Emergency Broadcasting becomes more accessible with some devices – A glimpse of the best Emergency radios in the USA

Emergency radios in the USA

An emergency radio is an essential item for every home. It’s used during emergencies such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, etc. Emergency radios are also helpful if you’re camping or at the beach because they let you contact people back home. They provide safety and security while you’re away from home.

There are different types of emergency radios out there. Some are handheld, others are car mounted, and some are portable.

What are the best emergency radios in the USA?

The following is a list of the best emergency radios in the United States. This list includes both AM and F.M. radio receivers, as well as narrow-band F.M. radio receivers. The list also includes satellite radios, wireless alert systems, and other types of emergency radios that may be used for emergencies or disasters.

1. Motorola MDR1000XR

This is one of the most popular emergency radios in the U.S. It has an excellent battery life and can operate on four A.A. batteries. This radio has a built-in speaker, so you don’t have to buy separate speakers. It comes with two rechargeable batteries.

2. Kenwood TS-2000TU

Kenwood makes some of the best portable radios in the world. This model is great because it has a built-in charger and USB port. You can charge this radio while using it has a large display screen and controls that are easy to use.

3. Icom IC-M9600BT

Icom is another company that makes high-quality radios. This model has an integrated antenna and a built-in speaker. It has many features, including NOAA weather alerts, AM/FM stereo, and digital tuning.

4. Sony WH-CH700N

Sony makes some of the best consumer electronics products in the world. This radio has an AM/FM tuner, a built-in speaker, and a built-in flashlight.

5. Grundig GRD-6000

Grundig makes some of the highest quality radios in the world. It’s not only affordable, but it’s very durable too. It has a built-in microphone and speaker.

6. Panasonic RK-VZ61

Panasonic is yet another manufacturer of high-quality radios. It has a large display screen, a built-in mic, and a built-in speaker.

7. Samsung SCB-300A

Samsung makes high-quality consumer electronics products. This radio has a large LCD screen and a built-in mic.

8. Tecsun PL-660

Tecsun makes some of the best handheld radios in the world. They come at a low price point, so they are perfect for anyone who wants a reliable and durable radio.

9. Kenwood TM-D70

Kenwood makes some excellent products, and this is no exception. It has a built-in speaker and a built in flashlight.

10. Cobra EC-40

Cobra makes some of the best inexpensive emergency radios in the U.S. It has a small form factor and a built-in antenna.

11. Yaesu FT-8600

Yaesu makes some of the best marine radios in the world. If you work in the boating industry, then this is a must-have product.

12. Triton TR-200

Triton makes some of the best waterproof radios available today. It has a built-in speaker and a built-in flashlight.

How Do I Get The Best Emergency Radios For My Vehicle?

When getting emergency radios for your vehicle, ensure you get something that won’t break down after being exposed to extreme temperatures. Car mount radios are usually made of plastic and metal, much more durable than regular radios. Make sure that the mounting bracket is secure enough to hold up in bad weather conditions.

How Much Money Should I Spend On An Emergency Radio?

Emergency radios can cost anywhere between $20-$100 depending on what brand you choose. Buying from reputable companies like these will ensure that you get a long-lasting radio that will serve its purpose well.

What Is A Commercial VHF Radio?

The majority of people would say that a commercial VHF radio is anything that costs over $1,000.

However, if you want to save money and still communicate during emergencies, you should consider purchasing a cheap VHF radio instead. These types of radios are designed for businesses or organizations as opposed to individuals.

How To Choose The Right Model Of Emergency Radio?

If you’re looking to buy an emergency radio, you need to consider several factors. First off, look at the features that come standard with each model. How many channels does it have? What type of display does it have? Does it include a microphone? All of these questions help you decide whether you need to spend extra money on additional accessories such as speakers, microphones, etc.

Is There Any Good Cheap Emergency Radios?

Yes, there are many different brands out there that offer low-priced radios. However, none of them compare to those provided by big names like Sony, Grundig, and Panasonic regarding reliability and durability. Most of their products have been around for decades and continue to prove themselves time and again.

Which Brand Of Emergency Radios Are Made In America?

Almost all of the radios mentioned above are made in China. However, there are a few exceptions, such as the Tecsun PL-660 and the Cobra EC-40. Both of these radios were manufactured in Taiwan but were later brought over to the United States.

What Can I Use This Emergency Radio For?

An emergency radio can be helpful for so many different purposes. Whether it’s used to call 911 or to send text messages, they are incredibly versatile. They can also be used for other activities, including playing music, receiving news updates, etc.

Can you Buy An Emergency Radio That FEMA has tested?

FEMA test all of their radios before releasing them to the public. This ensures that they meet their standards and that customers receive reliable equipment. Even though they go through rigorous testing processes, they sometimes find problems that prevent them from completing their specifications. This is why it’s essential to research any brand of emergency radio before making a purchase.

Is a shortwave radio good for emergencies?

A shortwave radio is not suitable for use during emergencies. You can’t rely on one because they don’t work under certain circumstances. If you’re going hiking through remote areas where cell service is unavailable, then you’ll only end up wasting your valuable battery life. Additionally, short wave radios aren’t very effective when there’s lots of interference.

Are Shortwave Radios Harder To Find?

Shortwave radios are rarely found any more since we now live in a digital age. Most people who own them either no longer use them, or they’ve sold them due to lack of interest. However, there are still some models available today. Some of the best ones are listed below:

Tecsun PL-660

If you’re interested in saving money and still getting a high-quality radio, then this might be the right choice for you. It has two built-in antennas, which means it can handle both AM/FM and F.M. shortwave broadcasts. It has a USB port so you can charge your phone while listening to the radio.


Another great option is the Cobra EC-40 which offers excellent reception along with an easy-to-use interface. It includes three built-in antennas so you can listen to different frequencies simultaneously. It comes with an A.C. adapter, so you won’t have to worry about running out of power.

Tektronix TCXO

If you want to get an affordable radio without sacrificing quality, then check out the Tektronix TCX0. It uses a crystal oscillator to tune in stations with greater accuracy than most other radios. It also comes with a USB cable so you can easily connect it to your computer and transfer files.


These devices are best when it comes to disasters and natural calamities. Make sure you have one and take the necessary precautions against any emergencies that you will crop in the area where you reside.


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