How to Keep Your Kids from Becoming Addicted to Technology

Technology Addiction
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Easy tips to turn away addiction to technology

Technology is a part of our lives that we can’t live without. It’s in every aspect of life from work to play to school to home. But technology has become so much more than just an extension of ourselves; it’s now a way for us to connect with others as well.

Technology Addiction: A Real Concern for Parents

According to new research from Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, the average

American spends more than seven hours per day using digital media. That means we are spending nearly half our waking lives online — or about as long as it takes us to get up, eat breakfast, brush teeth, shower, dress, drive to work, sit at our desks all day, then go home and do it again tomorrow.

Technology Addiction? Look for these signs:

The following list includes just a few examples of the adverse effects of excessive screen usage:

1. Attention Deficit Disorder: Children who often struggle with attention span and focus.

This condition affects up to 10% of school aged children today. According to research, those diagnosed with ADHD tend to prefer using screens instead of interacting face-to-face with others.

2. Autism Spectrum Disorders: ASDs affect 1 in every 68 children worldwide.

3. Overstimulation – Too much stimulation from screens leads to hyperactivity and distractibility. This means that students cannot focus on schoolwork and become unable to pay attention during class.

4. Poor concentration – Students lose interest in reading books and other activities requiring focused attention. Instead, they prefer using electronic media, which requires less effort.

5. Lack of motivation – Children feel bored while doing homework due to attraction towards technology.

6. Distraction – Students miss vital concepts during class discussions and tests when students are distracted by digital media.

The technology addiction warning signs:

The good news, though, is that they don’t have to be victims either! We can use some simple strategies to help our kids avoid becoming addicts.

Be aware of the signs.

If your kid seems like they have become dependent on their phone, here are some things to look out for:

• They seem unable to stop checking their phones even after hours of being offline.

• Their friends notice that they check their phones constantly.

How and When to Limit Kids Tech Use

The best thing you can do is teach kids about the dangers of online predators and cyberbullying before they get on social media or have their first cell phone. Teach them that if someone sends an inappropriate message, they should report it immediately so that law enforcement officials can investigate. There’s no evidence of wrong doing don’t worry — block the person from contacting you again.

For Any Screen Time, Focus on Quality

Set Boundaries Early

If you think your kid has been glued to his phone since birth, you might be surprised by how long he was exposed to devices. According to research published last year in Pediatrics, toddlers under two were rarely allowed to touch phones until around 18 months old. However, they had already learned to recognize letters and numbers and could read simple words by then.

Protect Your Devices

While too much technology exposure can be dangerous for your baby, your baby can also be hazardous for your technology. The best protection is prevention: Lockdown your devices so accidentally make in-app purchases or destroy your devices.

Once your child is old enough to understand basic instructions, start teaching how to take care of these devices, with rules like” “Don’t eat or drink around the computer, “Don’t leave the iPad on the floor “our phone is not a coast.” And when they are older, consider what’s appropriate to ask them to help pay for any damage that results when they disregard your warnings.

Creating a Healthy Balance

Prepare your schedule according to your daily task. Don’t waste time scrolling social media; Instead, read some books or watch any motivational videos.


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