How to Make A Mirror Cabinet With Reclaimed Wood

Mirror Cabinet
Double sinks, mirror and cabinets in modern bathroom

Learn how to build this mirror cabinet using reclaimed wood.

A mirror cabinet is an essential piece of furniture in every home. It helps keep clutter out of sight and provides a place to store items such as makeup, jewelry, and other small accessories.

Mirror cabinets are also a great way to add style and character to your home. They can be used as a decorative feature or simply as a functional storage space.

In this article, I will teach you how to build a simple mirror cabinet using reclaimed wood.

Steps to make a mirror cabinet with reclaimed wood:

1) Cut the boards for the frame from 1×6 pine board. You want at least two pieces that fit together nicely without gaps between them. Use clamps to hold the boards securely while cutting so they don’t move around during the process.

2) Measure where you want each side panel to go on top of one another when finished. This should leave about 3/4 inch all around the edge. Draw lines indicating these measurements onto the front face of both panels. Then use a jigsaw to cut along those lines. These cuts need to be straight to ensure a nice flat surface later on. Once it has been cut, sand off any rough edges left by the saw blade.

3) Mark the center point of one end of each side panel. Using a compass, draw two circles centered over the marks. One circle represents the outside diameter, which needs to measure roughly 6 inches. The second circle represents the inside diameter. That measurement should equal approximately 4 inches. Next, mark a line connecting the centers of both circles. Remove the paper template after making sure everything fits snugly against each other. Repeat steps four through six for the opposite end of the same panel.

4) To create the back wall, first lay down three strips of scrap plywood across the width of the workbench. Each strip should overlap its neighbor by half its length. Lay the third strip perpendicular to the others.

Mirror Cabinet

5 ) Apply glue to the ends of the vertical pieces before assembling the sides into the middle section. If there happens to be some unevenness in the joints, no worries. Just fill up any spaces with filler scraps until the joint looks smooth and even. Let dry overnight. After drying completely, apply several coats of polyurethane finish paint to protect the wood. For best results, allow the final coat to dry thoroughly before moving on to step 6.

First, set the fence height exactly halfway between the furthest points of the inner circle and the farthest points of both circles drawn earlier in step 3. Adjusting the fence position may require slight adjustments in order not to hit either of the previous guides.

6) Set up the table saw to cut the horizontal parts of the base. Now adjust the depth setting so that the entire thickness of the bottom part lies within the range indicated by the red arrow above. When done correctly, the distance between the upper guide and the lower blade should match the radius shown in figure B below.

Place the smaller round braces under the tabletop and then attach them to the table legs using screws.

7) Attach the remaining sections of the base to the underside of the table frame. Remember to drill pilot holes first.

Drill pocket hole measuring 2-1/2″ deep at every corner using an awl or similar tool. Use the spacer provided to determine the correct spacing from the corners of the drawer box. They must be spaced evenly. Otherwise, your drawer will jam!

8) Cut the drawer supports from 1×4 pine boards. You can also purchase preformed shelf brackets explicitly made for this purpose.

9) Assemble the drawer boxes using countersunk hardware such as washers and locknuts. Screw the shelves together using appropriate-sized screws. Do not forget to tighten the screw heads carefully; otherwise, the thread could break. Also, add small spacers between the shelves in case there is room for expansion.

10) Add finishing touches like knobs, hinges, etc…

Enjoy your new piece of furniture!


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