A New Era of Driving is Here: Intel’s New Car Division Aims to Modernize Driving

intels car technology

Introduction: What is Intel’s New Car Division?

Intel is a global technology company that specializes in making computer chips. In 2016, Intel announced that it would invest $250 million to create a new automotive division.

This article will look at the history of Intel’s involvement in the car industry and what we can expect from this new division.

Intel is one of the world’s largest chipmakers, and it has been involved with cars for decades. The company first started developing microprocessors for vehicles back in 1998, and it has been doing so ever since.

In 2016, Intel announced its intention to create a new automotive division with an investment of $250 million over the next five years. This move was made to help expand Intel’s presence in the fast-growing market for self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles.

How Intel’s New Car Division Could Change the World?

Intel has been working on self-driving cars for the past two decades, and the company has been using its technology to develop autonomous vehicles. In a more recent announcement, Intel announced that it would start a new division that would focus on developing and building electric cars.

This division will be led by former BMW executive Hermann Haring who has spent the last 18 years at BMW. Haring will be in charge of Intel’s future car business, including research and development, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and customer experience.

Intel believes that this new division could change the way people live in many ways, such as reducing traffic congestion and improving safety on roads.

What are the Goals of Intel’s New Car Division?

Intel’s new car division is an ambitious project that aims to change how we look at cars.

  • The company’s goals are to create a safer and more connected driving experience.
  • The company also wants to make autonomous driving possible so that drivers can give their full attention to other tasks while they’re on the road.
  •  Intel is also exploring ways to use car data to improve traffic flow and help manage to park.

What is the Current State of Autonomous Cars by Intel?

Autonomous cars are still in their infancy, and the technology that powers them is constantly evolving.

Intel has been an innovator in this space for many years, providing processors that power the latest autonomous vehicles and the data center infrastructure that enables them to communicate with one another.

Intel’s autonomous driving technology is being deployed in a wide range of commercial applications today, from delivering pizza to helping transport people without driver’s licenses.

Conclusion: What Does This Mean for the Future of Autonomous Cars & Transportation?

The future of automotive technology will be a mix of autonomous driving, connectivity, and electrification. Intel’s portfolio includes the Intel® Automated Driving System, integrated hardware and software suite that will enable vehicles to drive themselves and provide a broad range of features for driver assistance and vehicle intelligence.






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