after sleeping for a few hours, he woke up again to find that the same thing had happened. He said that he finally figured out that it was a zombie
and had to fight it off. Another person said that he was asleep at home when he suddenly felt something touch his leg. He sat up and saw an arm reaching toward him.

He grabbed a nearby stick and beat the arm away. When he looked at the associate, he saw that it belonged to a zombie.

Other people claim that they have encountered zombies while awake. For example, one person said he was walking along a beach when he saw a body floating in the ocean. When he approached the body, he saw that it was a zombie. He said that the zombie began crawling towards him, so he ran as fast as he could. He ended up falling into a hole, which caused him to lose consciousness. When he woke up, he was surrounded by more zombies. He managed to escape, but many of his clothes were torn apart.

Still, others report that they have encountered zombies during daytime activities. For example, one boy said he was playing baseball on a field when he noticed a figure moving behind the outfield fence. He watched as the figure walked down the hill and then disappeared. Later, he found that the figure had crawled under the wall and was lying motionless.

In addition to these accounts, there are also reports of zombies attacking people while working. For example, one man said that he was sitting in his backyard when he heard footsteps approaching. He turned around and saw a zombie standing over him. He said he tried to run away, but the zombie caught up with him and bit him on the neck. He said that he fell unconscious and woke up later to find himself covered in blood.

Another man said he was working on a farm when he heard a noise coming from behind him. He turned around and discovered that a zombie was trying to bite him. He said that the only way to avoid being bitten was to turn around and face the zombie. After doing this, the zombie let go of his pants and ran off.

However, some people say that they have never seen any evidence of zombies. For example, one woman said that she has been living in her house for several years now and has not once seen anything resembling a zombie. She said that even though she is very careful, she still does not know what would cause someone to become a zombie.

The existence of zombies is often debated. Some people believe that zombies do exist. They say that if you look hard enough, you will eventually see them. Others say that they have never witnessed any evidence of zombies. Still, others say that they have never met anyone who claims to have seen a zombie. Some people say that no one can ever prove that zombies exist.


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