How to Choose a Great Gift for Dad?

Gift for Dad

Dad deserves the best.

Do you want to give dad something special but don’t know where to start?

There’s no doubt that dads are awesome! However, there are times when giving gifts can be tricky. If you’re looking for a gift for dad, here are some things to consider.

Here are some ideas for choosing the perfect gift for dad.

1. What is he interested in?

Dads love technology and gadgets. So if your dad has an interest in tech or gaming, then you could go with one of these options:

A new iPad Air 2

If your dad loves playing games on his phone, then this might be just what he needs. The Apple iPad Air 2 comes with a 9.7″ Retina display and features Touch ID fingerprint recognition. It will run iOS 10,which includes all the latest apps and features.

The iPhone 7 Plus

This is another excellent option. This smartphone features a 5.5 inch Super AMOLED screen, and it runs on iOS 10. It also comes with a 12MP camera and 4K video recording.

2. How old is he?

If your dad is younger than 50 years old, then you should probably think about getting him a present for his birthday instead. On the other hand, if he’s older than 60, you may need to look at different options.

3. Does he have kids?

If your dad has children, then you’ll want to get them something nice as well. You could choose from these options: Nintendo Switch It’s not only fun to play games together, but it’s also suitable for family bonding. Nintendo Switch allows you to connect two consoles so you can play multiplayer games.

4. Is he into sports?

If your dad likes watching football matches, then you could buy him tickets to watch the big game. Or, if he’s more into golf, then why not treat him to a round of golf?

5. Is he a music fan?

If your dad listens to music, then you could surprise him by buying him a pair of headphones. There are many types available, so you can pick the ones that suit him best.

Gift for Dad
Happy fathers day gift present box.

6. What does he like doing?

You could ask your dad what he enjoys doing. Some activities include shing, camping, boating, etc. These are all great ways to spend time with him.

7. What do you know about him?

What do you know about your dad? Do you know how much money he makes? Maybe you’ve heard stories about his past. Whatever you know about your dad, make sure you use it to nd out what kind of gift would mean the most to him.

8. What does he say he wants?

Your dad may already have told you what he’d like for Christmas. But if he hasn’t said anything yet, then you could ask him directly. He may even tell you what he wants.

9. What is he currently using?

If your dad uses a particular gadget, then you could get him a replacement. For example, if he has an iPhone, you could get him an iPhone XR.

10. How much does he spend on himself?

When it comes to spending money, dads tend to be pretty frugal. If your dad spends less than $100 per month on himself, then you could give him a small gift card. However, if he spends more than $200 per month, you may need a bigger present.

11. Where did he grow up?

Where your dad grew up is essential when choosing the right gift for him. If he was born in New York City, then you could get an NYC T-shirt.

12. What is his favorite food?

If your dad eats a specific type of food, you could buy some of it for him. For example, if your dad loves pizza, you could buy a box of Pizza Hut pizzas.

13. What is his favorite drink?

If your dad drinks coffee or tea every day, then you could buy one of those items for him. An espresso machine could be perfect for someone who loves to enjoy a cup of coffee.

14. What is his favorite movie?

If your dad watches movies regularly, then you could buy yourself and him a ticket to see one of his favorites. It will be a great way to spend quality time with him.

15. What is his favorite book?

Books are always a great option because they’re easy to read and can help people relax. Your dad might love reading a specific novel or biography.

16. What is his favorite hobby?

Some hobbies are better suited for men than others. If your dad likes playing video games, then you could buy something related to this activity.

17. What is his favorite sport?

If your dad plays sports, then you could buy equipment for him. You could also take him to a sporting event.

18. What is his style?

Does your dad wear suits or casual clothes? If so, then you should keep that in mind when buying a gift for him.

19. Is he into music?

Do you know what kinds of music your dad listens to? If so, then there’s no reason not to buy him a CD.

20. What is his personality like?

Are you able to describe your dad’s personality? This will help you choose the best gift for him.

21. Would he appreciate a new car?

If your dad drives a lot, then you could buy him a new vehicle. A nice SUV is ideal.

These are some of the ideas which you can use to choose a gift for your dad!


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